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Same-Day Delivery – Is It Doable?

published on 06.10.2015 in Blog

Is same-day order fulfillment and delivery achievable for most online sellers? And do consumers even want it? We cover recent studies and offer tips to ecommerce merchants. Read More

Order Fulfillment Process Flow Chart

published on 05.06.2015 in Blog

Curious what happens after we receive an order from an online seller? Check out the EFS order fulfillment process flow chart! Read More

Online Seller’s Guide to Dimensional Weight

published on 30.03.2015 in Blog

FedEx and UPS have rolled out new dimensional (DIM) weight rules, which has been called the most significant price increase in decades. Learn how to protect yourself as an online seller with our new DIM weight guide. Read More

Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo vs. Other Alternatives

published on 09.01.2015 in Blog

In this article, we overview 4 popular crowdfunding websites, including Kickstarter and a few alternatives, and share some tips for launching a successful project. Read More

Fulfillment Services Cost Calculator

published on 04.11.2014 in Blog

Curious how much it would cost to outsource your ecommerce order fulfillment? We have created an easy-to-use calculator to help you find out. Read More

New FedEx & UPS Dimensional Weight Rules

published on 08.09.2014 in Blog

UPS and FedEx recently announced new dimensional weight rules for 2015. Here’s how to protect yourself as an online seller. Read More

Order Fulfillment Tips for Your Kickstarter Campaign

published on 22.07.2014 in Blog

Need to quickly get orders out to your Kickstarter backers? Here are some tips to help save you time and money. Read More

Internet Sales Tax – The Impact for Online Sellers

published on 27.05.2014 in Blog

Internet sales tax can be a headache for online sellers, and a deterrent for consumers. Learn how internet sales tax works today and how it may impact your ecommerce business in the future. Read More

Slow Moving Inventory :: How to Deal with It

published on 13.03.2014 in Blog

For online sellers, slow moving inventory (SMI) can tie up capital and add significantly to carrying costs. Learn how to define SMI and how to deal with it. Read More

1st Annual eFulfillment Service Chili Cook Off!

published on 20.02.2014 in Blog

Check out the winners and other pictures from the first-ever eFulfillment Service Chili Cook Off! Read More