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Is FedEx SmartPost Too Slow?


Is FedEx SmartPost Too Slow?

published on 14.04.2017 in Blog by

Is FedEx SmartPost Slow or Bad?As an ecommerce order fulfillment company that ships several thousand packages each year via FedEx SmartPost, we often get questions from online sellers about the service…

– Is it too slow?

– Is it unreliable?

– Does USPS deliver the packages?

– Should I use it to ship packages to my ecommerce customers?

These are all great questions. And to help provide a little more context, I wanted to start off by defining SmartPost….

What is FedEx SmartPost?

FedEx SmartPost, which is similar to UPS SurePost, is a hybrid shipping service with which FedEx will pick up packages from the shipping destination, and then hand the packages off to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) for the final delivery to the end customer.

What’s unique about SmartPost is that there are two different carriers (FedEx and USPS) handling every package. One of the reasons this service was created is that, each day, the USPS is already visiting nearly every address in the United States to deliver mail, so there is efficiency and little-added cost for USPS to deliver small packages to residences, which is not necessarily the case with FedEx and UPS.

There are common claims associated with SmartPost relative to the speed, reliability, and organization of the service. Therefore, we wanted to not only answer a few FAQs, but also discuss those claims, starting with…



Mostly True


Slow is a relative term, which means, in order to conclude whether or not SmartPost is actually slow, we need to compare it to something.

As mentioned, our order fulfillment center ships thousands of FedEx SmartPost shipments each year. In addition, we ship tens of thousands of packages using a variety of other shipping methods, including….

– FedEx Home Delivery
– FedEx Ground
– FedEx 2-Day
– FedEx Overnight
– USPS First Class
– USPS Priority Mail
– USPS Media Mail

The transit times with these various ship methods vary quite a bit. For instance, FedEx 2-Day is a guaranteed two-day service, which means the packages ship via air. With USPS Media Mail, it’s a lower-level service and transit times may take a week or more. Therefore, let’s compare the speed of two ground ship methods from the same carrier…..

FedEx SmartPost vs. Ground & Home Delivery

– FedEx Ground is a service that averages roughly 2.5 days of transit time within the U.S., and is applicable when shipping to commercial locations.

– FedEx Home Delivery is a service that averages roughly 2.5 days of transit time within the U.S., and is applicable when shipping to residences.

– FedEx SmartPost is a service that averages roughly 4 days of transit time within the U.S., and can be used to ship to both commercial locations and residences.

So, how fast is FedEx SmartPost? Based on our experience, it takes, on average, about 1.5 days longer for SmartPost packages to arrive compared to Ground and Home Delivery.

The question then becomes….is that too slow?

In some situations, the answer is yes, and, to keep your customer happy, SmartPost would not be the right choice.

However, as has been shown repeatedly, such as in last year’s Pulse of the Online Shopper Report from UPS, consumers are typically willing to wait longer periods of time if the shipping is either free or very inexpensive. In fact, the study showed that the average consumer is willing to wait up to six days if they pay for delivery, and seven days for free delivery!

This is significant because, while we’ve really only been discussing speed, cost is obviously a consideration among consumers, and the cost for SmartPost, particularly for lower-weight packages (up to about 9 lbs) is generally less than the cost of Ground and Home Delivery.

Therefore, if you have a contract with FedEx to use SmartPost (or are using a fulfillment center that does), during the checkout process on your shopping cart, a best practice is to simply give your customers shipping options in addition to SmartPost, confirm the transit time and cost associated with each option, and allow them to choose what’s right for them.

To sum up the facts surrounding the claim that FedEx SmartPost is slow, when comparing to other commonly-used shipping options, that claim is mostly true. However, when the question becomes….Is SmartPost too slow?…..well, that’s up to you and your customers to decide.



Half True


We get many people that ask if SmartPost is a USPS service. The answer is technically no, as it’s a product offered from FedEx. However, as discussed, the claim is half true when you consider that the Postal Service does handle SmartPost packages.

Because USPS handles the final delivery with these packages, this service does have advantages when shipping to residences, including….

– Coverage to every residential address in the U.S., including API, FPO and DPO
– No residential surcharges
– Saturday delivery
– Full tracking and visibility

SmartPost is also available to ship to Alaska and Hawaii, although the transit times can be fairly lengthy for these destinations outside of the contiguous U.S.



Mostly False


We also hear claims that FedEx SmartPost is bad, which can mean a few things, but, in general, folks are referring to the reliability of the service.

Based on our experience and data, while transit times are longer than Ground and Home Delivery, the reliability of SmartPost is quite good, meaning it consistently reaches its destination in the timeframe specified by FedEx.

Back in the early days of SmartPost, it is true that the service was sketchy, and one reason for this is that it took some time for FedEx and USPS to get everyone on the same page within both organizations, including how shipping labels should be formatted, how tracking numbers should be generated, dedicated processing centers, etc.

However, now that the service has been around for several years, and now that FedEx has made a number of changes to its network, including the addition of new hubs, SmartPost has not only become more reliable, the transit times have also been reduced over the years.

When compared to regular home delivery or ground services offered from FedEx and other carriers, SmartPost can be considered a unique service, although we would not consider it to be a “bad” service. Instead, it’s a smart, strategic service that plays off the strengths of both FedEx and USPS, and is one that certainly has its place with small parcel ecommerce order fulfillment.



Is FedEx SmartPost Too Slow?
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Is FedEx SmartPost Too Slow?
Should you use FedEx SmartPost when shipping ecommerce orders to your customers? We cover the facts, including transit times, consumer expectations, and more.
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559 Responses to “Is FedEx SmartPost Too Slow?”
  1. m miller says:

    Smartpost and Surepost are horrible. Disagree with time frames given above on delivery. Used to be shipping manager and refused to use either after discovering how horrible they are. Going usps is much quicker. Either stay with fedex or usps. Middle man just slows package down. I cringe every time I see smartpost has been used.

    • Steve Bulger says:

      Thanks for the comment. It is true that the average transit time for SmartPost and SurePost is slower than some of their other shipping services, such as Ground and Home Delivery. It is also true that these services may take longer to certain parts of the U.S., so my goal here was to pass along information that corresponds with data we’ve obtained in shipping tens of thousands of SmartPost packages over the past year. For any given merchant, depending on their customer base, where they distribute from, and the service-level agreement they’ve established with FedEx and/or UPS, their experience may be a bit different.

      Thanks again,
      Steve Bulger

      • Steve Bartley says:

        Exactly – stupid and ridiculous. I used Smart Post to return an item to Vermont Country store. I mailed it a week ago, October 30th, 2017, and it still has not even left Colorado!! It made it a mere 70 miles in 7 days! At this pace I will get charged by the supplier back East because it did not get returned in a timely fashion. Use a carrier pigeon next time. Smart Post sucks!

        • Jonas says:

          Hello Steve,
          Wow that is horrible. I just bought a package from Ebay and on there it says delivery date is 11 days away. I had to double check my eye sight to make sure I was seeing it clearly. There is no way a package should take over a week to go from one US address to another. The title is misleading, you would thinking “Smartpost” would be something better than ground, but nope, apparently not. Good luck with your package friend.

        • Lourd says:

          I ordered an item on November 18th from this online retailer and even though it was free shipping, was shocked to find out that the package would be delivered to me still on December 2. That is 2 weeks! Ridiculous. They should rename to Slow Poke Post

          • Iam Ilanrab says:

            I was thinking the same thing before reading your post. Slow Poke is accurate.
            Fedex/Usps have no issue with being slow. My package is taking 2 weeks from start to finish. Should have taken 2-3 days. Every company that tells me that they are using Fedex will now lose the sale.

        • TomShick says:

          Everytime I see an item I ordered was shipped by FEDUP smartpost, I know then that It will take at least 10 day or more to get, Ordered item from Ca on 3/13/2018. still don’t have it in Pa, I contacted seller and asked him to use Amish horse an buggy next time. Tracking updates are as slow as the rest of it, TERRIBLE service. All to same pennies at the expense of buyer

          • Rob Eastman says:

            Hi Tom, please keep in mind we are not talking about pennies here. Often more like 1 to 3 dollars depending on the delivery location and item weights.

            Consumers have come to expect free shipping often, they also want it super fast, they also want it to their door.. These are unreasonable levels of expectations, and sellers are just trying to meet them, a dollar in cost on say a 25 dollar total item (that includes free shipping – which is not free, but paid by the seller/merchants!) is a huge amount of money. The difference often between being able to continue selling and providing consumers service or going bust.

          • Mike V says:

            I’d gladly pay an extra $5 to insure SmartPost and SurePost were not used. Every e-commerce site needs a “do not ship ****post” checkbox – never ever a good experience.

        • Bob LeFever says:

          I agree, except that “sucks” should be all caps!!

          • The smart post delivery is an insane way to ship to a consumer! If they have high blood pressure, it could kill them. My package sat in a Georgia Fedex facility for 3 days before it began to move for delivery to my home (I live in Georgia)! It finally moved………..to Arkansas!!! There it stayed an ADDITIONAL 3 days, and no one can tell me where it is now!!!

      • Charlie Beard says:

        I ordered a set of files that weight less than 1lb. on 1/29/18. Tracking info says it will arrive 2/12/18. Thats 14 days from California to Georgia. Maybe a week I could understand. I’ll never use the service again.

      • The WORST delivery service in the world.

      • john ito says:

        Fedex smart post is the worst way shipping things 10 out of 10 of my packages was lost!! fedex told me to call the sender. lost out on my packages never ever use fedex!!

      • Donny Oliver says:

        Yeah I am confused with this SmartPost I didn’t get no tracking number I’m still waiting on the package the package was picked up in Escondido California I live in Concord California that’s near San Francisco it said it shipped exactly 6 days ago and it’s still not here I could have had the package if the seller sent it USPS I would have had the package in two three days says it’s supposed to be delivered on the 7th of August 2018 so we will see I could have drove to LA and back in one day it’s only 6 hours away better yet I could have rode my bicycle to LA and back but hopefully it gets delivered

      • Mark Blumenthal says:

        ordered something from new jersey…took over two weeks to get to CA so not sure where you’re getting a 4 day timeframe from. ridiculous.

      • brad says:

        2 weeks from nj to oregon

        now thats insane

        • Brandon says:

          Ordered something through Newegg that shipped from CA to KY and still haven’t gotten it. It’s been 10 days so far when Newegg said 4-7. I check the tracking and I’m pretty sure my item has visited almost all 50 states. Might as get it a passport and let it see the world before it shows up at my door.

          • Mayer says:

            Appreciate the levity. World Tour brought my blood pressure down,thanks. Here is real fact
            There are established,well populated areas in southern California that have NO USPS MAIL DELIVERY,period. Big FEDEX knows that, however still DUMPS package at Post Office.WHY?

      • Michael Fistet says:

        Ordered item on eBay with guaranteed Friday delivery
        Tracked FedEx to Charlotte on Friday @ 1345
        It was then sent to SnartPost in Concord, NC and scanned in at 1746
        It is still there with zero chance of delivery before Tuesday
        I blame FedEx for this as they have delivery to my house in Greenville, SC
        And if you call them they will tell you it is not their package but the USPS and to call them.

        FEDEX and UPS both need to divested as they gave have become a virtual monopoly on shipping

      • Elliott Halpern says:

        I understand that use data that tracks delivery times however your data may be wrong. Many, many times I have received messages from USPS that may package was delivered although in fact it was not delivered. Typically it shows up 2 or 3 days later.

        • William says:

          I ordered an item shipped from Georgia to Los Angeles on May3rd 2020. At first it was supposed to arrive on the 12th then was changed to the 21st then the 27th. The seller got the item to fedex the same day and it moved through their system as expected yet the closer to me it got the delivery date was pushed up. It’s now May 18th and it left the Chino,CA Fedex /smartpost facility in one day all I see is the shipping information has been sent to USPS, what ever that means. I have tried calling Fedex I give the tracking # ask to speak to an agent yet you cannot, an automated voice tells me it’s on it’s way to USPS.

      • Jasper B says:

        Fed ex smartpost is a Nightmare
        My pkg from 43 miles away in Scottsboro was shipped to my office in Huntsville Alabama yesterday. It arrived in Madison alabama yesterday afternoon according to fed ex tracking with estimated delivery of sat june 13 . Then this morning i find itvwas sent from Madison to Nashville
        Tn 110 miles away . Now being sent to ellenwood georgia another 200 miles away estimated del is now june 18.
        Totally sucks

        • Keith H says:

          I just ordered from a seller that’s 12 miles away from me. I didn’t realize he used this service or that it was this bad. They just sent my package to a sorting facility that is over 200 miles away… Tracking says it will arrive 6 days from when the order was placed. This is freshly roasted coffee btw… Last time, I ordered the same thing from the same seller, but through amazon(at 9pm) It arrived the very next morning. When I saw how close the seller was and that they had their own website where they sell their product, I figured I’d just order directly from them. Bad move. I’ll definitely never use this shipping option again.

        • Tanzie says:

          Similar story for me… Ordered an item that was shipped smart post. Went from New Jersey, to Pennsylvania, to Massachusetts…. I’m in Connecticut. So they literally drove it AROUND the state it needs to be delivered to. It could have already been delivered if they’d just sent it USPS. If shipping was free on my order, I wouldn’t have minded so much. But the fact that I paid for it to go drive out of the way is frustrating.

    • j chen says:

      SmartPost is more like SlowPost. I have a package that left Wisconsin no December 28. As of today (January 5th) it’s still in transit and has made 9 stops. Has not even yet gotten to a USPS facility for them to then take their customary 3 days to deliver. So figure at the end of the day it could be a 2 week journey. Someone on another site said that I should have had airline mileage for my package.

    • John S Stagg says:

      I bought some vitamins from Swanson and because of stupid post they never arrived. If you think that never arriving is slow then I have some land for sale in North Korea. I stay away from stupid post at all costs. Anyone who uses stupid post should go out of business.

      • Mary Wilson says:

        I have literally received items from China faster than items purchased in the US on the same day when Smart Post was used. Not to mention the fact that they are virtually untrackable. The company gives you a tracking number that doesn’t register on the UPS tracking site and on the USPS site it just says they are waiting on the package. You’ll have the package before you are able to track it, which makes it impossible to have someone watch for it so it isn’t stolen before you get home from work. In the future, I will be ordering from sites that don’t use Smart Post.

        • Joe says:

          Dont feel bad, I ordered an item from China, and when it finally cleared customs, I see that it was turned over to fedex smartpost. Imagine how I feel lol.

    • J Medved says:

      I TOTALLY feel M Miller. I ABSOLUTELY gringe when I see that a parcel is shipping SMART-POST or SURE-POST. I disagree with the claim that these services take 4-days. Most recently, a package from Georgia to Maryland is taking 9-days to arrive. I’ve gotten to the point where when I consider making a purchase, I inquire if they ship either of these services, and either opt to pay for more efficient shipping, or shop elsewhere.

    • Susie Q says:


    • Emilio says:

      I just received notification from FedEx that the package I ordered has been picked up and it’s on its way. Today is 12/6. Estimated delivery is 12/28. The average delivery time posted above is so false. Perhaps he meant to say 4 weeks instead of days. I live in Hawaii. What I don’t get is why it takes so long to receive a package from California? Is it really being send via ground? Unbelievable.

      • Jmaddog says:

        Apparently with smartpost it takes over a week to get from Los Angeles to Carlsbad, Ca. It is a mere 70 miles, next time I will just pick it up as it’s cheaper to get the the gas then pay bloated shipping prices.

    • Leonard EHambleton says:

      A week at least for delivery. I’ve no idea where they come up with four days.

    • Mike Wegley says:

      I call it dumbpost as it takes over 10 days for me to get a PKG from the vendor i buy stuff from and since they are using smart post I have NOW replaced that vendor with a different one that does not use smartpost and get my PKG in 3 to 4 days like it used to be.

      • Mayer says:

        Good idea Mike. USPS does not even deliver to street addresses at all in some zip codes. No sidewalks,so that makes sense. Once FedEx and UPS were dependable. Folks with disabilities take heed. Don’t expect FedEx to deliver to your door.

        • Danielle says:

          Ordered two items, a pair of jeans, and a blouse.
          Paid $20.00 for shipping.
          Took the vendor 3 days (03/23/2019) for processing before it was shipped the ungodly smartpost on (03/26/2019).
          The package must be on tour of the U.S. at the moment.
          Expected delivery date was 04/03/2019, which has been now changed to 04/05/2019.
          Which is a full 10 days. that is “IF” the package doesn’t sit around at some hub for 19 hours or so, as it has shown numerous times.
          It just had to travel from Wisconsin to South Carolina.
          I can drive from South Carolina to Akron Ohio in 13 hours. They could duct tape the package to the wings for all I care, I just want it in a timely manner, after paying $20.00 shipping, 10 days is not acceptable, and this is Fedex problem.

          • Garry says:

            I hate smartpost, it is anything but. Ordered an item shipping from Riverside, CA to Yuma, AZ; about 210 miles. Tracking shows it took about 30 hours to get to the Phoenix FedEx hub. Now more than 72 hours later, nothing beyond it’s arrival at the hub shows in tracking, but FedEx assured me it will be delivered tomorrow. Ha

    • John Conners says:

      FedEx Smartpost is the worst possible way to receive a package. It gets picked up by FedEx then transferred to USPS who then will transfer it sometimes 3 times before sending it by a private carrier to your post office. That’s my normal Smartpost routine. It adds a minimum 2 1/2 days.
      I will pay 2nd day to avoid using Smartpost.

      • DD says:

        Just ordered from Epson on 7/2/19, to be delivered from L.A. to Phoenix Az…online tracking says it’s due to be delivered on 7/8/19 “by the end of the day.” 6 days, and I can DRIVE to L.A. from my home in 12 hours or lESS!!!

    • mike says:

      Agreed, I have a smartpost shipped and it’s taken 12 days to get from NC to CA. Additionally, based the tracking, my package has been within a 40 minute drive of my house for 3 days. May as well have strapped it to a cyclist going cross country.

    • Janette says:

      Waaaaaay to slow! Hate Fedex smartpost!

      • Janette says:

        Also ditto to the fact I could have drove faster it’s been hanging around for awhile at the same destination 30 minutes from my house for 3 days

    • Sophie says:

      I don’t understand all these complaints with FedEx Smart Post. I have mostly had good experiences with the service and I get a lot of packages. Often times I receive the package before the original scheduled delivery date. I almost always receive the package the same day that FedEx delivers the package to my local post office. The only times I have delays is when FedEx is slow to get the package to my post office. I am able to track the package on both FedEx’s website and via informed delivery from USPS. So I guess I am in the minority here.

    • Karen says:

      I agree! I ordered a blanket over a week ago, it’s Friday, the tracking for USPS, where you add 92 to the front of the Fedex Smartpost number, shows it won’t be here until Tuesday, I get that Monday is a holiday, but I would have gone with another seller had I known.

    • Marty says:

      Smart just added 4 extra days to my shipment 4 extra days from Phoenix to yuma in 4 days I could drive that trip at 4 time a day what the heck are they thinking

    • L.B. says:

      With my experience smartpost came 2 days faster than it was estimated. Est. 6-10 came 4th.

    • V Reid says:

      I agree Smartpost is a nightmare. The lie that they deliver package when they do not. It is also very slow and will not give updates for days.

    • Gene Rey says:

      FEDEX/Smartpost (FEDUP) is delivering a package that the pickup and delivery addresses are with in 7.5 miles Ft Meade to Columbia MD, So far 13 days and well over 200 miles in transit. Its been to Beltsville, Hagerstown and now Martinsburg, WV and has not even made it to SmartPost….

    • Kira says:

      I completely agree. I live in VIRGINIA! I ordered something and they have my address and after “out for delivery” in COLORADO! they sent it back to the company. Now, my package was literally 50 miles from my house and the day before delivery these idiots now have my package in OHIO when it was supposed to be delivered yesterday. I havent gotten an update or any tracking info since it left ohio. But why would you take a package that is supposed to be delivered the next day and is an hr away to a whole other state 6 hours away. Now I have no delivery date again. They didn’t reach out to explain the issue, you can’t get a human on the phone and if u do, they literally give no info and just say “its still enroute, it will get to you and says it is _____”. Like I couldnt look that up!!! Smartpost is absolutely slow, their delivery dates are NEVER correct, and I wish my monthly sub box would allow me to pay for my own shipping so Id never had to deal with them again. You can’t even hold them accountable for all these HUGE mistakes. So frustrating.

    • Ellen says:


    • R Hunt says:

      M Miller I totally agree with your comment. If I know that a online retailer is going to be using Smartpost I will avoid that retailer and shop elsewhere. Using the good ole USPS is no more expensive and my packages arrive at least 2 days quicker on average over smartpost. I will gladly pay for regular USP ground or Fedex ground any day over Smartjunk I mean post.

  2. Taz says:

    As a consumer I have to tell you that Smartpost is anything but – and if it only added an additional day and a half to transit time it would be a miracle. The ACTUAL norm is more like an additional 3-5 days. Example: I live in Kansas. I ordered something from a company located in Aurora CO (about a 5 hour drive from here). They shipped my package out via Smartpost, and it arrived in Lenexa KS the next day (when using FedEx, I know that when it hits Lexexa it will be here the next day). 22 hours later it was scanned in at the USPS facility in KC (which is actually only 30 minutes away if traffic is bad). It then took 3 days (4 if you count the Sunday) to get from KC to my post office, and then it didn’t get sorted for delivery until the next day. So 7 business days to get a package I could have had in 2 had they used FedEx ground or sent it straight through USPS.

    • Sue says:

      FedEx ground to my destination 3 days. Smart post so far 10 days. I called FedEx to get an estimate of delivery time for smartpost and they said we can’t tell you that but that when you print the label it will tell me. I explained that I have been tracking a shipment sent to me and it has been over 10 days. I just watched it take 7 hours to go 27 miles. It has been in my state for 6 days They would not help me at all. The customer service person was so rude that she said 10+ days. I have had UPS smart post and it is ground plus 1 day but not with FedEx nor do they care. My package has been as close as 50 miles to me but just keeps going around in circles.

      • Laurie says:

        I would definitely say it is more than an added 1.5 days longer and NOT efficient! I ordered a package from Aurora, CO, and I have bemusedly watched it dance across the west (Auroro, CO, to Sacramento, CA, to Reno, NV, to Kent, WA). I, however, am located in Oregon…maybe it will hop over to Idaho before finally making into my state?!?

      • Dale says:

        I tracked my package it arrived in Sacramento, CA at 4:30 pm 27 July left facility at 12:23 am 28 July and arrived at FEDEX SMARTPOST SACRAMENTO, CA at 1:18 pm on the 30th of July (1.4 miles)

    • Jeff says:

      Glad to hear I’m not alone. My package traveled quickly from NC and arrived at the Fedex facility in Olathe, Kansas 4 days ago. That facility is about a 20 minute drive from my home. Since then, the delivery date has been “pending” and the package has been listed as “in transit” to the Kansas City USPS. I still don’t know when it will be delivered, or even if its come off the truck. Smartpost is awful. I’m considering avoiding purchasing from companies who rely on it.

      • Karleen Behrend Cotter says:


        Tracking # 61293150404353865859

        Ship date
        Delivery progress bar
        In transit
        Scheduled delivery

        Shipment Facts

        Tracking number 61293150404353865859
        Purchase order number 17166077200
        Reference 23
        Ship date 4/24/2018
        Scheduled delivery 5/03/2018
        Service type FedEx SmartPost

        Tracking results as of May 01, 2018 2:25a GMT
        Date/Time Activity/Location
        4/30/2018 10:29 am Arrived at FedEx location
        4/29/2018 9:58 pm In transit
        TUKWILA, WA
        4/29/2018 6:19 am In transit
        SEATTLE, WA
        4/28/2018 5:55 pm In transit
        4/28/2018 5:46 am In transit
        4/27/2018 6:38 pm In transit
        BROWNING, MT
        4/27/2018 6:34 am In transit
        FRAZER, MT
        4/26/2018 7:25 pm In transit
        4/26/2018 7:22 am In transit
        4/25/2018 7:17 pm In transit
        CICERO, IL
        4/24/2018 2:19 pm Departed FedEx location
        4/24/2018 1:24 am Arrived at FedEx location
        4/23/2018 3:41 pm Shipment information sent to FedEx

        • Eric says:

          Been waiting fir a month for something from eBay. Smart post is as bad it worse than USPS parcel post which always takes at least 4 weeks to get to Hawaii

        • KRed says:

          Yes, the delivery times seem to be off. My package spent 4 days enroute to Lenexa KS… from Mullinville, a 300 mile trip. Apparently they walked it. From Lenexa, it traveled 400 miles in less than 24 hours (passing me in the process). Day 3 enroute to Lenexa, I inquired from FedEx and was assured it would be delivered “on time” (8 business days). There was no attempt to actually try to find anything out. Just theat I should trust that they have it and it will be delivered on time. When I tried asking for clarification, they got rude. Had I known that Smartpost seems to be standby for mail, I never would have used it.

          • Mike Moreno says:

            I am definitely in the same boat as the most of you are. I purchased a smart watch roughly a little over two weeks ago from a company out of Chino California and it took 4 days for it to reach this ,”Fed-X Smart Post.” That hasn’t moved from that exact location in 7 days, and now it says that the estimated time of arrival my residence 6/24/2018 at the end of the day a week from now!!! and I opted to pay $14.00 extra for Express Shipping and to make things worse I live in the state of California!!!

          • Mike Moreno says:

            I am definitely in the same boat as the most of you are. I purchased a smart watch roughly a little over two weeks ago from a company out of Chino California and it took 4 days for it to reach this ,”Fed-X Smart Post.” That hasn’t moved from that exact location in 7 days, and now it says that the estimated time of arrival to my residence is 6/24/2018 at the end of the day in the afternoon a week from now!!! and I opted to pay $14.00 extra for Express Shipping and to make things worse I live in the state of California. Furthermore too my surprise the other item that I purchased online and on the same day from China has already arrived to my residence today!!! NEVER AGAIN.

        • Janette says:

          Yep bounces everywhere instead of to the straight destination. Then seems to be stuck at the local destination for days. My son worked for fedex mainly smartpost even told me they’ll receive a package to be delivered local but goes back out to somewhere else! He no longer works there! Said it’s ridiculous

      • Ellen says:

        My package left Mass. on 11-2-20, 11-10-20 package was in Ohio if and when I get my package I’ll be thankful however never again.

    • Doug says:

      The only reason to use SmartPost I discovered is if you don’t care when or if the package gets delivered. My package from Newegg was at the SmartPost Los Angeles facility for 3 days before being in “transit” around the LA area for the next 3 day. The package has only to travel 1,100 miles through 2 states to be handed off to USPS and delivery in 3 more days. I won’t hold my breath on that as FedEx can’t seem to find it way out of LA. Never Again!!!

      • Annette Ellis says:

        I ordered from a company in California and unbeknownst to me they shipped what would easily have fit in a large mailing envelope by Smartpost. It was mailed out of California on 11/26/2019 and has been sitting in Lenexa, KS since 12/1 and it is now 12/13 and no one can tell me what is going on or who is responsible. FedEx says it’s the post office but I don’t have a post office routing number. Ridiculous and the company http://www.loqi.com has no phone number to call.

  3. Shianne says:

    I used FedEx smartpost because that was the only option when ordering from elf cosmetics. My package was ordered 4/30 and was to arrive 5/6. It went to Memphis TN which usually using FedEx ground it goes from there to KY. Well when I rechecked my order my arrival date was changed to 5/8 and my package was sent from Tennessee to Minnesota. I live in Kentucky so I don’t understand why it was sent to Minnesota. It added days to my estimated delivery, it now has to backtrack to Kentucky, and it is just a hastle to get my shipment. I am very unsatisfied I wish it would of been sent a different way because it is taking way longer than it should using smartpost.

    • Robert says:

      Having same issue (sorta) Item shipped from CA to Louisiana through Memphis. Took two days to get to Memphis and no updates in 5 days. On day seven now and no tracking update on Fedex or USPS. Deliver says for the 10th. I don’t know where they get 3-5 days from! Also you cannot upgrade or intercept the package. I could have driven there and back myself in less time.

  4. ANITA RAPP says:

    I hate both of these secondary delivery services. When I track that the package has been handed off I can count on an additional 2 days. But most annoying is that they dump the deliveries at the concierge building and not the address that is actually printed on the package. I have to wait for it to be logged in; and then get redressed or go out in bad weather to retrieve. How is that even legal?

    • Steven Potter says:

      I have paid extra once for 2 day shipping but it sat in some facility wait to be shipped and it moved once in 3 days. Th÷n a message say ,”we hope that you are as excited as we are Your item has been shipped!” it arrived 2 days from that point. And right now I am watching a package in NJ since the 31st not moving..awaiting something…

  5. Milton says:

    They should call it slow post. I had a package that came from Rialto California. It usually takes two days to get said package from there using FedEx. They shipped the package to Chicago Illinois where I live then they shipped the package two New Berlin Wisconsin? Why would they do that? They added two days to ship the package from there to Chicago. Now the package will take one day extra to be shipped to my house. This isn’t the only package that has taken too long to ship. Sure post is no good. It would be better to either use FedEx ground or the United States Postal Service.

  6. isa shisha says:

    HORRIBLE! Its taken me now 11 days to get a package from NJ to CA!!! Are they bringing it by horse and buggy or what? Ive gotten packages from out of the states way faster than this…which is worse than ground mail. ALL sellers should CLEARLY state this is the delivery they are using and to expect a long…long…long azz wait!

  7. Nicole says:

    I’ve had packages through Fedex smartpost plenty of times. A few times it’s been fairly quick. Other times it’s been horribly inefficient. I’ve even got a package on its way right now that is going the inefficient route. It’s made fair transit time all the way to my state. I live maybe 10 minutes from a ground location. It travelled through there and they sent it to another state where there is a smartpost hub probably 4 to 5 hours from me. Then they’ll likely send it back down to the post office by tomorrow afternoon. It will be too late for sorting and delivery. So if I’m lucky I’ll get it Friday. That’s pretty inefficient just to send it through their smartpost hub. Just saying.

  8. Laura says:

    Not a fan. Our USPS always says our boxes are too large for the mailboxes so we have to drive 30 minutes to pick them up at the Post Office. FedEx should offer the consumer a choice to upgrade to real FedEx.

  9. john smith says:

    too many complaints. the people moving packages are working hard. maybe there are just too many packages to move. if you want the package faster spend the money. I don’t mind waiting for a lower price on shipping.

    • Mark D says:

      Too many packages to move? That’s their business! If there were too few packages, they’d be bankrupt.
      Two points:
      1. They aren’t delivering by their delivery date.
      2. The consumer is often not given the choice of shipping when purchasing from a seller who uses this horrible service.

      • Jane says:

        I ordered a pair of shoes on Feb 26. They were coming across the country from CA to MD. The original date stated delivery on March 7th. The shoes were shipped, and made it to Indianapolis in 4 days. That is where they stayed for 72 hrs! Then, the delivery date changed to March 6th. When the shoes did not arrive, I tracked the package and the date was changed back to March 7. On March 7, I checked again and the date was changed to today, March 8. The tracker says it left the shipping facility here in MD at 2:30 this morning. Somehow I doubt I am going to see my shoes by the end of the day today. If I did my job this way, I wouldn’t have one!

        • Renee says:

          Yes, my not-so-SmartPost package has been sitting in the Indianapolis facility for FOUR days going on five! This is the worst service. If my package is delivered on the estimated date, which I doubt it will be since it has been in Indianapolis, it will have taken
          10 business days plus 4 weekend days. I would never recommend SmartPost to anyone.

      • To Mark D., You are right on! I ordered a package from a Dallas brick and mortar store. Verified it was in stock before I ordered it. ( ordered on Dec. 3. When I had not recieved a tracking # by Thurs. Dec. 6, I called vendor., and was told item was being packed as we spoke). I needed to have it for an event on Dec. 12 and was told it would be sent Fed Ex., Today, Monday, Dec. 10 was told it was in transit, even though they never e-mailed me with a tracking #. Even with this winter storm over Texas and week-end of ice and snow, it left Charlotte this a.m. ( amazing with all airport delays, so I surely am impressed with the Fed Ex part of this Debachle ) However my delivery is scheduled for a week from now. I live in Charleston, S.C. (About a 4 hour drive from Charlotte.). The U.S. Postal Service is a defunct dinosaur. Wonder why they are losing $$$$ every year. Did you see on the news last week where USPS pulled up in front of customer’s house and THREW a gift into the front yard? ( caught on video). Then she lied when confronted and said there were kids and a dog in the yard. A flat out lie. USPS SUCKS and only thing worse is their attitude. Bring on the drones and close the damned post offices. Another worthless government nightmare ,,!!!!!!

  10. Douglas says:

    I purchased a item on eBay and the seller shipped it via SmartPost. It went into FedEx possession last Saturday and left Michigan 4 days ago. It made a quick sprint across the country making it into CA two days ago. Ever since then it has crawled into a snail pace going to three separate nearby points (Newberry Springs-Rialto-Bloomington) in 1.5 days. Now my package is scheduled to arrive two days later than originally scheduled!

    I will make a point to refuse doing business with eBayers who use solely FedEx SmartPost or the UPS equivalent from this day forward.

  11. Bruce Morgen says:

    FedEx’s own tracking site tells me that a small SmartPost package that first “Arrived at FedEx location” in New Jersey the night of 6/16/2017 wouldn’t be delivered here in San Diego until 6/24/2017 — so that’s a solid week coast-to-coast, which is about the same as USPS’s slowpoke “Parcel Select” service takes for the same distance. I suspect folks use SmartPost because it’s cheaper — and more convenient because it gets picked up with the rest of their FedEx shipments.

  12. Rosalind Smothers says:

    I thought it was just my experience. I’m sitting here now waiting on a package I ordered with two day shipping. That was ten days ago. No. Free shipping isn’t worth all the time it takes. If a company advertises FREE TWO (2) DAY. SHIPPING then doggone it they should live up to. Amazon used to but now they’ve gone over to “not smart”, “not even surepost.” Hate it.

  13. Bryan says:

    Smart post is horrible! I’d rather pay the shipping I didn’t realize what I was getting into with that garbage service my product shipped on 6/4/17 and I didn’t get it until 6/17/17 absolutely never again!

  14. Jayson V says:

    Ordered 3 items from a company based in Ohio. 5-7 business days. It’s been 9 days…well 7 business days of it being stuck on “Shipment Picked Up” status. I live in TN and there has been no tracking update since the 12th. For all I know it’s still in KY. I’m just hoping I receive my package, and that it didn’t get lost in the mix. Either way I will not be using this service again.

  15. Stan in Havasu says:

    Should be called stupidpost. I ordered a package from a company in Chino, Ca 4hr drive west of me. They shipped it via Quartzite Az, 2 hrs south of me, to Phoenix, 3 hrs east of me. There it sits until they bring it west to me (hopefully) If it arrives by their anticipated date it will have averaged 1 mph. Slower than walking. USELESS!

  16. Steve says:

    Smartpost? How about snailpost. I ordered an item from a company only 1H 52M drive from my front door. I ordered my item on 6/20. I received shipping email early the next day and here I am a week later still without my item. Tracking shows no movement except a label was printed.

  17. Everett says:

    Smartpost to my house always takes more than 4 days. I get better service from USPS every time. There must be an incentive for shippers, none for customers.

  18. David says:

    FedEx Smartpost is just goofy. My package arrived in Chicago on Monday via FedEx and then back to Wisconsin to the Smartpost hub. I live in Chicago and now my delivery estimate is Friday. My package arrived in my home city and cannot get delivered for another 5 days. Never again with FedEx Smartpost.

  19. Ryli says:

    I ordered 6 items from hot topic a week ago. It said it was in a city near Nashville,th about 2-3 hours from me. Then it went to a city near atlanta, ga twice as long away from me. And now I am still waiting for my package to go to Chattanooga, tn then come to me. And the tracking won’t tell me where it’s going next. And the estimated delivery day went from July 5th to July 7th in 2 hours. I’m never using fedex smartpost ever again!

    • Carrie C. says:

      SAME HERE! IT is the WORST package transit ever. EVER

    • Alexa says:

      I ordered some gauges from spencers and it took two days for them to even update the tracker. I live in arkansas and it was coming from north Carolina. Only 1 state between us. It’s a straight shot. But they went all the way to MS which is…odd. Sat there for 2 days and no update. Finally tell me it was picked up and in transit. Upped my estimated delivery by 2 days and tell me it will be given to US postal. Just the info was shipped 2 days ago to us postal. It’s legit 2 hours from my house if it’s still in MS…. I swear. So I guess ill expect it on thursday instead of the new estimate for Monday. Probably won’t get another update for a couple of days. Fedex….never again.

  20. Karen says:

    I ordered two items from an auto parts site. The smaller part shipped before the oversized part. Ironically the oversized parcel arrived 2 days ago and I’m still waiting for the other. That’s how I found myself here. I wasn’t even aware of SmartPost until today. Thanks for the reviews and the comfort of knowing I’m not alone in this crappy experience.

  21. Tim says:

    FEDEX SmartPost is the dumbest way to ship! FedEx & USPS should be ashamed!!! 10 to 11 days to receive a package???? And shipping it back and forth… What a JOKE in todays world. FedEx & USPS should upgrade this back to the Pony Express from the 1800’s!!! IT WOULD BE FASTER!

    • Carrie C. says:

      AMEN. I used to buy from vitacost and get my products in a few days – now it sits in a FedEx Hub less than a hundred miles away and they say it will be over a week before I get it. The pony Express would be faster if the horses WALKED!

  22. Scott says:

    I’ve never heard of SmartPost before so found this while looking it up. I’m in Atlanta, and tonight it arrived at a FedEx Smartpost location in Ellenwood, GA about 45mins away. As I was reading the comments the delivery date changed from Friday to Saturday. If they dont know the arrival time, why display it on tracking??? Seems just plain stupid and not particularly good for customer service if you keep moving the goal posts

  23. Ken says:

    I have to agree with all the comments about Fedex SmartPost. Currently awaiting a very important package. Not the first time I’ve received something being delivered this way. So the package was delivered to the USPS sort facility in my town today. However, it won’t be sorted until tomorrow and won’t be delivered until Monday. This is absolutely ridiculous. I can understand not receiving it today but there is absolutely no reason I should have to wait through the entire weekend for my delivery.

  24. Kim Taylor says:

    I hate Smartpost. Had I known that the eBay seller was going to use Smartpost, I would not have purchased from them. It should take two days max to have a package shipped from New Jersey to Delaware. I know that from experience. It has been four days and my package is still in West Virginia. Why the package went from New Jersey to West Virginia I haven’t a clue. Delaware is right next to New Jersey. West Virginia is two states over to the west. How ridiculous.

  25. Carrie C. says:

    Smartpost is HORRIBLE – I purchased an item from a vendor that used to use UPS to ship. It would arrive in 2 maybe 3 days. Now, I order from the same place (about 80 miles away from where I live) and it will take over a week to arrive. It sits in FedEx hub in Greensboro, NC less than a hundred miles from me with an expected delivery date of a week and a day? Smart? For whom? I won’t order packages from anyone anymore who uses FedEx Smart Post. Life is too short and my money can buy the same thing and have it shipped USPS or UPS and get it to me quicker.

  26. Angel says:

    This has to be hands down the worst thing someone could of thought of for a hot 2 seconds. I work for usps and there is no way possible something coming from Texas to Ohio takes 8 days. The funny thing is it got to Ohio in 2 days and only 2.5 hours away only to sit for a few days then the next time it moved it went to Pennsylvania and sat even longer before making its way back to Ohio once again to sit before finally getting my package 2 days later. I’m not one who wants anyone to loose their job but someone differently needs a demotion. This service has to be free because it’s not worth 2 pennies with holes in them. Fedex really needs to rethink this senseless service. This makes me want nothing to do with fedex or any of their services. For the person who made the statement about the Pony Express would be an upgrade OMG would it ever; like going from a Pinto to a Bentley

  27. Trina says:

    Smart post is horrible and the routing doesn’t make sense. I had a shipment that went to Independence, Ky then to Indianapolis then back to Louisville which added two additional days . So it took 7 days to get it instead of the 3 to 4 days promised.

  28. Ted says:

    I’m in Hawaii awaiting a package being shipped by FedEx “Smart”Post. Looking at the tracking info from FedEx, it took the package seven days to get from Michigan to California. The last tracking note is, “Shipment information sent to USPS” and that was seven days ago. 14 days and still no package and I have no idea if USPS has it or where it is because I do not have a USPS tracking number. A note on the FedEx tracking info indicates the expected delivery date is seven days from now. Three weeks from Michigan to Hawaii??? I will always check from now on when I order something and if the seller uses FedEx I will refuse to purchase.

  29. bill says:

    Delivery by Smartpost is MUCH slower than regular USPS First Class. I ordered several items this month and all but one were shipped by USPS and delivered within 2 days. The other one, a tiny pack of guitar pegs weighing less than half an ounce, was shipped Fedex Smartpost. It took 11 days to receive it and the tracking becomes unavailable once Fedex hands it off to USPS. This scenario has played out several times in the past and I’ve ALWAYS observed that delivery was MUCH slower. I will try to avoid sellers that use Fedex Smartpost in the future but can’t always avoid them. I may even leave neg. feedback to ebay sellers who use it.

    • dave says:

      I have been buying off of eBay since 2000.First thing I do is find out how it is being shipped.you can click on the details at the shipping which will sometimes tell you if not I send a question to the seller.
      If they send FedEx smart post,Dhl which is even worse I keep on searching for what I want.

  30. Paul says:

    Fedex SmartPost could be outdone by a company that delivers across country on horse back. Most packages I order come from the west coast so yeah, I expect 4 to 6 days to deliver to the east coast. SmartPost turns it into 10 to 12….ESPECIALLY if it has to process through Ellenwood, Ga. Every package I have had come through that facility will sit idle there almost an entire week. Its pathetic. From now on, I will ask all sellers on ebay what service they use before ordering. I’d rather pay a few extra bucks and get a smooth, fast delivery.

  31. Gladys says:

    Trying to return Directv equipment with a label provided by Directv and have opened 2 claims now. 1st time Fedex told me to contact the shipper (Sent fedex smartpost so isn’t that what I’m doing?). Now I’m waiting for an answer for the 2nd request. So far it’s been 30 days that my package has been out there. Very frustrating because you know it’s just a matter of time til Directv charges me for this equipment. GRRRRR

  32. Kimball says:

    SmartPost? Now THAT is a oxymoron. They should call it FumblePost or MolassesInJanuaryPost or AceVenturaPost or DoofusPost. If I knew that Fedex was dumping packages at USPS and calling it SmartPost, I would have said a big NO THANK YOU. My package is taking 10 BUSINESS DAYS to get from Dallas to Washington State. If the PONY EXPRESS had switched from riding horses to riding giant snails, they would have been faster! GIDDY UP THERE OLE SNAILY!

  33. Anne Guelker says:

    7/18/17 I get shipments via SmartPost and SurePost on the same day that the FedEx and UPS trucks drive down my road. Makes no sense. I have a mailbox by the road, and the packages usually do not fit in that mailbox. FedEx and UPS deliver packages to my walkout basement door, which is much more convenient for me.

  34. Justin Rogers says:

    Fedex smartpost is slower than dirt its going to take almost 2 more weeks for my package to go from California to NY why is that I don’t know but I wish people would never use this service and either just send its USPS UPS AND FEDEX JUST NOT UPS SUREPOST OR FEDEX SMARTPOST as they are so darn slow

  35. Carlo T Pistritto says:

    I am still awaiting a package sent 8 days ago from a 1.5 hr drive away, within the same state! They stopped scanning it and I have no idea where it is since the day it shipped! I called FedEx twice and they told me to keep waiting for another 5 days, and that’s if it isn’t lost. This is INSANE. I would have gladly spent 5 bucks with USPS to avoid this frustration.

  36. I am still awaiting a package sent 8 days ago from a 1.5 hr drive away, within the same state! They stopped scanning it after the initial acceptance into the first FedEx facility and I have no idea where it is since the day it shipped! I called FedEx twice and they told me to keep waiting for another 5 days, and that’s if it isn’t lost. This is INSANE. I would have gladly spent 5 bucks with USPS to avoid this frustration. I could have walked there and back several times in this time frame!

  37. Bruce MacDonald says:

    I have not had problems with FedEx in the past, but have not used FedEx Smartpost to my knowledge. However, it will be beneficial if what I hope happens actually does. I am expecting a package in about six days. Unfortunately, I am leaving on a week long trip and would miss a FedEx ground delivery and would have to arrange for re delivery, if it doesn’t actually get sent back for being undeliverable. Because I have a USPS mail hold scheduled, I expect my shipment to be delivered as held mail along with the rest of my mail, saving me from having to find out where my shipment ended up.

  38. Teresa Herron says:

    I ordered lawnmower parts from Michigan (I live in Minnesota), the estimated ship time was 3-4 days. Now 7 days and counting. That is ridiculous!! I’ve gotten items from CHINA in 4 days! I could WALK from Michigan to my house in 7 days!! Do we need to go back to pony express??????

  39. Stew says:

    4 days for 500 miles? That’s not slow, it’s malingering.

  40. Rob Eads says:

    This timeline for a FedEx Smartpost delivery says it all. This was for a T-Shirt. Order was placed on Saturday, July 15, 2017.

    7/16/2017 – Sunday
    8:07 am Shipment information sent to FedEx

    7/18/2017 – Tuesday
    7:03 am Departed FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST INDIANAPOLIS, IN
    3:44 am Arrived at FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST INDIANAPOLIS, IN

    7/19/2017 – Wednesday
    10:34 pm In transit OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

    7/21/2017 – Friday
    2:24 pm Arrived at FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST DALLAS, TX

    7/24/2017 – Monday
    6:18 pm At U.S. Postal Service facility CARROLLTON, TX
    Accepted by U.S. Postal Service – Tracking ID 9274899998211148927971
    5:13 am In transit CARROLLTON, TX
    In transit to U.S. Postal Service
    2:36 am Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service
    1:48 am Departed FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST DALLAS, TX

    It’s supposed to be delivered by the end of the day today, Tuesday, July 25. 10 days from the original order date. I was promised delivery by the 20th or 21st. A little quick math showed that my delivery averaged 3.79 miles per hour to get to me. Someone literally could have WALKED it to me faster.

    • tboll says:

      Rob, I topped that… 5 days to go 89 miles from NJ to DE (neighboring states). That’s 89mi/120hr or 0.74 miles per hour! The first day it went 90mi across to PA but no closer to my house. The second day it just sat. The third day it was transported to area. Forth day it sat. Fifth day it was loaded on the USPS truck for delivery and delivered to house by end of day.

  41. Sandy Stargel says:

    It is very frustrating, because you see it to be delivered on a certain day and then it takes an additik al 3 days to transfer it to the post office and there is no way you can go get it from their hub! So you wait and they change the delivery date. One package got to smart post in a city that is about 20 minutes from me on a thursday and I still don’t have it on Tuesday! Ridiculous! I am shipping to my work from now on!!

  42. Fuzzy says:

    If you want a good laugh (or cry) check out the routing on two sticks of ram that i ordered. I live in Sanford NC and this is coming from CO. Check it out on a map, the routing after it gets to NC is amazingly bizarre. I wonder if they are losing money sending it all over the state then sending it back almost to where it entered the state to start with. I am wondering if it will get here at all now. I will avoid FedEx smartpost if possible from now on.

    Tuesday, Jul 25, 2017 11:47 PM FEDEX SMARTPOST CONCORD , NC Departed FedEx location
    Tuesday, Jul 25, 2017 11:31 PM N/A Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service
    Tuesday, Jul 25, 2017 4:29 PM FEDEX SMARTPOST CONCORD , NC Arrived at FedEx location
    Tuesday, Jul 25, 2017 9:31 AM KERNERSVILLE , NC Departed FedEx location
    Monday, Jul 24, 2017 1:13 PM KERNERSVILLE , NC Arrived at FedEx location
    Monday, Jul 24, 2017 5:55 AM GREENSBORO , NC In transit
    Sunday, Jul 23, 2017 4:04 PM GREENSBORO , NC In transit
    Sunday, Jul 23, 2017 12:39 AM CHARLOTTE , NC In transit
    Saturday, Jul 22, 2017 11:42 AM GORDONSVILLE , TN In transit
    Friday, Jul 21, 2017 11:32 PM BLACKWATER , MO In transit
    Friday, Jul 21, 2017 11:15 AM HENDERSON , CO Departed FedEx location
    Friday, Jul 21, 2017 1:59 AM HENDERSON , CO Arrived at FedEx location
    Thursday, Jul 20, 2017 9:38 PM PUEBLO , CO Left FedEx origin facility
    Thursday, Jul 20, 2017 8:14 PM PUEBLO , CO Arrived at FedEx location
    Thursday, Jul 20, 2017 2:41 PM PUEBLO , CO Picked up

  43. Fuzzy says:

    Item delivered on July 27th. I was pleasantly surprised. USPS got it to me fairly quickly after they got it. I have been impressed with USPS delivery with the last few items I have received thru their delivery. If FedEx could figure out a way to get the items from Charlotte Directly to Concord the SmartPost might not be bad.

  44. Anna says:

    My current FedEx SmartPost horror below. Current Scheduled Delivery is PENDING. I want to strangle someone. I sent the package on 7/14/17…. over two weeks and still no delivery is beyond absurd.

    Travel History



    7/27/2017 – Thursday

    1:53 pm

    Arrived at FedEx location


    1:14 am

    In transit


    7/26/2017 – Wednesday

    1:06 pm

    In transit


    7/25/2017 – Tuesday

    11:56 pm

    In transit


    10:55 am

    In transit


    7/24/2017 – Monday

    9:27 pm

    Departed FedEx location


    7/22/2017 – Saturday

    6:25 am

    Arrived at FedEx location


    12:57 am

    Departed FedEx location


    7/21/2017 – Friday

    2:46 pm

    Arrived at FedEx location


    7/20/2017 – Thursday

    1:12 am

    Departed FedEx location


    7/19/2017 – Wednesday

    2:25 pm

    Arrived at FedEx location


    5:55 am

    In transit


    7/18/2017 – Tuesday

    5:52 pm

    In transit


    4:34 am

    In transit


    7/17/2017 – Monday

    9:56 am

    In transit


    7/16/2017 – Sunday

    9:12 pm

    In transit


    11:09 am

    In transit


    7/15/2017 – Saturday

    11:07 pm

    In transit


    11:56 am

    In transit


    7/14/2017 – Friday

    11:50 pm

    Left FedEx origin facility


    8:19 pm

    Arrived at FedEx location


    6:32 pm

    Picked up


    4:00 pm

    In FedEx possession


    Tendered at FedEx location

    9:08 am

    Shipment information sent to FedEx

  45. Wayne says:

    Smart-Post is S L O W and very inefficient. My ship free package left Fort Worth 2AM, arrived in Houston 7:30PM today. Scheduled to be delivered to Austin on Monday? Are you kidding? I have another parcel from a different seller, free shipping & NOT smart-post, left Fort Worth 2PM today and will be delivered to my house by 5PM tomorrow…now that’s service!

  46. D David says:

    F. Smith should be ashamed of himself. FedEx SmartPost is like a Joke in poor taste. The only people laughing are the FedEx exec team. My parcel got close on a recent Saturday. However, 60 hours later it had only progressed 100+ miles and in the opposite direction. At last check, it appears to have disappeared from radar all together. I give up. I’m sure I’ve been more frustrated, but I just can’t remember when.

  47. Allen Hall says:

    It is cheap … far cheaper than Fedex ground, UPS and USPS. The difference is often 1/2 the price of the other options. So if you are looking for a bargain then expediting delivery seems like a contradiction. It is a great service for low cost light weight shipments where the consumer has been bargain shopping. Don’t expect 3 day delivery on a used item that cost less than the expedited shipping charges… seems like common sense

  48. Kim V says:

    UNBELIEVABLE!! I ordered an item from a company (Accuquilt) headquarted IN OMAHA (where I live). They must have a warehouse in the next town over (Council Bluffs, IA). All previous orders that I’ve placed with this company arrived within a couple days of ordering. This most recent order was placed on Sunday 8/27, I got tracking number and it was “shipped” on 8/28 (from Council Bluffs). Today I see that it has now arrived in Kansas City, MO with an expected delivery date of Sept. 5th!!!! All previous orders were FedEx Ground – this one Smart???Post – doesn’t seem very “smart” to me.

  49. kelly says:

    first time ive used this service and what I don’t understand is the fact I live in ky,ordered a product out of Chattanooga tn.how in the hell did the product I ordered end up in Indianapolis in.,where it has now sat for over 24hrs? order was shipped on 8/30 and it is now 9/5 and my order is from what I can see sitting in Indianapolis.i live on the I-75 corridor.they had to pass thru go to Louisville and catch the I-65 corridor for it to end up in Indianapolis.when its all said and done it will take close to 2weeks for a 3LB package to travel barely over 200miles.service sucks no matter how its explained

  50. Stuart Bowling says:

    OH MY God!! I never heard of SmartPost before. I hope I never hear of it again.

    My package(s) (2 different shipments) from NH to NM. Packages seem to go an easy 300-400 mi per day. Both packages left NH on 9/8/17. Delivery date is 9/16. I could ride a bicycle from Henderson Colorado to Los Alamos New Mexico in 4 days yet the packages will take 8 days.

    Unbelievable. I won’t ever do business with any Smartpost seller AGAIN.

    Activity Location
    9/08/2017 – Friday
    1:15 pm Arrived at FedEx location HENDERSON, CO
    12:45 pm In transit COMMERCE CITY, CO
    9/07/2017 – Thursday
    6:27 pm In transit ATLANTIC, IA
    7:26 am In transit AMHERST, OH
    9/06/2017 – Wednesday
    7:17 pm Departed FedEx location WILLINGTON, CT
    5:42 am Arrived at FedEx location WILLINGTON, CT
    9/05/2017 – Tuesday
    9:50 pm Left FedEx origin facility LONDONDERRY, NH
    8:31 pm Arrived at FedEx location LONDONDERRY, NH
    8:24 pm Picked up LONDONDERRY, NH
    9/03/2017 – Sunday
    7:21 am Shipment information sent to FedEx

    Activity Location
    9/09/2017 – Saturday
    9:07 am Departed FedEx location HENDERSON, CO
    9/08/2017 – Friday
    9:21 pm Arrived at FedEx location HENDERSON, CO
    8:40 pm In transit COMMERCE CITY, CO
    9:34 am Departed FedEx location LENEXA, KS
    1:59 am Arrived at FedEx location LENEXA, KS
    9/07/2017 – Thursday
    8:52 pm In transit OAK GROVE, MO
    9:47 am Departed FedEx location GROVE CITY, OH
    7:54 am Arrived at FedEx location GROVE CITY, OH
    9/06/2017 – Wednesday
    10:13 pm In transit FREDERICKTOWN, OH
    10:06 am Departed FedEx location WILLINGTON, CT
    8:04 am Arrived at FedEx location WILLINGTON, CT
    9/05/2017 – Tuesday
    9:50 pm Left FedEx origin facility LONDONDERRY, NH
    8:32 pm Arrived at FedEx location LONDONDERRY, NH
    8:24 pm Picked up LONDONDERRY, NH
    9/03/2017 – Sunday
    8:21 am Shipment information sent to FedEx

  51. Sam says:

    I am writing this Monday. Last “tracking” day posted was last Wednesday. Called and received same information. Wrote and received same into via email. Today, last Wednesday info still posted. This is not tracking unless it’s not moving.

  52. Disgruntled says:

    They compare to ground & HomeDelivery but the true tale is as compared to straight USPS from origin to destination vs SlowPost!

    A package from CA to KY using SmartPost took nearly two weeks. That same pack sent using strictly USPS no priority took 3 days.

    So why would anyone put up with Smartpost is beyond me.

    Everytime a seller sends me something using smartpost I get discusted because I know I could have received it in less than half the time at no extra cost if they had just handed it to the postman instead of giving it to FedEx Smartpost!

  53. Josh says:

    Smart Post is the most inefficient and slow way to get a package. I was scheduled to receive a package by FedEx ground this past Friday. Somehow it was changed to SmartPost and the delivery date jumped a week to this coming Friday. Following the tracking Fedex actually sent this package to the local Fedex delivery point 10 miles from my home and then shipped it to the other side of the state to a Smart Post facility and now it is on its way BACK to our main post office and then to my local post office for delivery. It could have just been handed over from the local FedEx to my local post office and been delivered already the way UPS does with their ground/post office delivery service.

  54. RS in CAL says:

    FedEx Smart Post is often terribly slow. I’ve been bit several times with packages taking a couple of days to go across the country, then over a week to make it that last 10-50 miles when it goes through the USPS. I will never knowingly buy from a vendor that uses these FedEx or UPS hybrid services and I let those who don’t disclose this that I will not buy from them again.

    As a vendor, know that you will likely lose business by saving a few % and leaving customers with a bad taste in their mouth from dealing with you.

  55. PJCHOOCH says:

    USPS First Class Mail is faster than FedEx SmartPost, hands down. No contest. It is also cheaper.

    SmartPost (and it’s UPS counterpart) are designed to make USPS look bad, because the mail man is the person the consumer sees delivering the package, and assume it is USPS slowness.

    If FedEx accepted the package and immediately handed it off to USPS, the service would be much faster.

  56. Russ says:

    FedEx Smartpost is not just slow it is absolutely terrible. An extra 1.5 days is not accurate. My package was shipped 16 days ago and it still has not been delivered. It was supposed to be delivered 7-9 days ago. I will never buy from a shipper who uses this slow and unreliable service. This is not my first poor experience with Smartpost. A shipper should always disclose that they are shipping with this horrible service and give alternative choices for the buyers.

  57. Cozmos says:

    I paid $8.85 to ship an .8 pound package and it took 9 DAYS to get to GA from West Va via Fedex Smartpost! In the future, I will question the seller and if they intend to use Fedex Smartpost, I will cancel the order. Thanks for a huge disappointment, Fedex!

  58. Jose Roman says:

    I ordered a shirt on 9/9 and it still says label created 9/18 its coming from Florida To Arizona… I’m very impatient especially when it says 3-7 Days! This is absolutely ridiculous! I will never again order from FedEx. Hands down the worst delivery company ever. It’s been 9 days without any movement at all except a label created! NEVER ORDER FROM FEDEX AGAIN ESPECIALLY SMART POST!

    • Annoyed says:

      If it says “label created”, it means the shipper has not notified FedEx yet. All the shipper has done is print a shipping label. Can’t blame FedEx for that!

      • dave says:

        I just made 2 purchases the same day .The
        23 of sept.one coming from Texas the other coming from the state I live in. The one coming from Texas is being sent USPS and is
        marked for Friday delivery.The seller said they were shipping Fed ex ground or fed ex home delivery and said it would be here Monday the 2 of Oct. when I got shipping details another day was added and it was changed to smart post.It’s pretty bad when something can reach you in 5 days from Texas to Indiana,but it takes 9 days to reach you in your own state 97 miles away.

  59. Jennifer says:

    It appears to be a lot longer that 4 days. Fedex shipped out my package on the 14th, it’s now the 18th and its saying my estimated delivery date is the 22nd, so by their own estimation it is 8 days. Unfortunately I need it by the 22nd, so if it’s longer than that, then the whole purpose of me purchasing this item becomes pointless. 🙁

  60. Annoyed says:

    Both SmartPost and SurePost are horribly slow. But FedEx SmartPost is by far the worst. I get regular deliveries from Tampa Florida to New Hampshire and SmartPost takes anywhere from 7 to 11 days. It seems the packages get picked up and then sit for days in a FedEx hub before moving. When they are actually moving, they move fast. But the problem is when they arrive at a transfer point, they languish. UPS SurePost is not quite as slow as FedEx.

  61. JIm says:

    Had a package shipped last week, on Monday, FedEx SmartPost. It’s now Tuesday of the next week. No tracking info other than the “left destination”, no package, and the shipper says it will be another week. First Class mail is faster.

  62. Max Bell says:

    FedEx SmartPost is *very* bad. It is very slow. 4 days? um, wrong. try 7+ as i’m still waiting after a week. they finally handed it over to usps yesterday after sitting on it [and i have the tracking data to prove it]). Shipping it directly via USPS is cheaper and faster. Usual transit time 3 days. You will never get a FedEx Smart Post in three days. Basically if the vendor/seller only wants to use FedEx SmartPost, find another supplier. I don’t know what dimwit dreamed up SmartPost (and where they got the stupid name, it’s anything but smart) but it needs to die like UPS’s similar service which was of similar quality. Do Not Use.

  63. Alexa says:

    I honestly wouldn’t mind so much if they actually kept the tracker updated. USPS kept complete track of my shipments just fine. I got updates *appears* once a day. No I’m lucky to get once every two days. It’s been 2 hours away for 2 days. It was only one state right beside me to begin with. 2 weeks for that? No thanks. I have honestly thought about driving to pick it up if it’s still sitting there tomorrow.

  64. Fred Mock says:

    Any service using the USPS is hit or miss. Combining FedX’s round about routes with USPS inconsistency you can expect shipping times as much as double a single carrier. Here is an example of one of my current Smart post frustrations. California to Wheeling Il -6 days. (FedX route several hundred miles longer than a straight path)
    Package is waiting for USPS or however it changes hands, and delivery guess was extended another day. Wheeling is about 5mi. from the destination but package will likely bounce to a 2 or more UPS locations before it makes it. Bottom line, original delivery estimate 6 days will likely require a minimum of 8. Vendors tend to discourage a buyer from choosing a more reliable shipping option by charging a ridiculous premium. What I don’t understand is how often China Post manages to ship for pennies & I’ve had items arrive (when not misdirected or lost usually USPS) in 6 days. “Cheap” Post, “Slow Post”, “Pray n'” Post, seem more fitting to describe the service.

  65. Mike barnes says:

    I don’t know how much credibility I would give sources on this. FedEx and UPS are hands down awful. 2nd package from FedEx first one they lost it or delivered to wrong address. Company sent second package on the 19th of September from West Virginia I am in Baltimore and it still has not been transferred to USPS. I thought ups was bad FedEx is much worse. 9 to 10 days from West Virginia to Baltimore a 5 to 7 hour drive is straight ridiculous.why people use them I will never understand.on top of slow there costumer service is awful as well.

  66. George says:

    Should be called the stupidity post took nine days to get a package 📦 that should have been delivered in four days and I paid more money thinking was going to get faster Fedex SUCKS

  67. Steve Despot says:

    Yes, this service is very slow. I have had something bouncing around the system for DAYS now and it is not getting much closer to delivery.

  68. Jackie says:

    Having the same issues here, expected a package for final delivery today (after going through three states and taking an entire week) via smartpost. According to FedEx tracking it’s still being held in the Wisconsin sorting facility, where it’s been since Friday afternoon, which means no movment for two days. In contrast had another package ship entirely FedEx a few days ago and it was here within about 4 days.

  69. Lisa says:

    This is my first experience with this service. I had ordered an item online and the seller use this method to send it to me. I have tracked the package thinking it was moving relatively quickly and was going to be very happy until it hits Phoenix. For some reason he has been sitting in Phoenix for the past 3 days. I’m only two and a half to three hours away from Phoenix why is it not moving? I think I’m going to tell the seller that they should rethink how they’re shipping their packages. I’ve gotten things faster just by using USPS. I’ve shipped things that got to places faster using USPS. Makes no sense

    • Devin says:

      It might be because since the seller used FedEx Smartpost and it is a lower cost solution and the times are usually 5-7 business days (HA right…), they might intentionally be keeping it because if they shipped out faster, more sellers would use that low cost service and not the higher cost ones. Just my opinion, and NOT fact…..

  70. Joe R says:

    Bad experience with FedEx Smartpost. I have some small car parts being delivered. Shipped out on Sept. 27 more than half way across the country and made it within 100 miles from my house in about 2 days. Parts supposed to arrive Oct 4th GREAT! HOWEVER,just received an update and the parts are now about 2000 miles from my house in the State of Washington. I live in Maryland and this is further than where the origin of the package began. Now it says Oct 14th for delivery. I will think twice next time I see a website using Smartpost. Guess I better take the car off the jack stands until the parts arrive. Unacceptable!

  71. Devin says:

    OK, I have read through all of the comments on here because I just had to know why and how FedEx Smartpost can be this bad and this inefficient. I thought that maybe my experience had to be an abberation because there is no way possible their shipping method could be this bad or make no sense whatsoever. The only rational explanation is that they are INTENTIONALLY making the shipping take longer because it is a low cost shipping service and they don’t want the packages to arrive faster than the customary 5-7 business days that the shipper paid for. If that is not the reason, then these logistics managers should be fired at FedEx and USPS. If they would plainly say on their websites, “The routes taken may not make sense due to this low cost shipping method. Please expect a 5-7 business day arrival time no matter what the tracking information states”. But they don’t do this. Why? Because there would be customer blow back because people would know for a fact that they are intentionally slowing things down BECAUSE of the cheaper service! They are in reality probably losing MORE money on fuel and maintenance costs because of needlessly shipping items that was already near a facility where you are at! It would be far better to just leave it at the nearby facility at your delivery location for a few days and at least they could say, “your item is FedEx Smartpost so it doesn’t take priority over the other packages that NEEDS to get out quicker”. That at least makes SOME sense and people generally LIKE things to make sense to calm them down and to get a straight answer!!!! Here is my tracking to show you how stupid this is:

    Activity Location
    10/04/2017 – Wednesday
    4:28 am Arrived at FedEx location ELLENWOOD, GA
    10/03/2017 – Tuesday
    7:53 pm In transit CHRISTIANA, TN
    7:47 am Departed FedEx location KANSAS CITY, MO
    10/02/2017 – Monday
    10:39 pm Arrived at FedEx location KANSAS CITY, MO
    7:59 pm In transit ELLENWOOD, GA
    7:55 am In transit ELLENWOOD, GA
    10/01/2017 – Sunday
    3:55 pm In transit ELLENWOOD, GA
    3:54 am In transit ELLENWOOD, GA
    9/30/2017 – Saturday
    12:27 pm In transit ELLENWOOD, GA
    9/29/2017 – Friday
    11:25 pm In transit GREENSBORO, NC
    10:25 am Departed FedEx location KEASBEY, NJ
    9/28/2017 – Thursday
    5:34 pm Arrived at FedEx location KEASBEY, NJ
    1:13 am Shipment information sent to FedEx

    Do you see the problem here??

    It arrived in Ellenwood, GA on 9/29/17. It then got sent out to someplace else then got BACK TO Ellenwood, GA on 10/3/17!!! I live in Chattanooga, TN which is about 2.5 hours away on a major interstate I-75. It would have been far better to simply leave it at the facility if you wanted me to wait for ordering something on eBay then doing this idiocy! Any comments or thoughts?

    • Devin says:

      Oh this just gets better! I just realized trying to see where my package later today. The stop prior to Ellenwood, GA was Christiana, TN! I looked it up on the map and that is literally about 50 minutes from Chattanooga!!!! They drove on the I24E passing Chattanooga, TN to hit the I75S to go to Ellenwood, GA 3 hours away!!!!! SMDH!

      • Devin says:

        OK update. Because I really wanted to know why this is happening, I called FedEx customer service to find out in what way could this possible happen. This is what they said: Going from New Jersey to Chattanooga, they package items from the facility and put them into “cages”. They pick up other “cages” along the way until they get to a hub. If your “cage” is less then 4 days old, it never gets offloaded or sorted at the hub. The truck then proceeds to other places to get other “cages” of items and comes back to the hub when it gets full again. By that time, your “cage” is about 7-8 days old and it gets offloaded at your local USPS by the 8th or 9th day and ONLY USPS can unlock the cage to be sorted at THEIR facility. It is then routed to your local post office where it then will be sent on your local route carrier to be delivered. God, couldn’t they simply have said this before instead of ticking people off wondering why this keeps happening??? Essentially, USPS is using FedEx as a cheaper national infrastructure to deliver low cost shipping items like “free shipping” eBay purchases and does this to lower costs but adds more time by continually picking up items by the same truck and only offloads when it is within the 7-8 day period to give USPS the 1-2 days it needs to deliver it.

  72. Kristy Axelrod says:

    I loathe smartpost! I very seldom buy from companies that use it. Here’s one of my current deliveries I’m waiting on. I live in Needles, CA (between Ganado AZ and Newberry Springs CA.) My package literally went right past my house! The package will end up in Phoenix AZ before It gets back to me in CA!

    Activity Location
    9/27/2017 – Wednesday
    4:08 pm Shipment information sent to FedEx
    9/28/2017 – Thursday
    12:21 am Arrived at FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST NEW BERLIN, WI
    6:34 am Departed FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST NEW BERLIN, WI
    9/29/2017 – Friday
    12:43 am In transit DAHINDA, IL
    12:48 pm In transit KANSAS CITY, KS
    9/30/2017 – Saturday
    1:03 am In transit CANYON, TX
    12:07 pm In transit GANADO, AZ
    11:09 pm In transit NEWBERRY SPRINGS, CA
    10/01/2017 – Sunday
    11:14 am In transit SAN BERNARDINO, CA
    10/02/2017 – Monday
    11:12 am In transit RIVERSIDE, CA
    9:10 pm Arrived at FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST CHINO, CA
    10/03/2017 – Tuesday
    11:16 pm Departed FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST CHINO, CA
    10/04/2017 – Wednesday
    2:14 am Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service
    4:05 am Arrived at FedEx location BLOOMINGTON, CA

  73. Kristy Axelrod says:

    Here’s another good one. It’s clear they screwed up and shipped it back to Bloomington. When I asked fedex about it they said:

    You may sometimes see movement that appears to be heading away from your destination. This is called Zone-Skipping. Smartpost has fewer hubs. The truck may head in an opposite direction in order to obtain freight that is going to the same destination city. Your shipment was given to FedEx on 9/12. A Smartpost shipment typically takes 2 to 7 business days (Monday through Friday), with a possible 1 to 2 business days for the Post office to deliver the package. This is an economy service, and is our least expensive and slowest delivery option within the U.S, it does not provide a guaranteed date of delivery, but we try to provide our best estimate. Your package was delivered in 10 business days. I am very sorry this delivery took longer than you expected. We regret the inconvenience you experienced as a result of this situation.

    You can decide for yourelf:

  74. Patrick says:

    I notice that you compare FedEx SmartPost with FedEx Ground and Fedex Home Delivery, but you don’t really say much about FedEx SmartPost versus USPS First Class and Priority Mail.

    It’s a little hard to do apples to apples comparisons, since companies usually use only one or the other, but in my experience as a consumer, First Class Mail and Priority Mail are *much* faster, and less expensive, as well. I’m in California, and I order small packages from a company in Minnesota that ships via First Class Mail, and I nearly always receive my package in two days, and the shipping costs between 3 and 4 dollars. There’s a company in Colorado I order from that ships via FedEx SmartPost, and it takes over a week to get here. There’s a company in Texas I order from that uses UPS SurePost, and shipping costs $9.99 for even the tiniest of packages.

    Perhaps FedEx SmartPost and UPS SurePost offer some benefit to businesses, but I certainly don’t see any benefit to the consumer, when compared with USPS First Class Mail and USPS Priority Mail.

  75. Foster says:

    i shipped a package to a area near Los Osos CA, which is in the southern part of the state. But the tracking has it all over the place (its in reverse order) but why go from Nevada and Utah near by to Oregon and Washington just to go south again this has radically delayed the shipment and upset my customer. This item was to be delivered by the 28th now its the 13th that is over 2 week extension.
    Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017 2:43 AM FEDEX SMARTPOST CHINO , CA Departed FedEx location
    Sunday, Oct 8, 2017 9:10 PM FEDEX SMARTPOST CHINO , CA Arrived at FedEx location
    Tuesday, Oct 3, 2017 11:29 AM N/A Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service
    Tuesday, Oct 3, 2017 9:32 AM TACOMA , WA In transit – In transit to U.S. Postal Service
    Thursday, Sep 28, 2017 2:20 PM FEDEX SMARTPOST KENT , WA Departed FedEx location
    Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017 7:17 PM FEDEX SMARTPOST KENT , WA Arrived at FedEx location
    Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017 12:41 PM TROUTDALE , OR Departed FedEx location
    Tuesday, Sep 26, 2017 5:13 PM TROUTDALE , OR Arrived at FedEx location
    Tuesday, Sep 26, 2017 5:40 AM TROUTDALE , OR In transit
    Monday, Sep 25, 2017 5:50 AM TROUTDALE , OR In transit
    Sunday, Sep 24, 2017 12:27 PM TROUTDALE , OR In transit
    Saturday, Sep 23, 2017 8:29 PM LA GRANDE , OR In transit
    Saturday, Sep 23, 2017 8:20 AM WASHINGTON TERRACE , UT In transit
    Friday, Sep 22, 2017 8:08 PM COALVILLE , UT In transit
    Friday, Sep 22, 2017 7:58 AM ELM CREEK , NE In transit
    Thursday, Sep 21, 2017 7:43 PM LANSING , IL In transit
    Thursday, Sep 21, 2017 7:37 AM MIDDLETOWN , PA Left FedEx origin facility
    Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017 6:34 PM MIDDLETOWN , PA Arrived at FedEx location
    Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017 2:10 PM MIDDLETOWN , PA Picked up

  76. Bree says:

    I agree that SmartPost it awful and it doesn’t make sense. My package arrived at the Smartpost facility on October 5th and just sat there till October 10th. Even at the lower cost, it makes no sense for the package to be in my town and not be available for me to pick up or available to move on to the post office so that it can be delivered.

  77. HateSmartPost says:

    I am waiting for something from NY. Yes, it’s going to Houston. I understand the distance. Left on Thursday the 5th and has now been in Dallas for 3 days, sitting. WTF is wrong with the shipping? No package should sit at any location for more than a day at most. I hate SmartPost and will never use it again. The FedEx tracker now says my delivery will 2 days later than originally stated.

    Wednesday 4th 2017
    6:16 pm Shipment information sent to FedEx Niagara Falls NY

    Thursday 5th 2017
    11:28 pm Left FedEx origin facility BUFFALO, NY

    6:40 pm Arrived at FedEx location BUFFALO, NY

    Friday 6th 2017
    11:42 am In transit CINCINNATI, OH

    Saturday 7th 2017
    1:12 pm In transit MALVERN, AR

    12:57 am In transit MEMPHIS, TN

    Sunday 8th 2017
    7:56 pm In transit HUTCHINS, TX

    Monday 9th 2017
    8:52 pm In transit HUTCHINS, TX

    7:57 am In transit HUTCHINS, TX

    Tuesday 10th 2017
    3:50 pm Arrived at FedEx location HUTCHINS, TX

    10:12 am In transit HUTCHINS, TX

    Wednesday 11th 2017
    7:45 am Departed FedEx location HUTCHINS, TX

    Why does it take 3 days to leave one location?????

  78. R.M.R. says:

    I purchased an item from a business 160 miles west/southwest of my home. They offered ‘free’ shipping w/ FedEx ‘smartpost’. I figured it was offered free because I was a first time customer, “4 to 7 days’. Okay, I figured shipping times (days) are usually over-stated. Wrong. The package sat at the seller for 3 days waiting to be picked up, it’s picked up on day 3, gets shipped NORTH 150 miles, sits for 12 hours, is then sent, 250 miles SE to Indianapolis. There, it sits, for 36 HOURS, waiting to be handed off to USPS. Then, it’s picked-up/or transferred? and no further information except it’s ‘supposed’ to arrive in 2 DAYS. IT ONLY HAD 160 MILES TO GET HERE WHEN IT WAS ORDERED – 160 MILES. BY THE TIME IT GETS HERE (IF) IT WILL HAVE TRAVELED AROUND 500 MILES, AND SAT IN THREE LOCATIONS FOR 5 DAYS. It appears ‘free’ means the package is likely thrown in a bin full of non-priority packages where it sits to wait out it’s ‘free but slow’ scanned code. It also seems that IF packages are being sent any way on a faster route any way. WHY EVEN OFFER A FREE SHIP PLAN? HOW ABOUT BE GIVEN THE TRUTH ABOUT A MUCH L O N G E R ARRIVAL TIME IS LIKELY WITH ‘STUPID POST’. OH, AND YES, THE USPS IS MUCH FASTER THAN FED-EX’S FREE CRAP. SORRY, IT IS WHAT IT IS – A WASTE OF TIME.

  79. Jack says:

    I have to disagree with the SmartPost delivery times too… I don’t think I’ve ever had anything shipped SmartPost that took less than 10 days to get to me. I always check to see if a company’s economy shipping is SmartPost, and avoid them like the plague if it is. The only time I get screwed now is when they don’t tell you it’s SmartPost. SmartPost sux!

  80. Don Poole says:

    Terrible service! Yes, we live in Alaska but to compare, our service has been delayed in the past but nothing like with FedEx Smart Post. Only a year ago, I ordered a couple mugs by USPS and got them within 3 days. Now, I ordered one mug 9/27 and “expected delivery” was to be October 4th to 6th. No way! It is now October 16th and not here YET! It was to be MAILED by USPS, not FedEx, and I told the customer service to send by USPS, NOT send by Smart Post. Lousy delivery to Alaska. I will avoid Smart Post whenever I can.

  81. Dr. Duracell says:

    This is the most frustrating service that I have dealt with in a long time. Whatever day of delivery that is given in their tracking is only the scheduled day until the next posting. It chnages daily.

    The delivery time of a small parcel going from Colorado to New York was posted as 7 days, then 13 days, then 8 days. None were accurate and it eventually was delivered on a Saturday when my business was closed so now I have to go to the post office to retrieve it.

    The package sat and spun around for 2 full days near Edison, NJ and then picked up speed and made several post office stops for delivery in a few hours.

  82. Mike says:

    FedEx Smartpost is horrible if you are overseas. I usually receive packages shipped through USPS at my APO in Germany if 5-7 days. Smartpost has a projected 38 day delivery date. Ridiculous. Package has been handed off to the USPS and in transit for 22 days already.

  83. Brian says:

    I ordered something and has been taking forever, decided to check why and found out it has been sitting in transit for 2 days somewhere that’s only 3 hours from my address. Total wait time has been 6 days and I’m still waiting, should have checked prior to ordering that it would be shipping with smartpost.

  84. Yolanda says:

    Wow! Seriously?? I just found out something I ordered is being shipped this exact same way! I hope what I ordered will be here before Christmas!!!

  85. Terry says:

    Fedex Smartpost is the worse! My Order was Shipped 10-19-17 from Groveport, Ohio to my Home in Al. All seemed to be going well until the next day. The Package arrived the next day at Ellenwood Ga. so it seemed to be making good time. It then departed this location and went to Nashville 10-23-17(3 Days from Ga to Tn). From there to Madison Al and seemed set to be Delivered to my Post Office a few miles away. However, on 10-24 it Departed Madison and wound up back in Ellenwood, Ga-where it had came from several days before. The Scheduled Delivery Date-which was originally Wed 10-25 has been changed to 10-31-17– 3 Days after my Great-Nephew’s Party. What a mess! Avoid so-called Smartpost at all cost!

  86. BPeacock says:

    Absolutely despise the smart post shipping. Please just do away with it. Everytime I see I have a package coming in through this I cringe.

  87. Timothy Forseth says:

    Smart Post is as slow as it gets. My most recent package has taken 10 days to get from California to Southern Wisconsin. I hate smart post and in most cases refuse delivery and have it returned to sender.

  88. Jake says:

    Hi you guys,

    I can tell you from first hand experiences that FedEx Smart Post is the worst way to ship or receive a package. Is like “how can I do it worst than sending via post office? Oh ya, lets slow it down even more by using FedEx Smart Post!” I send and receive a lot shipments in a given week. Can you believe that I can get a package from NY to CA in 3 days via regular USPS first class, while it takes 6 business days to get a package from a town in Orange County California to a town in Los Angeles county California (distance 34 miles)?!

  89. Kay says:

    Smartpost is so slow. I didnt know what it was until now.
    Regular USPS mail would have got my item here in half the time. I ordered a few boxes of tea on Oct 18 according to the seller’s tracking info on Amazon. It’s November 2 and still not here. Completely awful. I have Prime and there are plenty of 2 day shipment sellers. I plan on avoiding anyone who uses this for shipping.It’s awful. A phone case I ordered,that came China,at the same time got here already.

  90. RIck says:

    I’m at a large state university. We have two addresses: if we’re ordering something and having it shipped FedEx or UPS, we use our street address and room number. If something is coming USPS, we use a Mail Stop number (and different ZIP code). The problem is that we often down’t know how something will be shipped when we order it. So, we kind of have to make up a hybrid address that contains both mail station number and street address. Some places don’t like that and arbitrarily rewrite our address. When things come USPS they first go to a huge central USPS station where it’s sorted, then eventually delivered to our building.

    Personally, I hate it whenever FedEx or UPS gets the USPS involved. It means we may get our stuff 2 or more days later, and if the address has been sufficiently artificially munged up, maybe never.

    If given the choice, I’d rather pay a few bucks more and leave USPS out of the process.

  91. Paul says:

    19 days from acceptance in Florida to estimated delivery in Honolulu – pretty poor service by any measure. Must be space available.

  92. Gigi says:

    I never heard of Smart(slow)Post until I ordered from Boston Proper (BP)and DSW shoes. I ordered on 19 Sep from BP and DSW 30 Sep. Neither have arrived at my APO as of 7 Nov 17. I will never ever order from a retailer that uses slow post. I suppose my order is being delivered by a paddle boat. My Amazon shipments takes less than 10 days to arrive. This is horrible service.

  93. Utah says:

    Yup. VERY slow. My example: Ordered Sunday, delivered to warehouse in Texas Monday. Shipping out on Tuesday. Arrived in L.A. California on Wed. Thursday moved about 20 miles to SmartPost warehouse. Sunday night–not received yet, so claim of extra 1.5 days is bogus. Tracking shows it still sitting in same warehouse, though it may not be up to date. On another note, the delivery address us only 1.5 hours from both of the warehouses in the LA area. I could have driven down and picked it up on Wed. if they let me. Should not take 5 days to get it here.

  94. Suzi says:

    This article is absolute fiction! I have had the misfortune of having 3 items delivered by smartpost recently and all have taken 10-14 days for delivery whether my items were coming from across the country in Kentucky or as close as So Cal about 300 miles from me. It’s to the point that I will not but again from a vendor that utilizes it. It’s just that bad.

  95. Phillip says:

    Fedex smart posts definitely is slow and the worst delivery service I have ever dealt with. My package has been sitting in Concord, NC for 7 days with no movement. I have a customer that has been waiting for its contents for a month and I will probably end up stuck with the contents if and when it arrives due to them going to another company… WORST EVER……

  96. jACK says:

    I live in New York, my shipment is coming from New Jersey, one state away. It went to MA, then to CT and is still not in New York. I could have walked to New Jersey and picked it up faster than Smartpost handled it. I would sooner pay extra for USPS than this ridiculous service.

  97. Ted says:

    The last time I used smartpost (only because I wasn’t given another choice), the package ended up in Indianapolis (literally 1.5 hours away from me). Then, they sent it to Kentucky. After a couple of days, it went to Ohio. It sat there for at least 2 days, then ended up back in Indiana and I received it 2 days after that. Right now, I have a smartpost package in Indianapolis, and the estimated arrival date is 7 DAYS FROM TODAY. How does this save any shipper money? It’s the most idiotic shipping method I’ve ever seen.

  98. Jon says:

    I used a return label which was my real mistake and dropped off at USPS on 10/28/17 it then made to Philadelphia in 2 days but I’m only 50 miles away, it was then picked up by Fedex on 11/2/17 according to tracking and now it’s 11/22/17 that’s 20 days since Fedex took possession on 11/2/17 and there has not been anymore tracking info since then. I had no idea USPS was going to hand the package over to Fedex and thought I would be able to track every step of the way. The parcel was going from PA to MN. The value of the item was $55 and guess I’m not going to get my refund if it was lost or stolen.

  99. Paul says:

    I too cringe whenever I see that Smartpost is the shipping service for something that I have ordered. I just read that using Smartpost adds 1.5 days to the time compared to Fedex Ground. I currently have a package that was shipped on 11/23 from Ohio which is scheduled to be delivered on 12/04. 11 days? Really? Most any ground service can deliver in 4-5 days. Even UPS Surepost only adds about 1 day to any shipment. Smartpost is a waste of time and money.

  100. US Veteran says:

    Ordered something off gruntstyle.com on 11/5/17. Shipped via fedex smartpost on 11/21/17. Very happy it said delivery would be on friday 11/24/17. Thought fast. But check status on sunday after going to my PO Box on saturday night at 8pm. Nothing in mailbox. Status was changed on fedex site saying it will be delivered tuesday 11/28/17. The original estimated delivery date was changed and no longer shows up. Wish they would leave the old status and just add an exception line. Saying delivery date was changed. Still a week shipping time, which is fine. My complaint is status changes and gets deleted. I do not recommend fedex smartpost. USPS would cost the same to ship the 2 tshirts I ordered.

  101. Bryan Roma says:

    Fedex Smartpost is one of the slowest methods of delivery. I will now go out of my way to choose any other method including USPS. The package has been in New Berlin for two days and hasn’t gotten to USPS yet.

  102. Katelyn says:

    I completely disagree with you that it only adds an extra 1.5 days. That has never been my experience, it’s always significantly longer for no apparent reason. I have a package that arrived in Orlando yesterday (Thursday) and won’t be delivered until Monday. I live 1.5 hours from Orlando. How do you explain that. And it’d be one thing if it was FREE shipping but I was stuck paying $5.99 for economy as my other option was more than double that cost. Never would have chosen that option if they specifically said it was Smartpost. This is not my first issue with Smartpost but is one of the most frustrating given the cost.

  103. Aerin says:

    I live in Hawaii and fedex smart post is AWFUL!!! Firstly shipping to and from Hawaii is very economical through USPS. It is also very reliable and fast. UPS is rediculosly expensive here so I never use it and the shipments that I receive through fed ex smart post take a minimum of 3 weeks to reach us sometimes up to 6 IF they don’t get lost in transit. I have never lost packages through USPS but have gotten multiple shipments lost through SmartPost.

  104. pissedoff says:

    My package left Los Angeles on 11/22, headed for NC. It is now 12/5, the estimated delivery date of 12/4 has passed, and I have not received my package, in fact the current estimated delivery date is “?”. I do know however that it’s been nearly 2 weeks, and the package sat in GA for 3 days, and now it’s been in NC for 3 days and I still don’t have it. Smartpost is garbage, plain and simple. Avoid at all costs.

  105. gary says:

    Shipper promised delivery 12-1 ordered on 11-27. I did not check how it was being shipped as it was free and guaranteed by 12-1. 12-1 came and went without any tracking available. After contacting the seller tracking was furnished on 12-7. It still was not in the hands of usps yet. It was 4 days in California, then two in Arizona, two in Texas, 1 in Ms and now 4 days across GA. Still not handed off to usps. Surepost is the worst possible shipping. Do not order from a company that offers that with no options

  106. Nika C says:

    This is my first experience with SmartPost. I had something sent to me on the 4th, I believe from Colorado. Anyway, it arrived in Hagerstown MD on the 8th. My estimated delivery date is the 15th. I live an hour and a half from Hagerstown. I really don’t understand! If SmartPost is supposed to utilize USPS for final delivery, what is taking so long for my package to get to a post office?! If a person sent me something through USPS from Hagerstown on Friday, I’m almost positive I’d have it by Monday.

  107. Mike says:

    I ordered an item on Amazon November 27 @ 2pm, I was told I get it 12/6, NO MOVEMENT since 12/5 @ 6 am, I went down to FedEx office here in San Jose CA, They don’t know where my package is? USPS office doesn’t know anything about it? WTF!! THE WORST!!

    Shipped with FedEx
    Tracking ID 788644499640
    Tuesday, December 5
    6:10 AM
    Package transferred to USPS for final delivery
    San Jose, CA US
    3:03 AM
    Package arrived at a carrier facility
    San Jose, CA US
    Monday, December 4
    10:59 AM
    Package has left the carrier facility
    Tracy, CA US
    1:24 AM
    Package arrived at a carrier facility
    Tracy, CA US
    Wednesday, November 29
    10:51 AM
    Package has left the carrier facility
    Hagerstown, MD US
    8:55 AM
    Package arrived at a carrier facility
    Hagerstown, MD US
    4:53 AM
    Package has left the carrier facility
    Bridgeport, PA US
    Tuesday, November 28
    6:04 PM
    Package arrived at a carrier facility
    Bridgeport, PA US
    Package has left seller facility and is in transit to carrier

  108. Britt says:

    Kohls apparently uses smartpost to save money and screw over customers. Shipped on November 24 it is now dec 11th and we have zero package and was supposed to be here dec 7. It now seems usps lost this big all basketball hoop. Never again will I shop at kohls. And kohls tried to tell me FedEx changed it.

  109. JXEsq. says:

    FedEx Smart Post (and UPS Sure Post) is terrible for shipping to APO/FPO/DPO (overseas military addresses). Shipping times can easily increase by several weeks or even a couple of months over USPS shipping. The reason why is that it uses the cheapest possible option once it gets turned over to the USPS. That means that it’s going by boat.

  110. Tom says:

    How’s this for a measure of incompetence? Fourteen days from Lenexa, Kansas to Coos Bay, Oregon. In 1860, the first Pony Express riders took only 10 days to deliver mail from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, Ca.



    12/12/2017 – Tuesday
    6:18 am
    At U.S. Postal Service facility


    Accepted by U.S. Postal Service – Tracking ID 9261290100141423562921

    12/11/2017 – Monday
    2:42 am
    In transit


    In transit to local Post Office – Allow two to three additional days for delivery

    12/09/2017 – Saturday
    11:24 am
    In transit


    In transit to local Post Office – Allow two to three additional days for delivery
    11:22 am
    In transit


    In transit to local Post Office – Allow two to three additional days for delivery

    12/08/2017 – Friday
    10:52 pm
    In transit


    In transit to local Post Office – Allow two to three additional days for delivery
    10:49 pm
    In transit


    In transit to local Post Office – Allow two to three additional days for delivery
    5:28 am
    In transit


    In transit to local Post Office – Allow two to three additional days for delivery

    12/07/2017 – Thursday
    10:47 pm
    In transit


    In transit to local Post Office – Allow two to three additional days for delivery
    10:46 pm
    In transit


    In transit to local Post Office – Allow two to three additional days for delivery
    10:43 pm
    In transit


    In transit to local Post Office – Allow two to three additional days for delivery
    3:12 pm
    In transit


    In transit to local Post Office – Allow two to three additional days for delivery
    3:09 pm
    In transit


    In transit to local Post Office – Allow two to three additional days for delivery

    12/06/2017 – Wednesday
    11:45 pm
    In transit


    In transit to local Post Office – Allow two to three additional days for delivery
    6:06 pm
    In transit


    In transit to local Post Office – Allow two to three additional days for delivery
    4:44 am
    In transit


    In transit to U.S. Postal Service
    3:34 am
    Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service

    12:55 am
    Departed FedEx location


    12/05/2017 – Tuesday
    2:15 am
    Arrived at FedEx location


    12/04/2017 – Monday
    6:38 am
    Departed FedEx location


    12/02/2017 – Saturday
    2:17 am
    Arrived at FedEx location


    11/30/2017 – Thursday
    8:35 pm
    In transit


    8:15 am
    Departed FedEx location


    11/29/2017 – Wednesday
    7:32 pm
    Arrived at FedEx location


    11:18 am
    Shipment information sent to FedEx

  111. TRACY says:

    It’s too slow and I keep falling for it when most vendors (not Zappos) use it promoting Free Shipping when the should disclose slow shipping. The giveaway is business days–but both services deliver Saturdays . So if you made your purchase on Wednesday and they don’t make a label until Friday but don’t start the shipping point until Monday, business day count starts on TUESDAY. A full week after your purchase. You will wait 2 to 5 more days for delivery. A catastrophe if you must leave your residence a couple days before Christmas AND it’s food!

  112. Jim says:

    Purchased an item that shipeed from FL and was going to Chicago. I knew it would take longer when I saw it was going smartpost. It was in Chicago on Wednesday, then it went to Milwaukee. It is not going to be delivered until Monday. Smartpost sucks! I’m done with Fedex.

  113. Robert Law says:

    Anything to do with the postal service is epic failure. I try really hard to make sure my packages never get into their hands. Right now I have a package lost in lala land. The postal service does not give enough scanned package updates to keep up with a package. FedEx can’t even find my package right now. I hope the post office goes under and we will just have FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

  114. mendy says:

    These services take at LEAST 21 days to get to Hawaii. It will track on the UPS/fedex site until it gets to California and then it will only tell you that it was transferred to USPS. After that it is radio silence until it gets here. It is 12/18/17 and I am still waiting on something that was shipped 11/27. the last tracking info available was 12/5. I, like many people I know, am going to refuse to shop anywhere that uses UPS surepost or Fedex Smartpost. Too unreliable.

  115. HuhBruh says:

    Do not use FedEx SmartPost, there is nothing smart about it. Absolutely garbage! My package has been sitting at one location for 7 days and I was hoping to have for Christmas.

  116. julie says:

    I wish I read this before I use the SmartPost from Fedex. I made purchase from online retail site and they use Smart Post which is not anywhere cheaper than the flat rate box from postoffice. The package was ship out on the 12th and I did not see any progress until 15th which still at the local facility. Then, NOTHING. so I requested the update thru email on the 21st, so they post the package was at JACKSONVILLE, FL on the 22nd.
    And next thing i know the package is at ATLANTA, GA!!!! NOW, keep in my I am located at TAMPA, FL
    So, basically the package was in FL and its move AWAY from me to GA now….
    I called the customer service in Fedex and they told me, they cant do anything for me because the package is out of their hand and in the USPS office, but at the same time they can’t provided me any valid tracking for tracking my package thru USPS website. So, I ask to talk to other department and turn out the customer service rep. have no idea what he is talking about. The package is still with Fedex, but they cant help me with any of my question because the SMARTPOST DEPT. is working same hours as UPSP which means I will not received nor know why my package is flowing around until after holiday. And I guess my daughter will not received her main XMAS GIFT onetime this year.

  117. vicky maclean says:

    one of the big problems these days is that if you order on line you don’t know how it will be shipped. for people in a rural area they often do not get mail at their residence, but have a P.O. box in town. when some business says they ship Fed-Ex or UPS you give them your home address. then they switch to USPS and don’t even know how to get it delivered because USPS won’t deliver if you don’t have a mail box at the end of your driveway at the address you put on your order. I have chased packages around for days on end.

  118. Bill Smith says:

    Fedex smartpost is for suckers. Yeah, it is the worst one. It is almost 10 days, Still my parcel is in transit

  119. Fred Halstead says:

    If you follow the tracking info on most complaints of smart post being slow you will notice that 99% of the delays are caused by FedEx not the USPS.

  120. J pettway says:

    They said my package was mailed out on the 4th of January and would be delivered 1-8-2018 ,then they said 1-9-2018 by the end of the day, well the 9th has come and gone and I don’t know where my dress is to wear to my best friend of 46 years birthday party. I am totally disgusted looking for this dress each day hoping it makes it here by Saturday. A red and white affair, where is my red dress.

  121. Dwight says:

    Order shipped on the 5th from Arizona , arrived at Fort Stockton Tx on the 6th, then Buda Tx on the 8th now it’s in Hutchins Tx which is about 3 hrs north of Buda. Left facility today. Delivery date is the 17th of January. Fed Ex does not know where the package is going from Hutchins Tx. Was told Fedex smartpost could take a month for delivery , but there website says 2-7 days. Beware of smartpost shipping if you need your product in a timely manner.

  122. Paul says:

    USPS is not an epic failure. I find priority mail to be a great option in most instances. However the dual private to USPS handoffs I find to be invariably slow. It’s not the fault of the private side (DHL or FedEx) but the fact that when it gets to USPS they use the slowest service possible. Why this option is used when Priority Mail is available is a mystery.

  123. Eric says:

    Something they don’t tell you is when your package get to the facility for the hand off. It will go into a bin/contain (which is what gets transferred to USPS), what they don’t mention is that container has to get filled up before they truck it over to USPS. That means depending shipping traffic that could take up to 15 days of just sitting in a container. I found out the hard way, as I waited almost 2 weeks for a package the last time I used this service. When I complained and the rep did a trace that what they found, my package sat at the facility waiting for container to fill. They told me sometimes it can be awhile before they do the transfer.

  124. William Bradshaw says:

    FedEx Smartpost is absolute garbage, package was picked up on 01/12 with a delivery date of 01/22 on 01/18 FedEx sent me an updated email stating my delivery date has be updated and will be delivered by the end of the day Friday 01/19 so on 01/19 I get another updated email from FedEx stating my delivery date has been changed to the end of the day Monday 01/22, well today is 01/22 @ 6:05pm and no package. I wish I would have read the reviews prior to my purchase.

  125. Loni says:

    I can’t believe that an item can get across the country in 4 days only to take 5 more days to go 125 miles!
    From Troutdale Oregon to Kent Washington is 166 miles north, only to come back to Oregon to be delivered in Springfield Oregon, 125 miles south from Troutdale Oregon!
    Plus I paid $9.99 Shipping charge to the seller!!!!
    I’m done with Amazon!
    I think they are penalizing the customers that don’t join AmazonPrime!
    Travel History
    1/22/2018 – Monday
    3:58 pm
    Arrived at FedEx location
    1/20/2018 – Saturday
    4:05 am
    Departed FedEx location
    1/19/2018 – Friday
    4:27 pm
    Arrived at FedEx location
    1/18/2018 – Thursday
    11:16 pm
    In transit
    10:15 am
    In transit
    1/17/2018 – Wednesday
    11:05 pm
    In transit
    11:26 am
    Departed FedEx location
    4:11 am
    Arrived at FedEx location
    1/16/2018 – Tuesday
    8:19 pm
    Left FedEx origin facility
    6:17 pm
    Arrived at FedEx location
    1:30 pm
    Shipment information sent to FedEx
    1/12/2018 – Friday
    Placed my order with Amazon

  126. Steve Wilson says:

    To everyone complaining grow up and shut up. The reason SmartPost was created is it costs the seller about a dollar less to ship the package compared to the normal way. If you have a business that ships thousands of packages this is a HUGE savings.

  127. Mr. E says:

    Do I win the stupid slow post award?

    I regularly order from Woot.com ships from their Carrolton, TX warehouse to Austin, TX. roughly 4 hour drive. takes 4 days because they send it to Houston to give to the post office(and yes it should still arrive next day with that routing but it takes days to get to Houston)

    so Checking argument fallacies above
    more expensive, all items would fit in cheap priority fixed priced pouches or boxes. Items would then arrive the next day due to short distance and USPS efficiencies. so double lose for arguments above.

  128. Gavin Walters says:

    This explanation was very helpful. I enjoy ordering items from places that I am able to physically walk in or know they have a good BBB rating. Unfortunately, I decided to venture out my comfort zone and ordered from Gearbest. Even though I did some research, I attempt to go with my gut because the price looked good. I placed an order on 1/16/2018 and today (1/23/2018) they finally sent it out to FedEx. I realized now that it was sitting at their location until the bin was full. Now, I see that my package will arrive on Feb. 2. Even though I saw the warnings, I still took a chance because of the price. I can patiently wait, but explaining why an item will take long is good customer service. Once again, great explanation because I didn’t see anywhere else online that explain what this shipping option meant.

  129. Ron Brown says:

    Smartpost is anything but. An order went from Albany, NY to my home in San Diego. The package made its way across the country in about 3 days and then stopped in City of Industry, CA for three days (the first day being Monday) and NOT a holiday before it was sent onto the USPS. USPS had it to me the next day. FedEx claims it was “delayed.” Can’t stand Smartpost or FedEx ground for that matter. FedEx seems to sit on a package and waits until the “due date” before delivering it. I try to use the USPS Priority Mail but many companies do not offer this option.

  130. Tim says:

    I don’t mind the extra time for delivery but most of the time, the delivery date comes and no package arrives. When I go back online to track, it is changed. When I call Fedex they basically call me a liar and say it was never changed. I am waiting on a package now that was originally assigned a delivery date of Saturday. It was changed to Monday, now it has been changed again to Tuesday. As long as Fedex has been in business, you would think they could give a solid delivery date! Don’t use this service if you want to make plans to be there when your package arrives. You’ll have to take half a week off!

  131. Roy L says:

    SmartPost is a pony express relay mail service.

  132. Angie says:

    SmartPost is garbage and any retailer who uses it is destined to end up with bad reviews themselves. I ordered a dress from Talbots on Feb 12th. It shipped Feb 12 and it wont get here until Feb 20th. Thats just ridiculous. Never ordering from Talbots again.

  133. Roger says:

    This article is misleading and inaccurate with its 4 day shipping time quote. It’s VERY common if not just plain accurate for SmartPost to be 5 to 9 days. In fact, eBay quotes it around that range every time with its shipping calculator and RARELY quotes it under 4 days.

  134. Judy says:

    Smart post is a joke. It routinely takes over 30 days to get anywhere from lower 48 To Alaska. It takes USPS about 7 to 10 days to get to Juneau. Smart post takes well over one month.

  135. SCOTT KELLY says:

    This service sucks! Someone explain why it sat for 4 days in a location that is 2 1/2 hours from the final destination and now its literaly an hour from me in northbourough MA yet it says 2 days for final delivery. I won’t buy from amazon again anytime soon unless i have the option of choosing my shipment method


    Online FedEx Tracking

    This tracking update has been requested by:
    Name: Anonymous
    E-mail: noreply@fedex.com
    Tracking #

    Ship date
    Delivery progress bar
    In transit
    Scheduled delivery

    Shipment Facts

    Tracking number
    Invoice number Loot Hive
    Ship date 2/12/2018
    Scheduled delivery 2/22/2018
    Service type FedEx SmartPost

    Tracking results as of Feb 20, 2018 1:38p GMT
    Date/Time Activity/Location
    2/20/2018 5:06 am Departed FedEx location
    2/20/2018 4:59 am Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service
    2/19/2018 9:01 am Arrived at FedEx location
    2/15/2018 12:39 pm Arrived at FedEx location
    2/15/2018 1:51 am In transit
    2/14/2018 7:54 am In transit
    2/13/2018 6:58 pm In transit
    2/13/2018 5:54 am Departed FedEx location
    2/12/2018 10:41 pm Arrived at FedEx location
    2/12/2018 9:15 pm Left FedEx origin facility
    2/12/2018 6:32 pm Arrived at FedEx location
    2/12/2018 2:51 pm Picked up
    2/12/2018 7:58 am Shipment information sent to FedEx


    To track the latest status of your shipment, click on the tracking number above.

    This tracking update has been sent to you by FedEx on behalf of the Requestor noreply@fedex.com. FedEx does not validate the authenticity of the requestor and does not validate, guarantee or warrant the authenticity of the request, the requestor’s message, or the accuracy of this tracking update.

    Thank you for your business.

    © 2018 FedEx. The content of this message is protected by copyright and trademark laws under U.S. and international law. Review our privacy policy. All rights reserved.

  136. Korey Copeland says:

    I too am upset with how slow smart post is. You would think that if FedEx is using their regular system (ground or whatever) it should be fairly quick to go from one facility to the next. It took a week to travel within Texas (from Edinburg to Cypress). The it took a day to make it from Cypress, TX to Stanton, TN. Then it took a day to make it from TN to OH. and another day to make it from Grove City, Ohio to Grove City, Ohio…

  137. Regina says:

    I ordered an item from Amazon, not knowing it was coming thru Fedex Smartpost. The item was picked up 2/21/18 and is expected to deliver 2/27/18 from the next city over! I could have driven over there to pick it up myself in 15 mins!! I get items coming from the other side of the state (CA) in 2-3 days thru straight USPS. This combined method is super slow as I’ve watched my package actually move further away from me than it was when it was first picked up.

  138. mike q says:

    Made two orders the same day one from WI the other from NJ.
    The other from NJ got here in 4 days and still waiting for the one from WI
    Both came fedex except the one from WI is coming smartest and I am still waiting.
    I could drive there and get it my self faster.
    What a joke..

  139. Jayme says:

    Smartpost takes on average 11 days to arrive from almost anywhere in the US. It’s a huge joke. Typically it takes 2-3 days to arrive to Colorado from where it comes from, NY, CA, or OR and then 8 days to make it the rest of the way. Typically it jaunts around the state making 6 or 7 stops all throughout the Denver area before finally being handed off to USPS for delivery.

  140. Diane says:

    Been waiting on a package shipped out February 24,2018. Still haven’t arrived. This is the longest I’ve waited. In the future I plan to ask how it’s being ship.. Disappointed.

  141. Jakiara Crawford says:

    I ordered from Elf on the 23rd. Elf ships with Smartpost. I’ve been waiting for a while. It’s 40 minutes away from me now and I Still have to wait a day.

  142. waiting and waiting and waiting says:

    My package traveled from St. Louis to Sacramento in just 3 days via FedEx. It has now sat at USPS Sac for three days and the delivery estimate has me waiting another 3 days. Six days to travel 200 miles! Funny, it actually passed right by me on the interstate as it traveled from Wendover, UT to Sac. Now it needs to turn around and return to Reno for distribution. Slow doesn’t even begin to describe this level of inefficiency.

  143. Kendra says:

    FedEx SmartPost is a HUGE joke. I ordered an item that shipped 2 hours away from me. It’s supposedly going to take 7 days for me to receive. I could drive and pick it up faster than they’re getting it to me. The item left the FedEx facility on Friday. Here it is Tuesday with no updated scan. If anyone uses SmartPost, I will not spend my money with them.

  144. Ron L. says:

    Horrible service! Instead of completing the delivery, they send back to the shipper or leave it at the end of our private road (1/2 mile from the house). Whenever possible, I’d rather use UPS.

  145. Joanne Gillespie says:

    Horrible i have a package from toys r us shipped from Texas on 3-7 going to Winter Haven Florida. It was in Ocala Florida on 3-9. From there went to S.C. and Ohio. On 3-14 it was back in Ocala. Today it is in Orlando and woohoo i have 4 days left to go before it’s delivered. Pathetic and unacceptable. Customer service told me it’s! UPS fault but not to call them they only talk to the shipper. Maybe this will arrive before toys r us is closed for good and maybe not 😔

  146. Regina says:

    Dislike this service. I receive many packages from all carriers and this is the slowest. I have been ordering weekly for more than a month from a business that ships from Stafford TX. I am near Tulsa OK. These packages bounce around Texas for a couple days then bounce around Kansas for a couple days before they reach me. Takes a week or longer. The current package I am waiting on was actually in Oklahoma yesterday, only about and hour and a half away, but went on to Kansas instead. Crazy! USPS is faster than that!

  147. Cynthia Weaver says:

    My package began in Midland, GA on 3/14 – I live in Middle TN. The transit time estimates it to arrive on 3/22. I live 315 miles away and it will take 8 days (minus Sunday, make it 7) to reach me?!?! That’s not slow that’s – why don’t we just call it Pony Express (although even Pony Express likely wouldn’t have taken THAT long). I have clued in the companies that I buy from that unless they are saving a LOT of money using FEDEX, they should switch to USPS; USPS is reliable and much faster.

  148. Sean says:

    Never using smartpost again ordered something last week from IL scheduled delivery is this coming Tuesday will be 13 days ridiculous.

  149. Jay Morgan says:

    Worst service ever. NJ to Dallas is typically 2 days, 3 days max with a first class stamp. It is now 7 days since shipped, and FedEx’s estimate for deliver is still another 3 days out. 10 DAYS FROM NJ TO DALLAS? They could have attached it to the collar of the first stray dog headed south, and it would have gotten here sooner. It’s also a perishable item, why the H*** did they ship it with these two clowns?

  150. Lee Roller says:

    Oh yes, it’s bad. Very bad. I just found out an order I placed was shipped via Smart Post. It was picked up in Jacksonville, FL on 3/19. They project it to be delivered to my home in Winter Haven, FL…180 miles away…on Saturday, 3/24 before 8PM. It will take this package FIVE DAYS to travel 180 miles. That’s a robust 36 miles a day for you math majors. Four days my Aunt Fanny!

  151. Mike says:

    Shipped Tue 3/20/2018
    Scheduled delivery: New Braunfels, TX
    Fri 3/30/2018 by end of day. Ten days Shipper website claims 2-5 days.
    Smart Post is the worst. If I would have known in advance The seller was using smart post I would have ordered from another seller.

  152. I keep my EBAY customers happy by avoiding FEDX Smartpost! Things get to Ellenwood GA and hider for days. Much faster to just ship USPS Besides, FEDX uses off shore customer service call centers and I avoid companies than don’t HIRE AMERICAN!

    • Steve says:

      So true, Winston. I have a package sitting in Ellenwood since Friday 19, April. They are saying t won’t be delivered to Athens, GA until Fri 27, April. How smart is that???

  153. Kevin C Jones says:

    I ordered a sim card replacement from my carrier through SP on March 13th shipped on the 14th. My package has been sitting for 8 days now in Seattle, a 20 min drive from where I am. I use my phone for business and rely on it working at all times. It’s stupid how much money I’ve lost waiting for this FedEx smart post is pure trash. Customer service is of course trash too and no help at all, asked for a supervisor and was on hold for 30 min then the call disconnected. A bunch of games and run arounds.

    • Lee in Phoenix says:

      I had a similar experience about a “SmartPost” shipment coming to me. I called FedEx. The woman said she would transfer me and disconnected me instead. I called back and got a guy who told me I’d need to call the Post Office. I thought he was nuts, but today I tried putting the number into the USPS tracking page and it turned out to be a going USPS Parcel Select all the way.

  154. Jack says:

    My order for medical supplies went from the local supplier in Melbourne florida to:
    Alachua fl
    Nashville tn
    New York (two stops)
    Melbourne Fedex

    the point of origin in only 8 miles from my house This only took six days

  155. Helen says:

    I didn’t even know my order was being shipped by “smart post”. So far it was picked up 2hrs South of my location in Ohio & sent 2hrs northwest of me into Michigan where it was given to USPS. What is “smart” about this? After reading the comments, I know this is nothing, but seriously?

  156. JC says:

    Smartphone is garbage. It took them 4 hours to make a 30 mile trip and 8 days to ship from Colorado to Louisiana. Possibly 9 days because it normally takes at least a day longer than they project.

  157. Lee in Phoenix says:

    In my case “SmartPost” turned out to be USPS Parcel Select all the way. I’m in Phoenix. Bought an item on ebay from Chicago. 9 days after it was shipped FedEx just said it was in Des Moines. I finally plugged the number into the USPS tracking site and it came up and showed the PRODUCT as “Parcel Select” with no indication of an arrival date. I figure another week or two.

  158. Bob says:

    This is such a lie. My package has been sitting at the location for 4 days, no it’s been 31 hours on a truck to drive 2.7 miles. I offered to pick the package up friday. The scheduled delivery was for Monday, now it’s tuesday, and according to tracking information it’s still “in transit” 2.7 miles to the post office. I could have walked that 10 times in less time. This service is horrible, there’s no defending them. This article is just lip service.

  159. Robert Sorrells says:

    The delivery date has come and gone says in transit troutman n.c. my first experience with smart post I’ll not buy again frm a seller during this. .. why would you use Fed ex so they can mail it USPS why wouldn’t you just use usps.. doesn’t sound smart to me. And I don’t have my package and may not get it.. pretty smart.

  160. Lori says:

    I ordered my product March 29th. It shipped on the 3rd of April from Nevada and is sitting an hour and a half from where I live in Colorado as of today but says it won’t be delivered until next Wednesday. Five days to go about 85 miles or so. I am disabled and could still walk there and back quicker.

  161. Erika Young says:

    Worst Service ever. These people should be fired. Lie and said they delivered my package on my front door on April 7,2018 a Saturday. I was home all day on Saturday. A complete lie!!! Went to the humble postal Service. It shows my package was delivered. I never received my package. I have never experienced such unprofessional service in my life concerning This fed ex mess. I have never heard of Smart Post. Should be renewed Dumb Crooked Post. I will file a lawsuit and Complaint. Telling me to get a refund. The other parties did their delivery right. Smart post in Houston/Humble are some lazy non working crooks. They are stealing our products what we pay for. I am disabled.

  162. gretchen says:

    I buy my shipping supplies on ebay (padded mailers) and the most annoying part is the fact the seller will NOT disclose the fact that they are using Fed-Ex Smart (Slow) Post. Yes, there is an estimated delivery time but the range is often 10 days, so there is still no way of knowing. A package from CA to Oregon takes 10 days….Ridiculous! and I see it bounce back and forth form city to city, or sometimes just sit.

  163. Christine Murphy says:

    Fedex Smartpost is a joke. UPS SurePost is at least somewhat better. I live in Manchester, NH. I used to love to order from King Arthur Flour up in Vermont, when they used UPS – I’d have my stuff in no ore than three days. Now it drags on FOREVER. The package now gets sent to the Fedex Smartpost facility in Northborough, MA, where is sits for DAYS. Makes no sense because it would be quicker to use USPS and have it sent directly here, rather than it having to go south and then come back up mort to me. Then, when someone finally dispatches it out of the Fedex Smartpost place, they must strap it to the back of a turtle to get it up to NH, because it takes forever to get to the post office here. Once the Manchester USPS has it, they deliver it in a timely manner, it’s just Fedex Smartpost that delays things. I am boycotting all companies that use this from now on.

  164. Maria says:

    I don’t know what paid shill post for Fedex but United States Post Office first class mail is faster then Fedex smartpost. This is by experience. I may had had a bad experience at one time with USPS but rare. Fedex a little too much.

  165. Steve says:

    Never again, Unsmart Post! eBay seller stated he was shipping with Fedex, but didn’t mention that he would be using SmartPost. My package has been sitting in Atlanta for the past 7 days (an hour away from my address) There is NO excuse for using this terrible service. It should be avoided at all cost. I will be checking with any online retailers in the future and will NOT be fooled again into using UNSMART POST

  166. Lulu says:

    I really dislike FedEx Smartpost. Yet so many online venders are choosing this service. I am waiting on a package that took 12 hours to travel 20 miles. Then the package sat there for an entire day which was only 30 minutes away from my house. The package was supposed to be delivered today but they weren’t able to transfer the package to the USPS on time. So now… It is saying that the package won’t be here until Saturday and it is currently being transferred to another facility. Fedex Smartpost is terrible.

  167. Philip says:

    Absolutely a terrible service. I will never use it again. I worked in warehouses that did shipping. We would presort packages by zip code. The USPS sorts things by zip code. I don’t think they are doing this because it significantly speeds up delivery time. My package that I’m tracking right now is making a tour of the United States. There is no excuse for this.

  168. Karleen Behrend Cotter says:

    Repeatedly, retail stores use FedEx SmartPost. The Service has been frustrating—and slooooow! I get that this is a hybrid service—however, all the performance metrics in the world can’ t justify a dissatisfied customer.
    Maybe someone needs to revamp this hybrid process!

  169. gene frazier says:

    Whole lot of impatient millennial crybabies here. Get over yourselves. You should expect slow shipping when its free. You get what you pay for, so pay!

    • Peggy Cullen says:

      I would pay if the offered alternate shipping services. Many vendors who use hybrid shipping only offer the hybrid services – no choice.

    • Fabian says:

      when I sell on ebay I always do free shipping and I only ship first class or priority mail and my customers are always happy when their packages arrive on time, I used dumbpost once and I ended up losing money because ebay and paypal sided with the buyer when he didn’t get his package and yes I did show ebay and pp that it was fedex dumbpost at fault but they didn’t care, never again will i take a hit because of a shipping method that $600 hit because of dumbpost was the first and the last.

    • Dax says:

      I can complain if I want I paid 14.99 for 2day shipping not 10 days and counting

  170. Randy Roszell says:

    Going through same as you all. Only thing Smart about Fedex SmartPost are the one liners here very entertaining and very true Fedex and the USPS would be SMART to listen and make the appropriate steps to fix these problems pronto! GIDDY-UP GUYS ACT NOW!

  171. Randy Roszell says:

    And I’m not a Millennial crybaby When I spend $1500.00 for something and they agree to free shipping I expect it to be shipped in a timely manner Gene Frazier

  172. Beth Davis says:

    I agree, too slow. If the company i order from won’t ship UPS, than i will find a company that will. I have never had a good experience with slowpost.

  173. WilC says:

    Perception is often reality, and “smart-post” is anything but smart.
    Eight days to go what would be 945 miles by road…snails pace.
    It’s as if they purposely slow the shipping to make their faster products look better.
    I could bike that distance much faster.
    Bad PR Fedex.

  174. Jared says:

    A package that is roughly 800 miles away, Virginia to Tennessee,is going to take approximately 9 days to get to me. As a consumer/buyer, Smartpost is pure garbage and I would rather pay for better shipping than get “free” shipping that is this slow.

  175. Michael says:

    E commerce companies should avoid this “service”. There is no home delivery for many addresses by USPS. When I pay for “home delivery” I don’t expect to have to drive to my closest post office (30 minutes) to pick up a package during their open hours (while I am working!). Other parcel delivery companies have no trouble getting packages to my front door. Fed Ex should stop this partnership with USPS for Catagory “P” Zip codes that do not have home delivery.

  176. Peggy Cullen says:

    Smartpost? DUMB! Shipped from Sleepgram in CA on 5/10/2018. Made 3 stops before making it out of Ca. Then stops in NM, MO, OH, before making it to East Brunswick NJ – 6 MILES from destination on 5/18/2018. BUT, pkg then traveled to Keasby NJ-15 MILES NORTH OF DESTINATION. And I’m informed that instead pod being delivered on Fri 5/18, it won’t be delivered until Monday 5/21. 11 days en route! These will be the most traveled pillows – EVER. Pony Express probably would have been faster and more efficient!! Service like this might kill e- commerce and force a return to brick and mortar.

  177. Al M says:

    So many whiners about SmartPost. I sell on eBay. If shipping across the country, SmartPost takes a few days longer. All packages go from FedEx to a FedEx hub, in my case it’s from Orange County, to Ontario, CA. The shipments are then collected to move on a long haul (sometimes it takes less, sometimes more). They arrive across the country and then take from another FedEx hub to USPS. Bottom line… I offer Smartpost and Retail ground for FedEx and USPS. They are both self-calculated and the customer can choose. The prices differences are sometimes $15 for a medium-size box. The customer 90% of the times chooses SmartPost. If they complain, I let them know that they chose the cheapest shipping and they usually say Thank You. What is the big deal!? Shipping is expensive in my eyes, for small companies. If you have a huge company you can save based on discounts you get at the end of the month.

    • Fabian says:

      please let me know your ebay username so I can block you as a seller, I want no part of fedex dumbpost sellers on fleabay, I hate waiting a week for a part that could be sent usps first class mail and have it in 3 days ( reference I’m talking from cali to Ok first class 2 to 3 days, dumbpost minimum 1 week with 1.5 weeks being the norm recently on ebay purchases

    • Cee says:

      Al M, I purchased something on eBay (weighing just a couple of ounces!) and my seller said it would be shipped via USPS, which to me in Hawaii, would have taken 3-5 days from NY to HI. I paid for USPS, but unfortunately, my seller ended up selling my package via SmartPost. I have been waiting for my package for 21 days now. I checked on the status today. USPS does not know where it is, neither does FedEx. No updates on the tracking in 14 days. Keep in mind, I PAID for USPS 3-5 days, max. So yes, I’m allowed to whine about SmartPost, especially when my eBay seller ‘effed this up completely!!!

      • Joel says:

        The eBay seller probably saw Fedex Smartpost was $4 cheaper and went with that. Unlike Amazon, which tells the date by which a customer is expecting to receive a package, the eBay site does not tell the seller that info, nor does it specify the delivery service method you ordered.

    • J. Wells says:

      What is this? Clickbait? What folks are saying here is a serious issue… sure one gets what they pay for, but not the case with SmartPost… especially if your parcel is held up in transit just waiting for a bin in some warehouse “to get full” before moving on to the final destination via USPS. My beef is with the shipper for using SmartPost in the first place, having been charged $13 for shipping ( more than the cost of Priority Mail) or the only other option of paying $35 ( enough to cover the costs of 2nd day air) for a 9X8x5 box weighing only 1 lb…. and NOT disclosing this to their customer… and then claiming that this shipping method was a “choice”. Get real! It would be great if there was a choice and get another seller, but since this is a patented item, you can only get it from the OEM. But to pay premium shipping prices and then get such shoddy shipping service is inexcusable. If FedEx is going to use USPS as a home delivery service, then it ought to treat parcels going out of their hands like a “hot potato” rather than hold on to it until “the bin gets full”… especially when the customer has paid excessively for the shipping. I’m sure, Al M, you’d feel the same way when you order something… and then spend days tracking and planning for the delivery.

      • J. Wells says:

        BTW, the parcel I’ve been tracking has been held up, waiting transfer to USPS, in Hutchens, TX for five days… and hasn’t moved an inch, having already been driven 380 miles past the delivery address, and once USPS finally gets it, it will have to travel BACK 360 miles to finally get to my postal hub, then probably take another day before it finally gets delivered… and anyone who thinks there’s a “thank you” coming for this kind of service has got to be dreaming… if folks knew what a “black hole” FedEx SmartPost actually is… it would NEVER be a customers’ choice…

  178. Derek DeWeese says:

    well i’m getting screwed by Surepost. I ordered some repair parts i’m waiting on my car. Usually Amazon sends them for a local warehouse. I picked free shipping (thinking due to me living in Ohio they will ship them from Ohio,Kentucky, or Indiana warehouse) . THEY SEND THEM FROM CALIFORNIA. I need them by this Saturday(here it is Monday) I drive semi and you can easily run from Sac-town,CA to here LEGALLY in 3 days. UPS Surepost is saying it going to take 9 days. the crazy part is you get on I-80 you can cook through Wyoming and Nebraka this time of year. if you can’t log 700 mile days its the driver. they are logging like 400 mile days.

  179. Michael D Lovell says:

    I ordered a refrigerator part on the 17th, and tracking said it was at fedex in jax on the 18th, about 50 miles south of me. On the 21st, it arrived in Orlando, about 150 miles further south. So now they’re going to mail it 200 miles north by snail mail? And it will be here in a week? I don’t get it… My UPS orders usually arrive within a couple days from Jax when I choose the least expensive shipping. I guess UPS doesn’t ship my orders hundreds of miles in the opposite direction before delivering them. All else being equal, I will choose to buy from suppliers who ship by UPS in the future.

  180. C.H. says:

    I paid $48.99 shipping for my son’s books that worth $234. I thought it would be faster than free shipping. Three weeks? Seriously!

  181. Annemarie says:

    Why are online retailers ALL using SmartPost now? Up until a few months ago, my packages were shipped equally between USPS and UPS. I have ordered three items in the past couple of weeks and they are all in perpetual shipping limbo because of SmartPost. This is the progress of one of the packages, over a week’s time:

    5/24/2018 – Thursday
    1:05 am Departed FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST CONCORD, NC
    12:59 am Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service
    5/23/2018 – Wednesday
    12:19 am Arrived at FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST CONCORD, NC
    5/22/2018 – Tuesday
    9:38 pm Departed FedEx location CHARLOTTE, NC
    5/21/2018 – Monday
    8:15 pm Arrived at FedEx location CHARLOTTE, NC
    9:55 am In transit CHARLOTTE, NC
    5/20/2018 – Sunday
    5:19 pm In transit CHARLOTTE, NC
    5:18 am In transit CHARLOTTE, NC
    5/19/2018 – Saturday
    8:12 am Departed FedEx location ORLANDO, FL
    5/18/2018 – Friday
    6:31 pm Arrived at FedEx location ORLANDO, FL
    11:39 am Shipment information sent to FedEx

    Why do they let a package sit at one location for 3-4 days?? I am calling FedEx this morning to ask and to complain.

    My main issue is that I do not have an option with many online retailers to choose a different shipping option. I have a Kohl’s order and a Bed Bath and Beyond order right now that are being shipped by FedEx SmartPost. When I purchased the items, the companies did not state that this is how they would be shipped. In fact, in many cases, it lists USPS standard shipping, I suppose because they eventually deliver it. I do not understand how this SmartPost service is beneficial for either the company or the consumer. USPS standard shipping would be fine.

  182. Travis says:

    My package left Carol Stream, IL @4:48 am, 05/21/18. It arrived at the Grove City, OH location @6:29 pm the same day. It will now sit at that location, until around the first of the month. There is absolutely .o reason for this! Every single time I have a package that goes through Grove City, it takes forever to arrive.

  183. Fabian says:

    smart post is abhorrent ( I call it dumb post). fact is it is slow as molasses in janurary. right now waiting on package shipped 23 from ebay estimated delivery 1st while other packages ordered shipped same day by first class mail have been here for 2 days, it is also important to watch tracking for dumbpost. if you watch the tracking you will see fedex likes to hold packages at locations in my particular case package so far has been held for 2 days in 3 locations and is currently in transit out of dallas meaning it may show up tomorrow if dropped at my local po or more likely is fedex will send package to another town or 2 and holding the package at a location just so the package actually arrives on the est delivery date even though the package could have been here already. also it is not uncommon for dumbpost packages to be late and the excuse given by fedex is that they had to wait for space on a transport while the USPS wont even acknowledge the package until they have scanned it into the post office system. at the end of the day do you want packages on time or do you want to be biting your nails hoping it doesn’t get delayed, if you want it on time AVOID dumbpost. out of all of my years shipping and receiving packages I have found best bang for your buck when it comes to customer satisfaction is in fact USPS. in fact there has only been 1 time usps has actually given me a problem and that was November 2017 when a package valued at $100 disappeared from the ft worth tx usps location ( no it still is missing so I contacted postmaster general as I now consider it stolen by a ft worth usps employee), outside of that small issues breakdown, package placed on wrong transport which caused a delay cause it was sent to other end of country over shooting me once, package late due to seller not handing package to PO for days once, delay because sender sold item he didn’t have then bought package from another seller and gave them his shipping label to ship the item from new jersey again once. those are the only three times I have ever had an issue with usps with fedex dumbpost there are to many to list however all of them involve the holding packages in every stop location for a couple of days and fedex making sure pakcages do not arrive before the estimnated delivery date.

    advice? easy do NOT use fedex dumbpost to ship yes it may be cheaper to use it but your customers will hate you for it I know if I find out or know a seller is using dumbpost to ship packages I look for an alternative seller

  184. Austin says:

    My package started its journey on 5/24/18 at 7:19pm in Jacksonville, FL. Exactly 10.5 hours later, it had traveled 332 miles to a small town outside of Atlanta just 81 miles from my doorstep. Making good time I assumed. It sat at that facility for 5 more days before departing to Atlanta(15 miles from there, which is the current phase of this catastrophe). My arrival time went from June 1st to June 5th as well.

    So basically, it traveled 332 miles in the first 10.5 hours.

    The other 81 miles will take 11 days.

    Oh did I mention I ordered a hat and a polo shirt to wear to the Atlanta Braves game for tonight that I won’t get until June 5th?

  185. Matt says:

    I’d like to add my two cents to this discussion, which has been ongoing for a year, it seems.

    SmartPost and SurePost are fantastically awful services, and I really can’t believe that the savings to e-commerce businesses warrant the poor customer service and resulting negative attitude toward the company.

    I ordered a warranty replacement from a California company last year. The item was shipped out within three days. Fantastic, I thought. Great customer service, I thought. Hang on just one minute. It then took 11 days to arrive on the east coast. Not so great customer service, and I will probably not order from them again (eyeglasses, if you’re wondering).

    In an ongoing instance, I ordered an item, another company shipping from the west coast, on May 23.

    Shipped by FedEx smartpost. As I write this, it’s been on the road for one week. It’s now in Pennsylvania (2-day delay in Ohio for holiday weekend), and FedEx is showing delivery on Saturday, June 2. So, 10 days in all. This is appalling when USPS Priority Mail starts at about $7.

    Will I order again from this company? Don’t know. Probably – the price was right. But I sure won’t do so if I really need something quick. And I will do so with a sour taste knowing that this company has chosen the worst possible delivery options.

  186. Ella says:

    I don’t understand how wasting the labor is saving money for this company. I ordered a book from a Dallas book store. It took one day to travel 20 miles east to Mesquite, a suburb, Then one day to travel 20 miles south to another suburb. It then took another day to travel back to Dallas! I only live 300 north-west (the opposite direction) in Amarillo. Just hope the book arrives before my class is over. (And I’m not a millenial.)

  187. Me says:

    Fatpost is the worst idea I have ever heard of, just use USPS directly. Using another carrier to hand it to the other one using Pracel Select probably isn’t helping it just delays further, plus FEDEX has to make some cash too!?

  188. Danny says:

    I have only on thing to say:
    Feddex should rename it to become: Dumb Post or Turtle Post or FTSS (Feddex turtle slow service)

  189. george schaefer says:

    i have to agree this service is a joke. i have bought items that were shipped from NJ to me in Ohio. the distance from me and the Fedex that gets used in NJ is 450 miles. typically the packages arrive in Stow,OH in one day. i am in Ravenna, Oh, 4 miles east of Stow on the same main road. the packages always take 4 days to go that 4 miles to my post office (one block back from that same main road) which is 2 blocks away from me.

  190. Roger says:

    SmartPost seems very inefficient, at least in terms of keeping the customer informed about where their shipment is – the following shipment still shows as not being in USPS hands yet – then you see the following in details – it should not take 2 days inside FEDEX facility to get it to USPS – what happened here?

    Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 2:23 AM FEDEX SMARTPOST SACRAMENTO , CA Arrived at FedEx location
    Wednesday, Jun 6, 2018 1:09 PM SACRAMENTO , CA Departed FedEx location
    Tuesday, Jun 5, 2018 10:26 PM SACRAMENTO , CA Arrived at FedEx location
    Tuesday, Jun 5, 2018 10:22 PM SACRAMENTO , CA Shipment exception – Barcode label unreadable and replaced

    • Roger says:

      PS – this package was to have been delivered on June 6th – not still be in Sacramento somewhere on June 7th.

  191. Richard Doke says:

    I have had the terrible experience with “smartpost” twice. Now I won’t buy from anyone that advertises “economy” shipping, which means “smartpost”. In writing to the vendor I request that they use USPS only and I don’t mind paying the extra few cents that they save when using “smartpost”.

  192. Jonelle Gidzinski says:

    I totally DESPISE, HATE, I cannot even think of the worst word that describes how I feel about SmartPost and SurePost. It takes at least 2 weeks or more to get to me when something is shipped that way. It is the worst. I wish they would do away with it. I would gladly pay more to have my packages shipped any other way.

  193. Jim Gayden says:

    Obviously fedex doesn’t care about their customers, service or reputation. But since they are privately owned and have idiots for supporters, why would they care! USPS is a far superior service. However, since the republicans want everything to go private they reduced the USPS budget by about 50%. So their service is no longer up to par with what it used to be. Therefore they had to form contracts with the privately owned delivery service providers in order to boost their budget. It’s all a republican plot to undermine the USPS. And it’s slowly succeeding.

  194. Christer says:

    The estimated times given in this article are pure lies. I have been waiting for a package from Denver Colorado to Rapid City SD, a trip of 375 miles, for over 2 weeks now. Even the Pony Express would have completed the rout quicker than this. The delivery time has changed trice now, last update was Friday in Osse MN, 600 miles from Rapid City, saying transiting to USPS. This evening it changed again, this time without any location. If I was a business I would never use this scam, and I will NEVER again buy from ANY company using this delivery system.

  195. Hiromi says:

    At least you guys got your things. I have a return currently stuck in a facility in hawaii with peding for a delivery date. I sent it out over 2 weeks ago.

  196. David Moss says:

    I ordered 2 Bearing Buddies with bras. The Bras arrived today but not the bearing buddies.I called Overton’s customer service who told me the Bearing Buddies were shipped Fed Ex Smart Post and will be here next Thursday. That is one week longer and this is unacceptable. I am going to buy them local and send theirs back when they arrive for a refund. This is the first time I bought from Overtons and the last. Consumers should be told or given the option to choose delivery methods.Just a big waste of my time and money.

  197. Carl says:

    I had ordered something to ship from Fort Collins,Colorado to Denver (1.5 hr drive at best) in June 19 and it says guaranteed delivery June 30 end of day!!!!!! 11 days for a 1.5 hr drive?!?!?!

  198. Turd Fergussen says:

    What was FedEx thinking when they devised this service? My God the fuel they have used moving my package in it’s circuitous route from one cheap labor warehouse to another in mind-blowing. All I can figure it’s make work for their $10/hr part-time employees to justify their employment.
    Shocking that this joke of a shipping service is allowed to continue.

  199. Laura says:

    Just have to say you grossly underestimate smartpost delivery time.

    Item shipped 9 days ago, 7 of those are business days. Fedex first estimated delivery 8 days after shipment, now updated to 11 days, and the vendor I purchased from charged a premium price for shipping.

  200. Brad says:

    LOL at this SmartPost apologetics article, but love these comments. You guys are helping me stay sane in this trying time of waiting for SmartPost to figure out how to deliver me a small package (looking like 10 days out already)

  201. Jose says:

    I purshase some sneakers online on 6/11/2018 as of today 7/1 the track still says that there are still in the Fedex Smartpost in Ellenwood, GA since 6/21 horrible experience!!!!!!

  202. MelJ says:

    I’m awaiting a package sent via “Smartpost”, from an eBay seller. Tracking says it’s now at the “Ellenwood, GA” depot and due to be delivered to me, by my P.O., on July 5th.
    Here’s the point everybody has missed: *The seller/vendor says “Free Shipping”, but y’all don’t get that the seller/vendor has built the COST of that shipping INTO HIS SELL PRICE!! So you’re still PAYING FOR THE SHIPPING; it’s just a “hidden cost”!* ASK the seller/vendor BEFORE you buy what service they use for “Free Shipping”. Tell them you won’t buy unless they use USPS. It really isn’t more expensive, per shipment, the seller/vendor just gets a “bulk discount”.
    Attempt to change it, don’t buy it, or accept it. ;D

  203. Al Cincotta says:

    FedEx smartpost is terrible. I have been tracking my package. FedEx says delivery by end of day 7/2/18. Package is at their Windsor Ct. distribution center which is a 30 minute drive from my house. Now they tell me package will be delivered on 7/5/18, 3 days from now.

  204. Will says:

    Yo my package is at Ellenwood Georgia to

  205. Bobby J says:

    I’ve made it a point to call and ask sellers if they ship orders via SmartPost or SurePost before I will buy anything from them. If they cannot assure me that the merchandise will not be shipped this way, I WILL NOT BUY IT. I’ll even agree to pay a little more to have them use a decent shipping method. Not only does a package get knocked all over the country like a volleyball, getting USPS to actually deliver it is not an easy task. It’s not unusual for USPS to sit on a package 4 or 5 days after FedEx or UPS delivers it to them. The only way to avoid this deplorable shipping method is not to stand for it. Don’t buy anything from sellers who won’t provide you with a better option. Most that I have dealt with have all have been willing to work with me. The only one that has flat turned me down is Kohl’s. They won’t ship any other way, and they charge more for shipping than most companies. They won’t get my money!

  206. Howard says:

    Waiting on an item shipped 15 days ago. 8 days ago it was just 100 miles away. 4 days ago it started displaying as being “out for delivery” from my local Post Office. No one knows what that means–the tracking ends with out for delivery. On the back of a snail?

  207. Andrew W says:

    I’m retired Postal management and the facility I worked at processed SmartPost. FedEx was a horrible partner. My facility had over 100 docks and processed huge numbers of trailers each day. When SmartPost began, they were supposed to let us know, well in advance, how many trailers they were sending. Almost always, they told us less than they actually sent. That created big problems in getting mail processed since other trailers had been scheduled for specific docks at specific times. Obviously, their tracking system is a total fail. In the years that followed, things never improved.
    What’s particularly annoying is that customers assume their late delivery is the fault of the Postal Service, which is absolutely untrue.
    As I write this, I’m waiting on a package from World Market, which is being shipped via SmartPost. I just checked the tracking info online. It just now left the FedEx facility in KC after being there over 48 hours. That is ludicrous! It will next go to the facility where I worked and I guarantee it won’t be there more that 18 hours from the time the truck enters the yard. I cannot believe FedEx had it 2 days.
    I would never ask for fedEx anything. Even when they deliver, it’s a total fail. They leave parcels in the weather, even though I have a front porch. Neighbors have had FedEx parcels thrown in their driveway or merely dropped next to their mailboxes by the street. It’s horrible. Period.

  208. ROBERT JOHNSON says:

    Their claim of 4.5 day average is a joke. They couldn’t get a package across the street in 4.5 days.
    If you are going to use USPS drop it off at the post office it will get to it’s location 80% faster. And while you’re at it change the name to DumbPost.

  209. Jeff says:

    Slow as dirt. I routinely track packages, and with the current one (which is typical) it has sat in Commerce City CO for 3 days, and now has been transferred 15 miles away to Aurora and has been there a day and a half already, with projected delivery 3 days from now. I can be in Denver from western NE in about 4 hours. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for that kind of slowdown in delivery!

  210. Marv says:

    eBay seller on East Coast promised 4 day shipping with “Fast & Free” (Smart Post). 11 Days and counting. At one point the packaged arrived at a FedEx hub 15 miles from me and was reloaded onto another truck and went 50 miles past me and is still there 4 days later.
    I will NEVER Buy from anyone that uses this awful service. I can walk faster than this package is traveling on my end on the west coast.

  211. Lisa says:

    TOO Slow, takes an extra two to arrive

  212. Ly Ngo says:

    I have problems with both FedEx Smartpost and UPS Surepost. And recently I found out that the problem lies within USPS. FedEx and UPS did a great job with shipping the packages. But when packages arrived at USPS and waited to be delivered, USPS never did a good job. It happens to me twice when USPS delivered the package but they did not scan the barcode of the package, so on the website, it still said “USPS is waiting for the package” but in reality, it was delivered. One time, the website said the package was delivered but I never received the package, I called USPS, FedEx and they cannot locate my package. I was refuned for the merchandise I purchased, and one month later, the package was delivered. After all incidents I have been through, I never used UPS Surepost or FedEx Smartpost ever again

  213. Ryan H says:

    Smartpost is fart paced. My fart’s travel at a faster pace than these guys. And I paid $6. USPS Priority costs that and it’s 2-3 days. Notice the source for this article is fedex, usps and ups.

  214. Jon J says:

    Smart post…..what a joke. My package hit NY twice now NJ once just to end back in Pennsylvania….????????…….why! Usually with FedEx ground the estimated time is a lot less, not with smart post…they add days. I hope my projector works after 2 weeks of being thrown around in a box truck. Like I’ve heard in previous comments ask first what there shipping method is first.

  215. David Rodewald says:

    two times I have had small packages shipped via fedex smartpost, from California, at a cost of 12.95, and it took over ten days for packages to arrive to me in Chicago, I have also had several items shipped to me from ebay, fast and free expedited shipping from California aswell, via usps, it took only four days, what is going on with fedex, terrible service.

  216. Todd says:

    Apparently their 4.5 days is now 10 days and they go through extra trouble just to try to keep your package from arriving sooner.

  217. Bill says:

    FedEx SmartPost can be so frustrating! More than any other service, I see the package just sitting at one place for a day or more and not moving. I have been waiting for a package that was shipped 7 days ago (from CT to GA) and it still hasn’t been handed off to USPS. It sat at a two places in CT and MA for 4 days before it started moving south. Now it is in GA, but it sits again for 2-3 days. FedEx originally said delivery in on Aug 20, then they changed it to Aug 23rd, then moved it back to Aug 21st. Mind you, it was dropped at FedEx on Aug 10th. It is crazy slow.

  218. Sky1 says:

    My packages is 3 hours away by cars, a 2 day walk but is going to take 5 days for it to be delivered to me. Horrible.
    I purchased another time from Seattle to North Carolina it took 2 weeks. What are we back in pony express days?

  219. Ken says:

    I just started tracking a ‘free shipping’ purchase that says it will be here in about 12-13 days. Outrageous. In addition, I feel as though I have been tricked since I could have bought from many others for about the same price but chose the ‘free shipping’. Instead of a being a happy customer, I feel like a ‘sucker’. How is that good for the merchant that I bought from? How is that good for FedEx? How is that good for USPS? And above all, how is that good for me? Shippers should be very clear on what method of shipping will be used.

  220. Art says:

    I didn’t realize an item I purchased from tech rabbit was being shipped via smart post. Either I wasn’t paying attention or it was not clearly noted, but my item would not get to me for over 2 weeks, which I didn’t know until I got tracking number. I thought it was a mistake, but time frame was confirmed by seller.

    That is from NJ to SF, and I’ve had stuff come from China way faster than than. I ended up cancelling the order and getting a return slip before it even arrived. I’m sorry but over 2 weeks is just unacceptable, even if its “free”.

  221. Max Cavazos says:

    Merchandise paid and shipped from Los Angeles, Ca on 4 sept, tracked to small cities arriving on friday 7 of Sept to Junction,TX just off 1-10, it sat here over the weekend and then traveled to Houston, Junction ,Tx to my address is on the way here just off 1-10, why did it have to go to Houston when there is a processing Fedex station here in San Marcos who in turn could have handed it off to USPS fro delivery. I just dont understand why it is taking a long time for a package that Surepost says only should take 2-4 days for travel time. Today is the 10th of Sept and now expected delivery is Thursday, Too much travel time for a delivery that I placed on a similar package on the same day from New York which arrived in 4 days.

  222. Yelena says:

    Recently I had kitchen faucet being delivered through smart post. It was coming through NJ to OR, went through Nebraska to california, to oregon (close by), to oregon a little further, to washington, back to oregon, to be delivered a week later after it was already next to us. This is not acceptable. I could not use my kitchen sink for an extra week because of the system that they have set up, and it’s been very tough with the family of 6. They need to have this system fixed so usps can pick up from the location closer to the addresses.

  223. wayne says:

    Bought a product on Amazon 2 days ago. Fedex Smartpost. It took 2 days to get from Massachusetts to New Jersey. Very acceptable. It’s at a Fedex warehouse an hour south of me now but won’t be delivered (according to Fedex) for another 6 days.

  224. Stacy W. says:

    Got a package shipped from Braselton,GA 9/10. I live northeast of Nashville, TN. My package went to MEMPHIS,TN! (WTH?) and now is in Southhaven, MS with an expected date of 9/15. This is not faster or better and is highly illogical routing. I’d have gladly paid more for straight USPS or FedEx. Sellers should be required to state they are using InsanePost and allow for a different option.

  225. Larry says:

    My wife ordered from JJill and it hit FedEx SmartPost on Aug. 28 in Massachusetts with a 7 day delivery date from FedEx, or Sept 5th to get to Calif. It is now September 12 and no package. It has sat in several different SmartPost locations for over 3 days each time before moving on to the next location. JJill says it isn’t lost if SmartPost says where it is so we just have to continue to wait as they won’t re-ship her purchase. I say we won’t be shopping at JJill any more. This has happened to three of her last four orders from them. The fourth order was just one day late.

  226. David Morton says:

    My package is being sent from GA to IN. It shipped on 9/12/18, and is due here on 9/20/18. It has been transferred in the last two days to three different facilities in GA. That seems to be the problem. From the complaints I see posted here, FedEx doesn’t have a working routing system. The package in my case should be sent to a receiving center and transferred to a hub in GA. Then it should be transferred to a hub in IN or OH, and from there transferred to the local USPS. It certainly should not be transferred to at least three different locations before leaving GA. I can see why the estimated four-day delivery is not accurate.

  227. Duane Klipping says:

    Sorry but this service is a sham with the I’ll get to it when I can attitude. A week of sitting in one location. Been 10 days since ship and still no item. You will never convince me the service is anything other than very poor. FedEx has also lost a customer and any seller who ships FedEx will not be bought from. I am a patient man but when I see my package sitting 200 miles away for a week I am done with them.

  228. Jon Nelson says:

    I disagree with the “everyone wants it” argument. This same argument is used to rationalize poor service and bad quality by everyone who profits from reduced service, reduced quality and reduced convenience or comfort. It is ALL about reducing costs and only when customers finally howl do these operations relent. And even howling has a diminished effect as the howlers are typically told either “No one else has complained,” or “You are the only person who has complained.” It is like the airlines saying “everyone wants a more cozy compartment so we’ve made the seats 3″ closer together.”

    FedEx wouldn’t be using the USPS if that didn’t represent a financial benefit to them. The only real trade off is how much customer crap are they willing to put up with.

    They can come up with all the rationalizations they want to defend this purely financial decision.

    Like the old Saturday Night Live skit about the phone company…their motto was simply, “We don’t care because we don’t have to.”

    FedEx doesn’t care how late your package is, they care abut how many merchants will opt for a cheaper option to ship merchandise. So long as merchants are happy and willing to pass the buck when you complain about late deliveries (they just blame FedEx and FedEx just blames them in a neat little agreement to get whining customers to go away) you can expect your once reliable and fast FedEx delivery to arrive whenever the hell they and the post office get around to it. They don’t care because they don’t have to.

  229. Dan Morris says:

    Package shipped from Irving Texas to Portland Oregon. Shipped Oct 4, arriving Oct 13. This is the second time this Amazon seller has shipped me a pair of running shoes using Fedex Smartpost. The previous pair also took 9 days to arrive. I returned those shoes to the seller via UPS, which took 3 days to arrive back at the seller. I hope Smartpost is really cheap, because it is not good, in my opinion.

  230. bewildered says:

    5,294 miles travel and not here yet. All I can say is it is like having a relative to deliver it when they get around to it. I will never buy a from a seller who uses smartpost!

    Time and date Place Message
    Monday, Oct 15, 2018 8:40 PM FEDEX SMARTPOST GROVEPORT , OH Departed FedEx location
    Sunday, Oct 14, 2018 9:47 PM FEDEX SMARTPOST GROVEPORT , OH Arrived at FedEx location
    Saturday, Oct 13, 2018 10:48 AM CINCINNATI , OH In transit
    Friday, Oct 12, 2018 10:33 PM JACKSON , TN In transit
    Friday, Oct 12, 2018 8:21 AM FEDEX SMARTPOST DALLAS , TX Departed FedEx location
    Friday, Oct 12, 2018 6:00 AM FEDEX SMARTPOST DALLAS , TX Arrived at FedEx location
    Thursday, Oct 11, 2018 1:25 PM HUTCHINS , TX Departed FedEx location
    Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018 9:54 PM HUTCHINS , TX Arrived at FedEx location
    Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018 4:21 PM PRESCOTT , AR In transit
    Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018 4:18 AM MEMPHIS , TN In transit
    Tuesday, Oct 9, 2018 1:03 PM GROVE CITY , OH Departed FedEx location
    Tuesday, Oct 9, 2018 6:02 AM GROVE CITY , OH Arrived at FedEx location
    Tuesday, Oct 9, 2018 2:08 AM BATES CITY , MO In transit
    Monday, Oct 8, 2018 1:37 PM BATES CITY , MO In transit
    Monday, Oct 8, 2018 12:10 AM BATES CITY , MO In transit
    Sunday, Oct 7, 2018 12:00 PM BATES CITY , MO In transit
    Saturday, Oct 6, 2018 11:35 PM BATES CITY , MO In transit
    Saturday, Oct 6, 2018 6:42 AM MESQUITE , TX Left FedEx origin facility
    Friday, Oct 5, 2018 11:44 PM MESQUITE , TX Arrived at FedEx location
    Friday, Oct 5, 2018 8:49 PM MESQUITE , TX Picked up

  231. Vanessa says:

    Very inaccurate article. My package was no more than 40 miles away and went back to Sacramento, CA where it has been arriving and leaving for days! It should not take 10 days for ANYTHING to be delivered from CA to CA. I have had several things lost and never to be found and the seller has had to credit me back, so tell me again how this is cheaper for the seller?

  232. Pedro Gonzalez says:

    How is it that FedEx SmartPost still exists? I agree with everyone here,that they’re slow. I guess FedEx lives off the misery of customers who use SmartPost.

  233. John Albanese says:

    I cringe every time someone sends me a package using Fedex smart post . It adds needless delays in delivery …. just send the dam thing using usps to start with at least you may get the package someday .

  234. Darrin says:

    FedEx Smartpost is a joke!! It will take 8 days to travel 60 miles (all within the same state). I’m guessing both FedEx and the financially struggling USPS are scratching each other’s back at the expense of the consumer!! SMH

  235. Chris West says:

    Thats laughable averages 4 days, i cant get an item shipped from less than 100 miles away in my own state from fedex smartpost in less than 8 days. And i dont mean 1 i mean we have bought 100’s of items that have been shipped smart post the fastest an item has ever been received was shipped from Indianapolis (roughly 150 miles away) it was here in 6 days. And traveled through 4 or 5 states.

    This is an appalling shipping method that sellers should be aware of how bad it is especially considering the cost.

    I was actually under the impression that shipping fedex smart post on a 2 pound item, (depending on packaging and total weight you may well have paid more than the total cost of shipping the faster method.) shipped 1800 miles (approximately) cost roughly, 11$ plus you must pay for your own packaging. (And averages a minimum of 6 days usually closer to 10.)

    (Vs a medium flate rate box is 12.85ish box included.) Arrives in 1-3 days anywhere in the continental USA. (So for a couple of dollars as an added shipping option you could have the item shipped and delivered in 1-3 days rather than 10. And myself and most customers would gladly pay the extra costs.)

    Tbh it is exceptionally upsetting to realize that your item is being shipped fedex smartpost.

    It is reprehensible how bad this shipping method is.

  236. Marcia Godsey says:

    I guess everyone has the same problem with FedEx smart post! I am shipping from Florida to Florida and my packages now and Georgia! I live in South Florida it’s going to Tallahassee but now it is sitting in Georgia wins yesterday. It is estimated to arrive eight days after I shipped it even though the man at the FedEx counter told me 3 to 4 days. When they finally transfer it to US PS it also sits there for several days .I too do not understand why they do business so poorly like this. I am a seller online, and I cannot afford to give free shipping all the time I put FedEx smart post as a last choice of shipping. The buyer chose it sometimes I pay the extra and send it to USPS anyway. But this time it was Florida to Florida so I figured it says 2 to 7 days to anywhere in the country how bad could this be . If you don’t care when the package arrives to three weeks to weeks average, then continued to use FedEx smart post.Their prices are about 20% lower than parcel post. But it’s not worth it for the complaints in trouble you get

  237. Tracey says:

    My #1 question that I can’t for the life of me understand why it’s not being asked is: why not just ship it USPS in the first place? Maybe the question isn’t being asked because it has an obvious answer but I don’t get it. Anyone have any idea?

  238. Stephanie Fackrell says:

    My package was shipped over 2 weeks ago. It has been sitting in my City for the last 5 days being transferred to different locations. I have gotten several shipping notifications about delays. It’s been pushed out 3 different times.

  239. Ozzy Kopec says:

    Alas I am dealing with this worthless delivery option. From Missouri to Chicago to WI which will then have the package go back to Chicago and then finally to my (suburban) post office for delivery.

  240. Thomas J Stalker says:

    I will absolutely positively NEVER use FedEx Smartpost. It is horrible.
    It took my order 16 days to travel from Wichita KS to Cape Cod MA this past month.
    I didn’t pay attention and accepted free delivery not knowing how it would actually ship.
    I hold FedEx responsible and will never ship to or from using Fedex ever again. Never again.

  241. Lee Boto says:

    Yikes ! By reading all these comments gets me really worried! I’m getting an item shipped from Missouri to Hawaii. It’s been in California for the past 2 days ! Wonder if I’ll get my package my Christmas …. next year ?

  242. J says:

    Whats smart about smartpost? I found this article due to the fact that a company 25 miles from me sent me a package and unfortunately sent it via fedex smart post. So far it had been 4 days. The package has traveled well over 1000 miles making 3 stops in 3 different states and still is not expected to make it to me for another 8 days by fedEx predictions. So thats AT LEAST 1000 miles, 3 states and 12 days of waiting. Im package might as well have been flat stanley. I see nothing amart about this. Usps would have had my package here in a day or 2 and i highly doubt the cost Would have been significantly more.

  243. Erik Boe says:

    It is terrible I never get anything on time and it is extremely slow. Costs me money when I can’t do what I need it for

  244. Barbara says:

    “Smart” post is an absolute joke. When I ordered a part for my vehicle on eBay, free shipping was included and the estimated date of delivery was Nov. 16th. I have been tracking my package online and I was expecting it tomorrow until I saw the update today. The estimated date of delivery is now Tuesday the 20th. Why four more days? It’s not hard to imagine why when my package traveled from the starting point in NJ and made several stops in neighboring NJ cities before traveling to OH where it sat for several days. Suddenly it backtracked to PA and then was back in NJ as of last night. This morning it has already made a tour of NJ once again. This is the most inefficient, ineffective waste of time and money that I have ever seen! If I ever see someone offering shipping through “smart” post let alone FedEx, I will pass and find a provider that uses the USPS.

  245. Kim says:

    I love to read these responses, because they are exactly the same experience I have had with SmartPost every time I have unwittingly been subjected to it. I would never willingly choose this service but often find it’s frequently used with free options. I currently have a package that has been in four different states, all within four hours of me, over the last seven days. Despite FedEx’s alluring description of what SmartPost is, I argue it is neither “high quality” nor “timely.” It’s ridiculous, and I feel it reflects negatively on the companies that opt for it. I wish companies would just say so, so I can avoid the hassle and pay the fee for expedited shipping.

  246. James Leslie says:

    I’m seeing a lot of complaints about transit times for this but here’s something to consider…
    Normally, people think FedEx, they think overnight…this is not usually the case since the cost for this service is outrageous and most companies want to use the most cost effective method possible. With that said, if you want something quicker, pay the extra amount…it’s that simple. Or order on Amazon Prime…

  247. Jared says:

    I’m sorry, but when does Smartpost take 4 days withing the US? That has almost NEVER been my experience. They take on average about 10 days, if they don’t lose it. On the west coast I’ve had about a 30%, “lost” rate when being shipped Smartpost from a company to my house. There us a package right now that’s been sitting with FedEx in North Salt Lake, 10 minutes from my front door, and it was never given to USPS, but FedEx says they did. THIS is the biggest problem with Smartpost. That, and like the tone of this article, they are condescending and all knowing. If they so, that’s the bottom line, and the customer is always wrong. The WORST customer service, EVER, of all the shippers/shipping categories. The minute you say you’re a Snartpost Customer, it immediately is said to be the fault of the partner, usually USPS. They never take responsibility. Time for an article where you acknowledge a realistic shipping instance, don’t you think?

  248. Earl Jones says:

    Package left Fedx location two days ago. I could have easily picked it up but now it’s in never never land. To make it even worse a FEDX truck stopped in front of my home, paused a few minutes and left with no drop. Worst shipping I’ve ever used.

  249. Barbara says:

    Smart Post is awful it is like FEDEx doesn’t care because they won’t get the complaints for the slow delivery. Once it is handed over the the USPS I get it the next day. But it takes forever for Fedex to get to the USPS. Sure Post doesn’t travel any slower with UPS, it just takes the extra day for the USPS and UPS gives me the chance to upgrade my package for a small fee. FedEx has no such option.

  250. Jon H says:

    Smart Post is bad news for mail going to Alaska. I stopped ordering from one company because they use Smart Post, but charged me overnight night shipping rates. Typically for mail to Alaska you can have the mail shipped over night or it takes a week or so by the USPS. With Smart Post, it always takes a few weeks-just like the old days 50 years ago. A current order of mine was made on Nov 14. It hasn’t showed up yet in the mail. I tracked the package and found that Smart Post is being used. It’s scheduled arrival is next week, Dec 6. I won’t order from that company again.

  251. Chris says:

    If you’re a fulfillment company that uses SmartPost…you should probably not advertise that, because it’ll probably lose you some potential clients.

    UPS’s SurePost product is FAR better than FedEx SmartPost—it uses the regular UPS Ground network for the long-haul, so transit times are reliably UPS Ground + 1 day (the time it takes UPS to hand the package off to the USPS DDU).

    FedEx SmartPost, on the other hand, is a victim of FedEx’s refusal to integrate its various disparate purchased logistical networks and create efficiencies by merging them. SmartPost uses its own network of ground transit that is completely separate from FedEx Ground, and its store-and-forward model with relatively few hubs ensures packages take vastly longer than normal Ground packages.

    FedEx may have pioneered the USPS delivery partnership idea, but they’re lagging behind the competition now, and any shipper who uses them is doing an absolutel disservice to their customers.

    • Susan S says:

      What FedEx does not tell you is once they pick up your package it is handed off to a courier companys which just keeps handing it off to another then another and so on until the final courier delivers it to your local post office. In the state I live in once it gets to the courier it may sit there for up to 3 days until they fill their truck to come up in my area. It always takes 8 to 10 days from California to get a Smartpost to me. UPS SurePost takes 1 more day than ground for me.

  252. Pete says:

    The FedEx “SmartPost” is awful. I am currently awaiting a package that was shipped 5 days ago from a location in Los Angeles and I still do not expect to receive it for another 4 days at the minimum. So this average 4 day transit time within the US is so much nonsense. I live in Indiana. For the last three days the parcel has been slowly migrating around Illinois. It took a day to make it from one Chicago suburb to another just a couple of miles away. In the future I will avoid purchasing from on-line retailers that I know use this poor delivery service even if it costs me a bit more. The frustration is not worth the savings.

  253. Pete says:

    It gets even more ludicrous. The parcel I mentioned in the above post, which has now reached Indianapolis, which is at least in my state, is now scheduled to be delivered to me on Monday Dec 10. I could drive to Indianapolis and back in less than 8 hours, but it is going to take FedEx and the USPS another 8 days to get it to me. This package was received by FedEx on November 26 and if I do receive it on the scheduled delivery date it will have taken 14 days to get it to me. So Steve Bulger’s estimate of an approximately 4 day transit time will only have been off by a mere 10 days.

  254. ROBIN ESTES says:

    With so many customer complaints , why not admit this is a failed experiment and reutilize your assets in a more efficient manner ?

  255. adam says:

    well dropped package off on 11/26 at local shiiping place. it was picked up. when i check tracking it only says “label created ” It is now 12/3 still no updates or even fedex in possesion. i called Fed eX smartpost and guy told me because fedex picked it up it will take a week longer and that i should see update on Monday 12/4. The fedex C.R. told me always send the smart post packages with USPS. This is opposite of what ebay warns. I’m totally confused. Hope these knuckleheads didnt lose it….tomorrow is 12/4 lets see what happens.

    • adam . says:

      well its not 7pm eastern still nothing. called fedex again. told i would have to file claim for investigation put me on hold for 35 minutes .i hung up. music is sickening.

  256. Patricia A. Williams says:

    I live in a rural area of northern California, Lucerne 95458. This is a small town of approximately 2,500 people with two postal workers. Some of the town receives home mail delivery, but the rest of us do not have home delivery and must pick our mail up at the post office (which gives us free boxes). Sometimes when we order online we are not allowed to use our post office box numbers for shipping and must use our home and street address. This happened to me when I ordered some ink from Hewlett-Packard. Instead of being delivered to my home it went SmartPost and arrived at the post office without p.o. box #. Luckily they know us there and put it in our box, but after January 1, 2019 the USPS will be charging a $13.95 fee for each item processed in this manner. This does not seem fair if someone has already paid a shipping fee. The simplest way to solve this problem would be to all us to use both home and p.o. box numbers or 9 digit zip codes, i.e. 95000-1234.

  257. Phil says:

    Smartest has lost numerous packages for me. The problem lies in that most packages are not trackable once handed off to the USPS. When they disappear, USPS blames FedEx saying they should have given a tracking number to track the package to my door and FedEx blames USPS saying it was no longer in their hands. Secondly, on average, Smartpost takes close to two weeks to get to our area. I live in a small town, but that is way too long. That said, Smartpost is a Dumbchoice.

  258. Angie says:

    I live in a small town of 1300 people. We do not get home delivery for mail from our PO, we have to pick it up from them. Everyday I see the fedex truck drive by my house. 9 times out of 10 it goes to the PO. I absolutely hate this smartpost even more than normal. I used to get notifications on tracking but now it’s a guessing game. I ordered items on Nov 26th was sent texts from the original vendor about every step of shipping. Said I would have package by Nov 30. But then found out it was going through smartpost and still no package and everytime i go to fedex tracking it pushes the date back farther and farther. The latest is now for December 10. If I wanted my stuff shipped by the USPS I would select them. I would like my packages delivered to my home. Shouldn’t we get the option to choose which shipping we prefer. I went on to change shipping from ground to something else like expedited and the cost was a whopping $4000. Yes Four Thousand!! And the date would then be pushed back to January 3rd. At the moment UPS is going to be my 1st choice for shipping, dont care if it costs a bit more, at least I’d get my packages delivered to my home in a timely manner and placed by the door of my choice. Way to f@*# the customer even more Fedex!

  259. Dianne says:

    I live in Hawaii. The worst experience I had with Fed Ex Smart Post when I ordered $6 worth of bbq parts from the manufacturer online. The package was small, under 1/2 lb, and it took TWENTY SEVEN days to get from Georgia to Hawaii. I am currently waiting for a package shipped from FabFitFun – shipped from California on 11/25. Expected delivery date is 12/13. I could swim from Hawaii to CA faster. Oh, and I have to pay an additional $8 shipping surcharge. That one is also coming Smart Post.

  260. Justin says:

    Seriously, I agree with every other comment on here. The service shouldn’t even exist. A package coming from mid-California to mid-Oregon (about a 10 hour drive between cities) has already taken 7 days, and it’s expected to take 2 more. 9 days, to ship across one state line. The worst… it went through my city, to a city 120 miles North of me, only to THEN go to Kent Washington…. crossing another state line for zero reason, and an additional 160 miles North. Now they will have to ship it BACK South though Washington, through Northern Oregon, back down to mid-Oregon for delivery.

  261. Sean says:

    Smartpost takes considerably longer than any other shipping service I know of in the continental United States. How can packages I ordered get from Cali to Maine in a day and a half on average with any other service but a package coming smart post takes 2 weeks. This is the first time dealing with it fortunately but I am annoyed because the motherboard is the one part shipped via smartpost for my new pc build. So now i get to sit staring at all the other pieces for another week and a half.

  262. Brenda says:

    My package left Ellenwood, Ga 18 days ago and still hasn’t made it to Foley, Al. Regular shipping normally takes 2 days………and, no updates as to where the heck it is!

  263. Dan says:

    Purchased item 11/22. Fed ex smart post picked item up to take from commerce CA to Santa fe springs CA. The item arrived in Santa fe springs on 11/28. It left Santa fe springs the same day. It arrived in Bloomington CA 12/4 (40 mile trip). This was 1 day after expected arrival date of Dec 3rd to Maine. More of the same until Massachusetts when usps got ahold of it last night at 11pm and I had it today by 2pm. Fed ex is obviously overloaded on the wast coast already. They are going to do the same thing they did a few years ago so don’t expect your packages from them in time for Christmas.

  264. Dale Powers says:

    My package took only one day to get from Chicago to Houston. It then spent four days in three locations in Houston. Then it was handed over to USPS in Houston to be sent on to my town 450 miles away in West Texas. That was three days ago. It should be here in two more days. I will NEVER purchase online again without checking on what method of shipping they use. If it is FedEx Smartpost, I will choose another vendor.

  265. Robert Casey says:

    I ordered a small package to be delivered to my home in California, being shipped from Jersey. It quoted me a 9 day shipping time, and I thought “Sure. It’s free and it’s not like it’s an emergency needed item”. It has been two freaking weeks, and it’s still sitting in Chino, and hasn’t moved in 5 days time! I could’ve driven to Jersey to get it! I ordered several items too, and they were all from Europe and China and they all got here WAY before they said they would be here. Needless to say I contacted the seller of the product I ordered and let him know that using this service is the worst decision to make. It’s terrible, and learning what it actually is let’s me know why. You’re having 3 seperate shipping company’s (essentially) all try and ship the same package. Theres an old saying, to many chefs in a kitchen spoils the broth, and this is sure fire example of this being exactly true! This service is less than useless and I will never use it again and I will always make sure anyone sending a package never uses it either. It’s a joke service and one to really piss off whoever you’re sending things to.

  266. Jane Jameyson says:

    I ordered something on the 4th… To come to Maine…as of today it’s in PA….the delivery date has changed 2x and now I’m worries it won’t make it for Christmas. Will never order using smart post again.

  267. Randy says:

    I’d like to know which “college genius” came up with this stupid method of shipping? I’ve tracked a package now for two weeks, once it was in throwing distance of me, yet still have not received it!

  268. Kyle says:

    So, “SmartPost” is a co-marketing initiative between (normally reliable) FedEx and (normally unreliable USPS) whereby FedEx contracts with its customer to handle the transit of a package to a local USPS facility at which point the USPS takes over and delivers it to the home or business. However, FedEx failed to coordinate a cohesive delivery policy with the USPS in setting this debacle up.

    As such, the FedEx customer isn’t aware that the recipients name on the package must EXACTLY match the name on file with the USPS for a given address. The address can be exactly correct, but if the name is even slightly off, the USPS can refuse to deliver. So, if for example you are sending a package to a resident and the entire list of residents for that address (including any and all alias’ and/or abbreviations) are not on file with every postal carrier who might deliver mail to the address, then the USPS can (as it often does) route the package back to the sender.

    Here’s the kicker: FedEx refuses to take responsibility because they’ve handed the package off to a 3rd party (in this case, the USPS) and so FedEx washes their hand of any liability or customer support for any SmartPost shipment. What baffles me is that this is a FEDEX program! The customer pays/contracts with FedEx and FedEx is simply washing their hands of any responsibility.

    This, even though the FedEx addressing guidelines don’t require the sender to put any specific name on the package, whereas the USPS is extremely specific. In essence, the FedEx addressing guidelines are different than the USPS addressing guidelines. As a result, unknown numbers of packages that are being shipped via FedEx SmartPost can never/will never make it to the end recipient. And, FedEx doesn’t care!!!!

    For what it’s worth, the USPS doesn’t care either – but you expect that lack of concern from the USPS. I never expected this level of indifference towards customers from FedEx, but here we are.

  269. Robert Solomon says:

    This is the worst delivery ever. Shipped Dec. 1. It is Dec 15 and after three delay messages got another delay until Dec 19th. !9 days delivery time. My item is a high dollar item and this is nerve wracking. Worst of the worst. Inefficient. slow circuitous and should be dropped from use by reputable manufacturers.

  270. Carole Altevogt says:

    This is EXTREMELY slow. I have a package that was sent on 11/23/2018 and as of 12/17/2018, it still has not been delivered. So to say, that it may take an additional 1.5 days, is not true. This package has been all over the United States, even as close as 200 miles away and then it was shipped across the country again. I will never use this again.

  271. Scott Pauley says:

    I ordered an item from newegg, I live 30 miles north of Indianapolis. My order shipped from newegg warehouse in Indianapolis. I ordered 12/19/18 and its going to arrive 12/26/18. 7 days wait thanks to smart post. Its simply the worst delivery service I’ve ever had to deal with. DO NOT ever select “Free” shipping on newegg.

  272. TA says:

    NEVER USE FEDEX SMART POST! All the negative reviews on here are accurate.

    I ordered a package from China and was told it’ll take 6 days to get to me door to door in Houston, TX. Usually even with those guarantees, I allow a 2-3 day window. Here’s how it turned out..Pay attention to the dates!

    11/22/18 (2:14am) – Shipment information sent to FedEx
    12/13/18 (2:10pm) – FedEx Smart Post Los Angeles CA (21 days later! I had called several times in between and they claimed to never receiving a package)
    12/14/18 (4:20am) – Departed FedEx location Los Angeles CA
    12/14/18 (9:24pm) – In transit Los Angeles CA
    12/15/18 (9:20am) – In transit Rialto CA (I check the status and the new update says I should get the package by end of day 12/21/18. That’s almost a month after it was received! So much for 6 days.)
    12/15/18 (10:35pm) – In transit Bowie AZ
    12/16/18 (11:43am) – In transit Odessa TX
    12/16/18 (11:55pm) – In transit Mesquite TX
    12/17/18 (12:04pm) – In transit Buffalo TX (still scheduled for 12/21 delivery)
    12/21/18 (12:58pm) – Arrived at FedEx SmartPost Houston TX (It took 4 days from Buffalo TX! If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s about 2.5 hr drive. I could’ve picked it up myself in those 4 days I waited.)

    Well I’m typing this post on 12/21/18 after I got a text saying the delivery was rescheduled for 12/26/18. So add another 5 days. It’ll probably be longer because the Houston SmartPost location is a mess!

    I called FedEx and they said I couldn’t pick it up myself since it was a SmartPost. They then try to refer me to USPS to see if I can pick it from them after they receive it. Who knows when that will be. I just gave up and I’ll wait for the package whenever that is.

    A 6 day delivery is now well over a month late. No updates in between and no helpful information when you call.
    So whoever wrote this article about 1.5 days needs to revise it. Clearly based on the reviews, the average delay far exceeds that.

    Please always check your shipping methods. This was my first and would definitely be my last time using FedEx SmartPost. STAY AWAY FROM THAT SERVICE!!

  273. janus says:

    It is Christmas Day, 2018. My package, which the Seller decided to ship by smart post on Dec. 17th, is sitting in the Post Office at its destination. My daughter will not be able to use the cake I sent for part of her Christmas dinner. Thanks to all concerned.

  274. Trudy Bledsoe says:

    I ordered a gift on Dec. 14 with guaranteed delivery before Christmas. It has been 2.5 hours away from me for 5 days. Obviously I did not receive it by Christmas. Shipped via FedEx & Fedex Smart Post. I thought the FedEx part was slow! Nothing compared to Smart Post!! A disgrace! The company I ordered from didn’t care either!

  275. Collin says:

    One more for the fire:

    Wednesday, 12/26/2018 1:14 pmFEDEX SMARTPOST ELLENWOOD, GA
    Arrived at FedEx location
    Monday, 12/24/2018 10:03 am KENNESAW, GA
    Departed FedEx location
    Sunday, 12/23/2018 10:18 pm KENNESAW, GA
    Arrived at FedEx location
    8:17 pm KENNESAW, GA
    In transit
    7:48 am KENNESAW, GA
    In transit
    Saturday, 12/22/2018 12:47 pm CADIZ, KY
    In transit
    12:39 amLENEXA, KS
    In transit
    Friday, 12/21/2018 9:24 am HENDERSON, CO
    Departed FedEx location
    Thursday, 12/20/2018 5:32 pm HENDERSON, CO
    Arrived at FedEx location
    Monday, 12/17/2018 8:07 am
    Shipment information sent to FedEx

    Plugged into Google Maps, that’s a 21-hour drive. I also appreciate that Christmas had no movement and am fine with that, BUT…
    15.5 hours being driven around Kennesaw, GA on the 23rd is weird.

    The fact that it even went to GA is weird to me as the delivery address is in Knoxville, TN. It went through Nashville–about 3 hours East–on the 22nd/23rd.

    I canceled my subscription for the company that sold me the item because this is so dumb.

  276. Mark says:

    The USPS has refused to deliver to my address because we don’t get our mail here. We have been getting packages for years but now we get nothing. Since you contract with them to deliver what is a person supposed to do? The USPS says without a working mailbox no delivery. Any answers? Do you sent packages to home addresses who get mail by PO Box?

  277. After spending 20 minutes reading all the disguntal customers comments about Fedex Smartpost I agree 500%. My position with a large worldwide company was managing the small parcel account. FedEx service was the absolute worst. Their movement status was never current & NOT detailed. They never were part of our program period. Their competitor runs rings around them & still does with service & detailed movement status. They are a wannabe snall parcel carrier. When yr package sits in the origin terminal for a extended period is because they simply do note commit the space because of higher paying freight. Their published transit times are eye wash & rarely met. From the west coast to Ohio with a drop at local post office 7 to 8 working days. It’s sad that consumers/ customers have to tolerate such poor service.

  278. J. Cooper says:

    By far the worst delivery method on the planet. My package has been in Florida since 12/28, now the package is in Ocala, Fl since 12/29, and it still remains in Ocala. I live 2 hrs away, and Federal Dummies are saying it will not reach its destination until January 7th. I have learned that any title with the lable Federal, you should at all costs avoid any interaction with said company. I am hoping the company is ran by mentally handi-capped individuals, so I would at least give some credit to their inefficiency. Otherwise, you stink Fed X.

  279. Ken says:

    It seems the Olathe, KS office is slow, at least in 2018-19. A shipment from Colorado to Tennessee was scanned in at Olathe on Friday evening, Dec 28. Checking on January 2 (Wednesday), the status is unchanged. It’s still at the Olathe facility. It’s scheduled to arrive in TN this Friday, Jan 4. So I guess my package is lost somewhere in Olathe, KS, or they put it on a covered wagon.

  280. Jeff says:

    USPS is terribly inefficient with these packages once they are in their possession. I live near Minneapolis, and I can order something from across the country and FedEx or UPS will get it to the metro area usually within 2-3 days. Once USPS gets the package, it usually spends another 3-4 days criss-crossing the metro area (and sometimes will end up out in Wisconsin for some reason). Makes zero sense at all. I’d gladly pay the actual cost of ground shipping over this nonsense.

  281. Tonja says:

    I sent a package back to the merchant and handed it off to the usps carrier on December 26, 2018, Wednesday at 4pm and it’s still just says label created not received as of today January 9, 2019, Wednesday. I want to scream. Everyone I talk to ask USPS, at the merchant tells me it could take up to 3 weeks and that nothing anyone can do since it was never scanned by USPS I have to wait for FedEx to pick up from USPS distribution center and it should get scan them. I’m just worried it’s lost and I may have to pay for something I don’t have. I will never use them preprinted labels again. I will just pay for additional shipping myself.

  282. Bill says:

    FedEx Smartpost is absolutely the worst service I waited all day after tracking this package all week. The Rural Carrier refuses to bring the package with her as I wait at the mailbox and puts a pink pickup slip in mailbox for me to pickup on Monday. Yes it was too big for the mailbox but she didn’t even bother to bring it with her so I have to make a 20 mule round trip on Monday. Last mile delivery from the USPS sucks. 10 days it took in transit for me to get my Art.com package

  283. Max says:

    Remember when you used to order something and it was a customary 4-6 weeks for delivery? Just be glad we don’t live in those times. The need for instant gratification has gone off the rails. Relax people. Everyone wants free shipping that should have arrived yesterday. No wonder small businesses can’t compete.

    • Michael W says:

      Well Max , we don’t live in the days of 4-6 week shipping anymore . It’s called progress . For you to belittle people who have legitimate grievances is unbecoming . I’m a small business owner and I compete just fine 😉

    • Marianne says:

      But it’s not free, and it’s taking much longer than promised. If it is supposed to take this long, just let us know up front!

  284. Frank says:

    I ordered something on dec 17 and am still waiting. I am finally hoping to get it today after 14 stops and 6 states.

  285. Frank A. says:

    Smart Post is pretty bad. I ordered a package from Newegg. It hopped around various locations in Columbus, OH for 4 days. I guess it was on a mini vacation. After that Arkansas for 3 days. Dallas, TX to Houston, Tx was 24 hours. Houston, TX to Cypruss, TX (Basically Houston), another 24 hours. 24 hours later, finally in San Antonio. That said, I’m still waiting for the package. It is listed as On Truck For Delivery. The last FedEx Smart Post package that listed that was on the truck for 3 days before it was actually delivered. FexEx is terrible, slow, and they damage packages regularly.

    • Nate says:

      I’m in the exact same boat as you, Frank. Ordering Newegg from San Antonio, and tracking says it stopped in Selma, which is very close to me, and then after five minutes, it’s headed off to Houston. I cannot fathom why they wouldn’t just drop it off to the carrier at that point.

  286. Terry Marler says:

    If I get it when tracking says, it will be 9 days from Texas to it’s neighboring state, Arkansas. What are they walking with it?

  287. Beth says:

    I ordered on Jan. 2 and they finally shipped in the 11th. Now the delivery date, which started on the 16th, has changed 4 times and just got moved back to the 25th — on the evening of the day it was supposed to be delivered. According to the tracking my package has been sitting for day is Utah, then made a jump to Indiana, and has now been sitting there for days. Either the tracking or the package handling (or both) is terrible, because days go by with no update. For those of you running businesses out there, this makes me not only furious with this inept shipping company, but also with the business that chose it. I’m a first-time customer of theirs and likely a last after this.

  288. Mia says:

    That FedEx smartpost takes only 1.5 days longer then ground, is comical at best. I‘ve now been waiting 3.5 weeks for a package from CA to HI, which takes about 3 days with FedEx ground. First and last time using smarpost.

  289. Fed up with FedEx says:

    My package from Richmond CA to Newport Beach CA, was shipped FedEx Smartpost on Jan 23, scheduled to arrive Jan 29. That’s 7 days to travel about 500 miles. My package weighs 1 lb. The Post office estimator website estimated 3 days to ship a 1 lb package 500 miles for only 70 cents more than I was charged for FedEx Smartpost. Yes I would have paid 70 more cents to receive the package 4 days sooner. Frankly the Pony Express 150 years ago was faster than FedEx smartpost.

  290. Allen says:

    They’re terribly inefficient. Checkout my package:

    Monday, 1/28/2019 8:36 pm FEDEX SMARTPOST SACRAMENTO, CA Arrived at FedEx location

    Tuesday, 1/29/2019 11:11 pm FEDEX SMARTPOST SACRAMENTO, CA Departed FedEx location

    Wednesday, 1/30/2019 1:58 am Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service

    Wednesday, 1/30/2019 2:36 pm SACRAMENTO, CA Arrived at FedEx location

  291. Josh says:

    Ordered an item on ebay followed it through FedEx tracking to about an hour away from the destination. Smartpost said it was being handed over to USPS then it disappeared for 5 days before showing up in USPS system. If it had just been shipped USPS I’d have it already and I’d be happy. I feel it got lost on the FedEx truck for 5 days and I’m expecting none the less than for it to be broken. I especially don’t like this because if it never showed up then USPS and FedEx would just point fingers at each other. For me the next purchase I make if the seller uses smartpost or the like they will get negative feedback from me.
    Like it or not that’s just how it is.

  292. Steven G says:

    FedEx Smartpost® is horrid. Inglewood, CA to Santa Cruz, CA ten days and counting on a small 1 lb. package. During this period, FedEx has issued multiple updates on delivery that incorrectly indicated earlier delivery than the initial ETA. Each time, followed by “updates” the day of delivery that the ETA was slipping back. At this point, ETA is the same as the original notification and I expect that to slip as well. Keep in mind, USPS regularly delivers next-day or second-day within CA at parcel-post rates. FedEx SmartPost is just a way for FedEx to siphon off some of USPS’ revenues while providing a lower service level.

  293. Me says:

    I ordered a package LAST MONTH, FedEx gave it to SmartPost and they wont give me any answers. They told me to call the merchant for them to file a claim. I still have no package, no information, and nobody refunded me my money. JUST AWFUL!!!

  294. Maria Vindas says:

    In reference to all FedEx and UPS using the USPS has final delivery there is 24 hours or more when changing carriers that information stops on receiver point of view THIS SUCKS..That why this Fedex Smartpost and UPS Surroost needs to work on the no information given on this delay when changing carriers.

  295. Rene says:

    FedEx pickup my package from Chino, CA and it was in my town of ShowLow, AZ in 4 days! Yeahhh Right! Cool right? Only for package to get rerouted to Phoenix,AZ… Wait, what? Package literly 5 miles away to get rerouted 160 miles? You serious?
    So now they say it will take an additional 3 days for USPS to deliver it!
    At the same time I got a package from Hawaii with USPS that took 5 days to my door!
    How cost effective can that be? my package is getting more road time with FEDEX EVERYTIME!
    it should be renamed to FedEx slowpost not smartpost! Smart idea..dumb execution!

  296. larry e Bartlett says:

    Yeah i dont like smartpost either..I paid $8 for a 3-5 day shipping and its taking 25 days

  297. Vittic Martin says:

    This is the first time I have used FedEx SmartPost and I literally can’t believe how horrible it is. My package is located about 300 miles away from where I live. It takes about 4 hours to drive there normally and the estimated delivery date is in a week and a half. How??? How can it take a professional company, whose job it is to send packages,longer than it would take for me to go and pick it up? And it’s not like it was free shipping either. Oh no, I paid $15 for my package to take almost two weeks to arrive. That’s the kicker. The package is from eBay and I never would have bought from that seller if I knew then what I know now. Stay away from SmartPost, stay very far away. All I know is that I had better get my package eventually and it better not be banged up when I get it or I am gonna fight somebody. (The USPS guy better watch out because he is going to be right in my line of fire. Sorry USPS guy, it’s not your fault, but you’re probably gonna feel my wrath anyway because I got to take it out on somebody.)

  298. Joy says:

    I ordered a make up set from Too Faced, unknowing they will ship it with FedEX SmartPost. At first, the tracking seemed promising. They were making headway and kept me updated for 3 days. My package was coming from Illinois and shipping to a US territory, so I already know it would take sometime for it to get here. The package left the origin facility on January 17 and the LAST update was on January 21 when it reached California. It is now Feb. 15. Almost a MONTH after the last update. I received a refund from Paypal for my Too Faced purchase, and I was super confused. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason why Too Faced would refund me, unless the package did a 360 and was returned. But how was I supposed to know that? The tracking remained stagnant. I emailed FedEX about an update of some sort for my package and to confirm if it in fact was returned to seller. I also e-mailed Too Faced and let me tell you– both parties were no help. FedEX told me the same bullshet this post said (2-7 days delivery) and that since the last update was on Jan. 21, I should contact the seller about replacement or refund. Too Faced customer service was prompt and replied to me within hours but they have NO IDEA why I was refunded my money back. The reps told me they have to forward my issue to “corporate” but it’s already been a week and corporate hasn’t gotten to me yet. All this run around has gotten me frustrated and also given up. I have no idea if I have a package waiting for me but hey, at least I got my money back. Technically, I have nothing more to worry about but I wasted my time and effort ordering and contacting people all because their customer service reps have “no idea” what was going on. When or IF the package gets here, I wouldn’t be as hyped anymore. I can’t believe packages originating from CHINA gets to me faster and they make a half trip around the globe AND STILL MAKE IT IN 2 WEEKS OR LESS. That’s saying A LOT about how incompetent and inefficient SmartPost is. DO NOT USE IT OR PURCHASE FROM SELLERS WHO USE IT TO SHIP. YOU WILL BE LEFT IN LIMBO.

  299. Edgar McKenney says:

    Absolutely the worst service. Still waiting for a parcel that shipped on February 12th from Kansas City KS and is now not scheduled to be delivered until February 19th or 20th depending on which “REVISED” delivery date you want to believe. The driving distance from point of shipping to point of delivery is approximately 9 hours. According to their own tracking the parcel has set in terminals for days before being moved on to sit somewhere else. To pat yourself on the back and claim that the delivery was made within the estimated time frame is ludicrous when you quote ridiculously long time frames.

  300. Jan says:

    Waiting for a package shipped on Feb 13th from Henderson, Co to SLC UT. It arrived in North Salt Lake Saturday at 6:30 a.m. and is scheduled to be delivered on Thursday Feb 21st. It is 20 minutes from my home and will take 5 days to make the delivery. I think companies should be specific about the type of delivery service being used and date of delivery.

  301. KGHN says:

    I love FedEx SmartPost. In the exceedingly rural area (central Montana) where I live, FedEx’s ground service truck drivers provide unacceptably poor service. There is high turnover, and their GPS units apparently identify the wrong house.
    They leave my packages on anybody’s porch, in any weather, and lightweight items are left vulnerable to being blown across cow pastures. They do not follow directions given. They do not knock or ring the bell, just drop the package anywhere and scoot.
    Conversely, our local post office provides excellent, accurate delivery. It’s worth the few extra days to have items get here properly.
    I wish more companies would offer a choice of service, and give more information about how they intend to ship. Avoiding Fedex Ground delivery wastes too much of my time.

  302. tracey says:

    Smartpost to the west coast is terrible. Most ecommerce ships from TN or OH or NJ so it takes about 10 days. That is way too long, especially when I have PAID to have a package shipped to me.

  303. Randy says:

    The sellers say customers won’t pay for faster shipping which is not always true; Smart Post says the service takes 4-5 days which is not true; this article says customers are willing to wait 7 days which could be true but Smart Post takes longer.

    Let’s suppose you have a P.O. box, to avoid porch pirates, thus saving money for both you and the vendor. USPS costs more, so the vendor uses Smart Post, not because it’s acceptible but because it’s cheap. I’ve had no problem with Smart Post provided I allow 10 days, which is only 3 days more than this article says people are willing to wait.

    The real “bargains” are Priority Mail, because Amazon has set the standard people expect, and Media Mail which can take as long as Smart Post but is very inexpensive.

  304. I placed an order thru Groupon on 2/26/19. My item shipped from NJ on 2/26/10, went thru Arkansas and was sitting at Troutdale OR on 3/8/19, which is directly across the Columbia River from me. However,it got shipped to Kent WA on 3/9/19, which is just south of Seattle. It then arrived in Vancouver WA on 3/10/19, where I live. It was not delivered to me until 3/12/19. The item I ordered traveled several hundred miles more than it needed to. Not good guys.

  305. Guru says:

    So, obviously this article is written by someone who was urged or paid to write it based off of what other people have said, not based off of personal experience, so the whole article means literally nothing. Every single comment is saying the article is wrong except for one person who unfortunately has ‘literally’ unacceptable problems with FedEx ground drivers. Every “Smart”Post user out there seems to understand that the transit times are ludicrous even with the understanding that it’s a truck full of mail, not one guy with your item. Nobody’s having trouble understanding that it’s not a personal delivery service and that’s the weakest strawman argument against this specific complaint that exists. Smartpost regularly takes 12-15 hours to make a 3-5 hour drive, and apparently, since we’re told their tracking is accurate, the drivers get to just stop for 3-5 days in random cities along the route.

  306. name says:

    smartpost costs the same as priority mail. it adds 4 days to hand off most shipments to USPS. priority takes 2 or 3 days for most packages. if you really hate your customers, use smartpost

  307. Elise says:

    SmartPost is a terrible hybrid service. SLOW. While this might be ok for non-perishable items, it is lousy for gourmet foods and/or fruit or gifts. What’s more, there is a lack of accountability because FedEx and USPS are quite happy to just point fingers at each other.

  308. Keith Dye says:

    I want to thank all of you who posted here. I am an eBay seller and I offer free shipping on all of my items. I have 100% positive feedback and want strive to stay at 100%. Fedex contacted me and asked me to considering switching from USPS Priority Mail to Fedex Smartpost to save a buck on shipping costs per item. After reading your comments here, there is no way I will switch to Smartpost.

  309. Smart post sucks and so does FEDEX. 13 days to go from Phoenix to Seattle. I could have driven there and back faster than this. Making customers upset is not a way to get business

  310. Dave says:

    The timelines given in this article are false!

    OpticsPlanet shipment from Wisconsin to Oregon, 11 DAYS!

    Have we gone back to the Pony Express?!?!

  311. peter Carey says:

    I live in rural sw coloradr. The postal service delivers to a cluster box 1/2 mile from me. If one of the 4 parcel boxes is unavailable then i must go to the post office myself. Amazon uses the same service through ups. It is just terrible.

  312. Carl says:

    FedEx has absolutely become a dumpster fire company that is now the equivalent of Spirit Airlines. This is especially appalling as they used to be the very best (and charged accordingly). They apparently wanted to see how low they could go, and have found that niche, whether it’s via StupidPost or their “own” (ahem) Ground where it’s still outsourced to a third-party company that has no accountability. I’ve vowed to no longer do business with companies like BlueApron that use FedEx Ground (and have let them know the reason for cancellation). Totally unreliable. Most recently, I ordered an item from a company that promised fast, free shipping. I was initially pleased to see the item was shipping from a warehouse in an adjacent state. Delivery time via StupidPost: ten days! And that’s coming from only one state away. Meanwhile when I order from Amazon and choose no-rush shipping, I get financially rewarded for that decision, and I usually get the item a day later than if I’d used Prime. Companies should be required to disclose their FedEx relationship up front so we can avoid them.

  313. Danielle says:

    The smartpost is deigned to make consumers think it’s the USPS that’s slowing delivery times down.
    Getting frustrated consumers may spend even more to upgrade shipping service types.
    However USPS Priority cost about the same as what’s being charged by smartpost.
    I paid $15.99 to ship a 2.5 lb package.
    Cost about $7.35 for 3 day USPS Priority delivery.
    That leaves the vendor an additional $8.64 for handling charges.

    But instead they shipped using Fedex smartpost, really? I already paid premium prices for the two clothing items.
    $26.96 for the jeans, and $44.95 for the blouse.
    In addition to the $15.99 shipping, and $7.91 in sales taxes, which by the way is at a higher rate.
    In the end I paid $95.81, averaging a cost per item at about $42.50.50.
    I should have just made the purchase in person, and had the items already.
    On line purchases are getting far too expensive, in many ways.
    This shipping should not even be an option. Would be glad if the USPS ended their contract with private carriers.

  314. LV says:

    For Oregonians “Smart”Post is horrible.

    The “closest” hub is in Kent, WA. So i usually see a package coming as close as 20 miles of my house and then go to Kent, 180 miles away. And then wait few days to be picked up by usps and being delivered.

  315. KJ says:

    Currently awaiting a package that has been idled at a Fedex location 20 minutes from me for 2 days now. However wont be delivered for another 6 days! I will never order from a company using Smartpost. Ridiculous! I wish I could intercept and pick it up myself.

  316. Mark says:

    Smartpost is truly the worst. My latest package took six days to travel 1000 road miles to my home. Will definitely avoid in the future in favor of ANY other alternative. Pony Express would be faster.

  317. Keke says:

    Why exactly should customers or anyone for that matter care how many packages they move in a year

  318. Michelle says:

    This article is so wrong 😡. I have been keeping up with my package and it is at a smart post facility 3 hrs away and has not moved for 3 business days. If I had known I would drive down to get it myself.

  319. Jon May says:

    SmartPost is the PITS, took 10 days to get a package from NJ to Dallas, TX. These delivery claims are pure bullcrap. Had I known the company I was buying from was going to use this pathetic service, I would have paid for better service, but they don’t disclose they use SmartPost until after the order is shipped. WORST SERVICE EVER.

  320. IAMNartgirl says:

    I HATE FedEx SmartPost! (And whatever Amazon calls its BS USPS service) I have been shopping online for many, many years. It was VERY obvious when these merchants switched to using the third-party (USPS) “delivery service” through FedEx and Amazon. Shipments now take at least twice as long as they used to AND the merchants do not amend the shipping description to reflect the additional ship time. It is SO frustrating! Plus, if my USPS carrier does not feel like getting out of the little truck and coming to my door, I AM THE ONE who has to go to the Post Office to PICK UP my “delivery”. Ridiculous.

  321. Mad Mark says:

    Ordered from FL vendor, Shipping to Central NY. Shipped 4/17, expected delivery 4/25. Basic math, not 4 days ! ! Left FL on 4/17, in CT on 4/19. Package then put on Rickshaw with tandem team to make the remaining 130 mile journey.

  322. Lynn says:

    I’ve been waiting 8 days for a Smart Post delivery and was notified it will be an additional 2 days. TEN DAYS! Last time I will order from any company that exclusively uses Smart Post.

  323. Ken says:

    This is the worse shipping service I have ever encountered in my life. Had the misfortune of having 2 packages that were sent to me by Smartpost. First package took 5 days to so 80 miles, kept watching the tracking an the package kept getting further away!!! Cirrently waiting on a package shipped on the 15th of the month, now telling me to expect delivery on the 29th. Never again!!!

  324. Anthony Steventon says:

    SmartPost is a ridiculous system, it’s so slow a runner with a cleft stick would be quicker. I live in Colorado, a package was sent to me on 4/23. It arrived in Aurora CO on 4/26, where it stayed for 4 days until someone transferred it to Denver CO on 4/30.
    From there it was sent to Cincinnati OH and is currently in Des Moines IA, presumably to be sent wherever the pin lands on the map.
    Is Fedex aware that this is the 21st century, we stopped using stage coaches and covered wagons a long time ago.

  325. Marianne Martin says:

    My package originated less than an hour drive from my home in Illinois. From there it went to Wisconsin, then into Indiana, now I’m waiting for it to come back to Illinois. If this “hybrid” form of shipping is meant to save money, I think my order shows the opposite. The company would have been better using regular mail for the 50 mile distance. And I still haven’t received it.

  326. Cindy Smith says:

    I was just tracking my return to Saks. Package needs to go to Pottsdam, PA from Rochester, NY. I dropped it off at FedEx on 5/2/19… as of today, 5/9/19, the package has never left Rochester! Just dancing around between FedEx and USPC. Wow. Maybe I’ll get my $230 refund, maybe not! Yeah, that’s just ridiculous. If I knew this, I would have mailed it without their “Stupid”Post mailing label. Ugh…

  327. Pat says:

    I run a small business and have been using smart post for years. Generally our delivery ratios run around 97% and if we have a claim and or issue it’s usually on the end of the usps.

  328. David says:

    Bought a item on ebay from a seller in Provo. Utah. 14 days so far to go 20 miles. TOTALLY UN-EXCEPTABLE!!!

  329. David says:

    Just to update, Item was purchased Tuesday April 30, 2019 from an ebay seller in Provo Utah. I live in West Valley City, Utah, 36.4 miles away. It took 3 days for Fed Ex to pick up from the seller. They transferred it to Smartpost on May 4th 16:32PM. Parcel was sent to KENT [that’s right, Kent] Washington. On May 7th 2019 it left Kent, Washington and arrived. [ you guessed it,] at the Salt Lake City Fed EX Terminal [4.2 miles away] on May 11th. 2019. Item was transferred to the [ you guessed it] PROVO, Service Center USPS. At 11:59PM May 14, 2019 it has been transferred to the Salt Lake Service Center USPS. At 4:05AM it says that it is on route to PROVO !!!! AAARRRGGHH.

  330. David says:

    Just an update, Item was purchased on April 30, 2019 from an ebay seller in Provo, Utah.
    Seller is 36.4 miles away from me. Just got a shipping update. ” expected delivery date, May 22, 2019 in the afternoon from UPS ? ? ?

    Fed Ex to Smartpost, Smartpost to Usps, Usps to UPS ——– AAARRGGGHHH.

  331. Bryan says:

    11 day estimate from CA TO WA. The FedEx portion took less than 2 days to get within 20 miles, the USPS portion took 6 days for that last 20 miles. I could have crawled there and back more quickly.

  332. maria ferguson says:

    I’ve had 3 experiences with SmartPost and SurePost, all really bad. Quickest delivery was 1 week fro NJ to NJ. Longest was over 4 weeks, to the point the company shipped a 2nd shipment, assuming I would NEVER get it (and they can’t really confirm if you did or not). Horrible experience. Despite the huge savings that may be realized, the lost customers and additional customer service required to handled all the “where’s my package” inquiries have to be crippling. I think both UPS and FedEx get the package to USPS within a their regular shipping times (maybe one more day), but then USPS puts these items at the bottom of the barrel to be delivered at their convenience, which in my case was weeks later. Don’t believe the “slightly” longer delivery claims. Three different companies with three different origins were ALL bad deliveries, to the point of being unacceptable.

  333. Danielle says:

    Item ordered from California, was shipped this horrible Fedex smartpost shipping method (not USPS fault) It’s how Fedex bumps the slower shipping method because of pricing, often even paying higher shipping costs doesn’t always guarantee the shipper actually upgrades the service.
    So the package was received by Fedex on 05/18/2019 expected delivery date 05/30/2019 really? 12 days? It took 4 days to get from Encino California to Sun Valley AZ, at this point the fuel type changed from steam engine to rocket fuel, as it made it’s way to Clinton OK in about 12 hours. Most likely where it will sit for a few days relaxing in the Oklahoma sunshine. As end user’s that ultimately create work for Fedex one would think they would have a much better routing system than they do. People can knock the old Airborne Express but they had their routing down in regards to their shipping. As a carrier all I had to do was scan the pick up item, was given a routing code, wrote it on the package, and that’s how the system knew how to sort packages, instead of relying on addresses.

  334. Danielle says:

    Yet I also ordered an item at the same time coming from Hacienda Heights, California, using USPS first class, both packages weigh about 1.2lbs.
    As of 05/23/2019 this package has already reached Columbia, South Carolina, on it’s last leg to be delivered, the other via smartpost is still sitting in OK. Making sure it will take every bit of the 12 days, which they shouldn’t be too proud of.

  335. Texas001 says:

    I have been burned by SmartPost too many times now. I buy online and ask the seller to only ship USPS, UPS or FedEx. Then I get a Smartpost shipment. Well the last one came from Mexifonia and went to Schertx, Texas on its way to me. That took two days. Schertz Texas is 30 miles for my house. Great right, not so much. The package was then sent to Houston, Texas which is 240 miles from me to get into the USPS system. That added 7 days (including weekends) to reach me. So all in all Smartpost may be cheaper for the shipper but it is much slower than USPS in every way.

  336. Bb says:

    I ordered an item from a company just 8 hours away, shipping will take at least 8 days. Please bring Pony Express back.

  337. VVP says:

    The over 400 comments above just confirm – FedEx Smartpost is BAD!

    A common carrier that demonstrates that it isn’t “fit, willing, and able” to provide services must lose its authority.

  338. Najee Shabazz says:

    Nothing Smart about this way of shipping in addition there are no major cost savings via SmartPost. Why have a 3rd party ship your package when the USPS is willing to retrieve the package from you or simply go to the post office. I place many orders online and those with SmartPost shipping are not good for business. Case in point an ordered placed 30 min away from my business in NJ which took a week to arrive stopping at more than 4 locations with SmartPost. I placed another order from California USPS which took 3 days. Both were free shipping. Both were similar items. If you are a business SmartPost is not the way to go, shipping nor receiving.

  339. Doc says:

    I have a small business restoration of cars, trucks, and RV’s. I order a lot of parts from Ebay, and other vendors. It comes down to when buying parts always ask the vendor to ship domestic and not send smart post, or sure post. I have had very bad experiences with both.
    I ordered a part from a vendor, it was picked up same day as ordered by FedEx Smart Post. It was entered into the system on January 2019, from Detroit, Mi. I’m in Northeast Michigan I figured 3 or 4 days to take delivery, right? Wrong. It did finely get to me in the last week of May 2019. I no longer needed the part. I had to buy one from a different vendor who sent it USPS and received the part in 2 days. The reason the other vendor that sent part Smart Post is under contract with FedEx for all shipments, and has no control over how the system works. Due to the part being so late of me receiving it I was not able to return it. Smart Post and Sure Post are the worst way to send merchandise to a customer. Remember this, trying to make a complaint falls on deaf ears. You get little or no response from FedEx or UPS.

  340. Keith says:

    Ha ha ha

    FedEx Smartpost is the worst. You never know you are getting it because retailers who use FedEc never tell you that it’s the shipping option you are getting. The only time you find out is immediately after FedEx hands it off to USPS and the tracking info shows the words “FedEx Smartport”

    Plus the delivery date given at that point is NEVER correct. It ALWAYS

  341. Keith says:

    Dang it….

    It ALWAYS takes 2 extra days past the stated delivery date to get the package once it’s handed off to USPS after FedEx gives it to them.

  342. Raymond M Ieronimo says:

    Smartpost is one category superior to placing a package atop a pigeon.

  343. Tracey says:

    I literally despise this SmartPost crap! And these companies that use it when offering “Free Shipping or Free when you order X amount” it basically cost the same amount to ship it regular USPS and you get it much faster!

  344. Jim Daniels says:

    tracking my package now. it never spent more than 3-4 hours at the fedex facility until…….it arrive at Fedex Smartpost Clinton, Pa at 0830 Friday. minutes away from the warrendale postal facility where it needs to go to be handed off to my post office. Still there at 1300 Saturday. They are saying Monday delivery but I am not going to hold my breath

  345. Steven says:

    I order a lot of stuff on ebay so I am going to start asking first about shipping. A dollar more if need be to keep away from Snailppost sellers is fine.

  346. James Daniels says:

    They are the worst! Package started across country and never sat more than 3-4 hours at the fedex facility until it hit Clinton, Pa Friday am early. Sat there until 1 something Monday morning when it supposedly left for USPS Post office tracking shows it has not arrived as of noon Monday. If they had given it bicycle courier Saturday morning it would have been here by noon!

    • James Daniels says:

      arrived @ my post office Monday 1:30pm so I will get it tomorrow. Shipment information sent to fedex June 30 630am arrived afternoon July 1 fedex in colorado. will arrive here July 11! What a joke!

  347. John higgins says:

    I ordered an item on 7/4/2019. It shipped on the 5th. It is now 7/15/19 and I still have not received it.

  348. Dcw says:

    Smart post is a rip! My package has taken 7 days to get to within 13 miles of my house only to be sent 30 miles the wrong way. Now it is 5 miles away at a post office and says it will be here monday. Its friday morning at 9:16am. Two days for 5 miles???

  349. Texas001 says:

    When I see that a package is coming via Smart Post I add a week to the first delivery date. Never have I received a package on the first delivery date. There is always a delay. I think I would rather (biting my tongue) just have the USPS deliver the package. Normally USPS is 4-5 days faster than Smart Post. I see no advantage in having two carriers. If Amazon can do it in one day why can’t the rest of the carriers do it in 4 days.

  350. Ying Li says:

    My small package took 8 days from new Jersey to Chino, California. It will take another 5 full days to simi valley, ca. It is only 70 miles away, it’s so slow,slow,slow

  351. Richard Abbott says:

    I ordered something on July 30th and now it’s August 20th and haven’t received it yet…I contacted the shipper and said it was still in transit in Michigan, it must be visiting every FedEx office in the state. Hopefully when it reaches indiana they will transfer it to the donkey Express in time for Christmas. ….

  352. Cecil Gabriel says:

    It’s terrible. I live in the Portland area and on Friday FedEx said my package had arrived at a local facility. Today, Saturday it say my package has gone 165 miles north to Kent Washington and would be delivered on Tuesday by the post office. I don’t see the sense in this at all when it could easily have been delivered today.

  353. Matt says:

    Twenty day delivery estimate.
    Shipped yesterday; estimated delivery September 18.

    That’s slower than parcel post.

  354. PEARL says:

    I am so upset and dissatisfied with they way they handle my packages. I’ve gotten notifications about scheduled delivery’s that didn’t happen. I thought an investigation ticket had been opened and that was a lie. I’d like to sue for wasting my time to being home and for pain and suffering 😢😔 I diffently will not use this service ever again

  355. Finn says:

    Ordered a starter from CA on July 3rd. Arrived in Jacksonville, FL on July 7th. No problem. Then for three weeks it said: “Tuesday, Jul 9, 2019 4:09 PM JACKSONVILLE , FL In transit – In transit to local Post Office – Allow two to three additional days for delivery” After a lot of work on the seller’s part the post office finally admitted “they had damaged the package”.
    Now I’m tracking a package from Sparks, NV. It’s made it way to Orlando, FL via 8 stops.
    I’m thinking that Fedex intentionally delays the packages so as to encourage using regular Fedex shipping. And if Fedex doesn’t delay it, then USPS don’t like it and gives it minimal attention in their major distribution centers.
    Note that I do get excellent service from USPS out here in the middle of nowhere in FL. So, it is the interface between Fedex and USPS that is suspect.

  356. Richard says:

    As someone above says, I cringe when I see SmartPost or SurePost. Sometimes the handoff goes smoothly but usually it seems like during the handoff nobody takes ownership. FedEx is fast, USPS is fast but when combined the time is too slow.

    I remember a time when I had two packages coming. Both got to the Fedex distribution center at the same time. One was Fedex ground, the other SmartPost. They were coming to my house anyway so the “smart” thing would have been to have gone ahead and delivered both. Instead, they made me wait on the other while they sent it back 90 miles to the SmartPost center or whatever, then it set in their truck or USPS warehouse another day.

    I thought the “smart” in SmartPost was supposed to mean something. Like give it to the Post Office if delivery would be on Saturday and the shipper hadn’t paid for Saturday delivery. Or deliver it themselves if they were coming here anyways. 🙂

  357. Noland says:

    Everytime a shipper uses Smartpost the delay is with the USPS. UPS & FedEx is more responsible to their customers. USPS acts as rude & inefficient as they want because their employees are never held responsible. Government employees.

  358. Johnny Anderson says:

    I absolutely hate SmartPost. I had a package leave New Orleans and with lightning speed was in Phoenix Arizona, wthin two and a quarter days. Then the package just sits in Phoenix Arizona for ages while FedEx lets the post office know that they’ve got the package, then the post office comes to pick it up then it’s delayed even further and it takes longer to get this package for the last 95 miles of the journey than it did for the thousand plus miles from New Orleans to Phoenix. I would not recommend this stupid service to anybody. In my opinion it should be called Stupid post

  359. Clint says:

    SmartPost simply sucks. Whoever designed this system must have an IQ in the single digits. Packages come within a mile of my house and then go hours and states aways. They sit for days and then suddenly pick up and take almost 24 hours to move 2 hours away. Two weeks from CO to Chicago. You aren’t delivering this package to a small town in the middle of nowhere. My advice, do not EVER use it. Do not buy from a company that ships with it. Unfortunately, this company didn’t disclose the time frame and method, until after my purchase, or I would have paid double elsewhere.

  360. Pattie says:

    I purchased a T shirt from the east coast and was pleased that tracking said 5 days later it was 40 miles from delivery(Portand OR) then 2 more days for expected drop off. I didn’t get the package two days later, so checking tracking again said delivery would be 5 more days because my order was headed to Seattle. WTF? When it gets to Seattle, they handed it to USPS and it took another 3 days to get back to Portland. From my experience, this is not a reliable deliver service!

    • MemeMika says:

      I just bought google home from google store and it says it would be here in one week from purchase date but when I tracked the package on Fedex it said in 3 days so the package is from cail I get a update a day later saying it’s in new jersey the next day it says it’s in Wisconsin then illinois BUT I’M IN NEW YORK

  361. Kathy says:

    Well I dont know what to say, Purchased a product which says they ship next business day 7-10 days delivery. Well they printed the label the following day Fedex did not pick it up for a week. Then instead of shipping from NV and bordering state to AZ they sent it to two locations in California and now shipping to Pheonix AZ which it is sending at the fedx smart post location this morning- Now they are going to ship it another 250 miles into Lake Havasu weather that is my fedex or UPS- My form was finally updated that delivery is delayed a day. I understand savings but they shipped an additional 1000 miles to reach its destination.

  362. Paulina says:

    All I can say is if you can avoid using fedex do it! Ive had so many packages that don’t get to me!! Fedex totally sucks and if you file a claim they don’t help you out, that’s a total lie and also I emailed them with no response, I called them and no response, I wanted to chat with them online and guess what?? NO RESPONSE! So fedex for me is a waste of time. You won’t receive your package unless you’re one of those lucky people.

  363. Dana says:

    SmartPost is the most HORRIFIC way of shipping and don’t EVER buy from a company who uses SmartPost. My package is in New Brunswick NJ where I live, and it is taking THREE days to deliver to my house. I’ve been on hold now for an HOUR to intercept it. But NO one can help. No one can track the package, no one knows where it is, other than “SMARTPOST New Brunswick, NJ” which is MY TOWN, but “Oh, it will get there in THREE days” The package is MINUTES away from my house, but it will take THREE days to get there. HORRIBLE, disgraceful, embarrassing service.

  364. Michele D says:

    Smart post is ridiculously slow. Twice I have ordered from a company that uses this (and paid $7.95 for shipping) and it takes 2 weeks for the items (about a half pound weight) to make it from Florida to Albany NY? Really? I can drive it in 23 hours, door to door. I’m done ordering from this company because they refuse to use alternate shipping. I’ll tell them once the items I ordered on 11/6/19 arrive on the scheduled delivery date of 11/201/19.

  365. Johnny Thrift says:

    I’m at 4 days into a Smart Post package and it has another 2-4 days remaining can claim 4 days all they want they max out the time on smartpost. As usual had a package sit for 48 hours at the fedex regional center because they wanted to slow it down.

  366. Blossom says:

    Nothing SMART about FedEx smart post.
    It would be better to just abolish this. You will get your package faster by USPS than smart post. I’ve had two packages delayed from being delivered because of them. My package is within 15 miles yet they won’t deliver it or allow pickup for 5 days! Which is something they do routinely. They either hold your package for 5 days on the shippers end or on your end hub. This is unacceptable and I’ll be filing a formal delay of mail complaint against them.

  367. Randy Bupp says:

    I had a package coming from California I seen on the tracking it made it to my Township from there it went to some place called Breinigsville PA and now it says it’s going to take a couple more days to get to me why would it get to my Township and then turn around and be sent somewhere halfway across PA

  368. JIm W says:


  369. Cat W says:

    I just realized an item that I purchased off of eBay is using FedEx….gasp…sob…. choke. As a single tear falls from my dejected eye, I realize my mother will prob not be getting her fantastically priced boots for Christmas this year.
    The last time I had two packages come from these heathens they dropped the packages off, apparently at my neighbor’s house, then after I let them know that I never received the “delivered packages” they just kept saying it was FedEx smart post, not FedEx (rut ro) and basically I was screwed. Of course they didn’t even bother to email me back for 4/5 days to tell me that I was screwed. All I know is that I was home the entire time and no ugly blue and white truck pulled into my driveway. Luckily my neighbor’s aren’t dbags (who knew?) and dropped them off on my porch the next day.
    I promised myself I’d never use FedEx anything ever again. In fact because of them I now have like 45 signs with my house number, lighted for better night time viewing, strategically stationed at different spots in front of my house. Gee, wonder if 45 will be enough? Not for FedEx it won’t be!
    By using FedEx I’ve let myself down and ruined Christmas. Shameful, just shameful.

  370. Jon Nelson says:

    Smartpost is absolutely horrible and I no longer will buy anything online from a company that ships via smartpost. It just flat out sucks. Never again. Wise up merchants, these clowns are giving YOU a bad name too. We already know Fedex smartpost sucks.

  371. Jon T. says:

    I ordered an item. FedEx smartpost (if I knew that’s what they were using I wouldn’t have ordered) picked the item up on 11/16/2019 here it is 12/5/2019 the package is still in California but I live in Ohio. The package has went from Los Angeles to Needles, CA…………I’ll be lucky if it ever gets here. USPS sucks in my area.

  372. Vincent Nueva says:

    Ordered a packaged which was shipped on October 30, 2019. I got an update that my package would arrive on December 5, 2019, in Guam…Really???!!! I still have not received the package and there are no updates on delivery.

    • Vincent Nueva says:

      I finally was able to speak to a FEDEX employee thru via their assistant line. In short, they told me that since it been a month, I should contact the vendor and request another package to be shipped or get a refund. I got a full refund!! DONT NOT USE FEDEX!!!

  373. Greg A says:

    I’ve read comments in this blog that Fed-X normally meets their stated delivery dates using SmartPost. Sure they do. Fed-X keeps moving the “Scheduled Delivery” date around to meet when they expect it to arrive.

    What I witness is that Fed-X starts out with an initial delivery date 14 days in the future when the package is put into their system – a tad bit longer than their normal ground which is 3-4 days maximum to this location from anywhere in the US. Then if someone somewhere in the Fed-X monolith notices my package lying on the floor somewhere deep within the bowels of their warehouse, they will put it back in process and Fed-X will then knock off a day or two on the delivery date.

    A very poor idea by someone in that organization to improve their “bottom line” at the expense of the customer.

  374. John says:

    SmartPost reflects badly on the vendor/seller too. I have been dealing with a custom manufacturer of filters and they can produce what I want in 1 business day, but they insist on using SmartPost, so I do not get my order for another 6-7 days. Terrible service, and I’ve advised them they will lose my business soon.

  375. I was not given a choice on whether or not I wanted to use Smart post and now instead of receiving my package today I have to wait additional days. 6 to be exact! Your customer service is outsourced so Maybe that’s why they don’t know what they are talking about? Now I see that My expected delivery date (during the busiest time of year for usps) is the post office. I know that the shipper makes the choice of delivery but I wish there was something else I could do.

  376. Jenn says:

    Chiming in with most of the crowd here to say that FedEx SmartPost is horrible. I ordered cookies as gifts and they were confirmed to arrive on or before 12/11 yet the tracking showed that on the 12th USPS was waiting for the cookies to get to them. It’s the morning of the 13th now and still no change in the status. Once I realized that USPS would be involved in this order, I knew I was doomed. Would rather have skipped the free shipping if I knew this would happen. Wish the cookie suppliers had told me what service they’d use.

  377. Don Thorson says:

    I have been shipping and receiving packages, professionally, for over 30 yrs. Never have I experienced such a horrible system as I have with FedEx (not so) Smartpost. This is the worst shipping method I have ever seen, transit times are extremely unreliable and the dates constantly change to suit the needs of FedEx. When you call, they blame ALL the issues on USPS and won’t take any of the responsibility.
    I for one am a very pissed off consumer and will never use nor reccomend FexEx Smartpost to anyone. I wouldn’t even use them to ship dog crap to my ex.

  378. Wasco says:

    Had I known Smartpost sucks, I would have paid for shipping. I will not trust any vendors that provide free shipping, unless they specifically mention the carrier they use.

    Fedex smartpost allowed my package sitting in their facilities for days, and it took them 3 days to ship my package for 23 miles. How can a shipping company sustain with such bad services? I am still waiting for my package. Ordered 12/2 and it shows NO delivery schedule.

  379. Ron says:

    I ordered three items from a department store December 5th 2019. Items were shipped from Altoona PA, December 8th. I live 54 miles from Altoona, the packages have been to Harrisburg, Hagerstown, MD ,and now sit in Harpers ferry WV. Smartpost has Dec 18 as the delivery date. They will have traveled 500 miles in ten days to go 54 miles.

  380. Scott says:

    According to tracking my package has been 20 miles from my house for 10 days. Called Fed ex, called USPS, called smart post, called retailer, offered to go pick it up, just told by all of them give it 7 more days? 7 days to go 20 miles? Really?

  381. NewsView says:

    Three weeks is on the FAST side for delivery where I live when the ship method is SmartPost. So yes, FedEx SmartPost is too slow for the money no matter what the company may say about delivery timeframes. When I was shipping a small but somewhat expensive/fragile item over Ebay about three years ago, there wasn’t a significant savings to SmartPost over USPS. In my view, if the customer destination is on the opposing side of the country from where you are located — say MI to CA — don’t use this method. If the slow transit time isn’t bad enough, there’s another consideration: The longer a package remains in transit the more likely it is to become damaged. FedEx SmartPost is not a very “smart” choice.

    • O my package a week ago and it’s been sitting in Ellenwood for 4 days now. It’s about 3 counties away. I would go pick it up if it was allowed. Never use smart post again!

  382. Samantha Murtha says:

    Smart post sucks! Ordered from amazon on the 30th, a gift for my husband for Christmas…. it was supposed to arrive between the 9-16th…. on the 17th I got a message stating it won’t be later than the 23rd of this month. The very next day it showed that it “SHOULD” arrive between the 17th and 20th… supposedly was shipped on the 3rd, which then was changed to the 5th, somehow…. and then didn’t have an update until the 14th when it apparently was picked up by FedEx while the actual site is showing it wasn’t picked up until the 15th… then on top of all that, it left the FedEx location on the 17th and now I have NO CLUE as to where this package is… at all! It’s absolutely ridiculous and i will, from now on, pay to have my items shipped. I wasn’t even given an option for shipping methods… worst experience EVER! What’s worse is I had another item ordered on the 2nd, shipped.by DHL and got it less than a week later. I’m going to be EXTREMELY upset if I don’t have my husbands Christmas gift by Christmas….

  383. Ernie says:

    I Shipped a Christmas gift to my sister on 12/09/19 with fedex ground. They have always been reliable so I had no reason to question fedex ground. Well, now I do- It was suppose to be delivered on 12/12/19 but, fo some reason it was converted to Smart post on the day of delivery. It has been sitting in the city of delivery since 12/15/19 and fedex doesn’t seem to care. As of 12/18/19 no delivery has been made. NOT HAPPY!! I paid for fedex Ground, didn’t get the reliable service I’ve been accustomed to. Next time I will just send $ electronically.

  384. Randy says:

    Just had my first experience with FedEx SmartPost. Almost 3 weeks for an item that was advertised to be delivered in 6 days. The item sat for several days in various spots. They changed the delivery date 5 times. It went through town on my side of the state and was delivered to the other side of the state almost 300 miles away, then had to be shipped back. I will not buy from a seller that uses this service in the future. Terribly frustrating, but my experience seems mild compared to some others I have read on this site.

  385. John Jackson says:

    I suspect that USPS places SmartPost packages on the back burner. After all they are the competition.

  386. Jason says:

    Ordered a christmas present that was picked up on 12/16 in Wayne,NJ. Got a text message saying picked up and will be delivered 12/21. Checked where it was at a few days later, date had changed to 12/27. Hoped it was inaccurate and wld still be in Tucson,AZ on/before the 24th. Checked on 12/23 still sd 12/27. Checked 12/25 now it’s been pushed out to 1/2. I understand it’s a hybrid shipment and it often times gets lost or stuck in transferring over. But the USPS only comes in on the tail end of delivery. So between 12/16 and today 12/27 it’s been fedex responsible for the shipping and its only recently in transit from KS, after nearly 10+ days. And your blaming it on the facts that it’s a hybrid shipment? It appears Fedex does hybrid shipping and can take as long as they want to ship it because nobody is ultimately responsible, for it being obscurely delivered beyond they 4 days they claim to be normal shipping time in the US. Even if you understand that it can take a few additional days to transfer over and than get delivered by USPS. FedEx should realize that this is their doing and take 100% accountability for any and all shipping problems, that extend beyond any reasonable said delivery dates.

  387. Mike says:

    Ordered a shipment of food dry goods from our normal supplier on December 23 expecting it to arrive in about a week as WAS normal previously. We did this so we could use the supplies to travel and set up a corporate apartment on January 4. The shipment was due 12/30. On 12/30 we were informed it would arrive 12/31. Now it is due to arrive January 4. We will stop using this supplier for now and make sure going forward no supplier uses Fedex Smartpost when making our orders.

  388. Lisa says:

    Ordered a pair of pants from Hollister for vacation and it’s taken 8 days for them to even get close to me. I’ve been tracking them and they have sat several days in one spot. My tracking says they wont be delivered before I fly out in 4 days even though they are about 50 miles from me. Never again will I order If I know its fed ex smart post!

  389. Randy says:

    Fedex is slow enough it seem the never update the tracking info on their website. I ordered something from FEDEX SMARTPOST GROVE CITY, OH went past my town to the eastern part of the state and arrived at 8:46 pm FEDEX SMARTPOST NORTHBOROUGH, MA NO big deal I can drive from east to west and back again in about 5 hours. My item departed at 9:51 pm on Friday , 1/10/2020 FEDEX SMARTPOST NORTHBOROUGH, MA. It’s now Sunday no update on the STUPIDPOST FEDEX or anywhere else frankly I’d rather pay a small amount to avoid. this not so SmartPost way of delivery. This is NOT this first time this has happened it HAPPENS EVERY TIME!! I think the consumers should have the choice to avoid SmartPost. Also UPS is much faster with their deliveries without it. Thank god Amazon delivers a lot of their own stuff. #SmartPost is really StupidPost

  390. Victor says:

    Just had my first experience with smart. My conclusion, I will never order from any store that uses fedex, let alone smart post again.
    On Monday morning I tracked my package on fedex’s website and it said “on vehicle for delivery”. I waited for the package but it never arrived. I tracked it again and it said it had been delivered on my front door. I went to the ground and shipping office, called customer service but they weren’t any help, I was made to believe my package with content worth $500 had been stolen. I was going to have the store to reship the product or I would reorder it from another store. On Wednesday, usps came and delivered the package without any notice. I just found it on my door step when I got home.
    Smart post is not worth anything if there is no coordination and proper tracking between fedex and usps. I won’t use fedex again because of their horrible customer service and online reviews.
    All these happened between Jan 20 and Jan 22, 2020.

  391. Bryan says:

    I have used SmartPost, but not my choice. I found that USPS can deliver the same package at the same time using JUST USPS. I did this by checking delivery times. The cost was less without FedEx. FedEx Ground was $24.00 and USPS alone was $19.00.

  392. Dana Hazelwood says:

    Smartpost takes forever. Packages sometimes stay for days in the same location. I now have a package sent from NJ and now, a week later, it is in Cincinnati. Don’t know how long it will be there. Almost everything shipped to me Smartpost takes a lot longer than the stated 4.5 day average.

  393. Frustrated says:

    Ive ordered from the same company many times, but usually they ship ups ground. This time they selected smartpost. When the tracking updated it gave 9 days for the delivery time frame. Normally i get orders from this company in 2-3 days. They are only 350 miles away. Now my pkg has driven past my city to another state, driven back to my state on the complete opposite side and is sitting in shipping purgatory for no reason. This is not smart shipping at all and i will be requesting this company not use smartpost on my orders any more. I paid $10 for shipping 1 3lb item. This easily could have gone ups ground but they chose to save $.50 and slowboat this thing and piss off a good customer. I literally had forgotten to order 1 item on my last $400 order from them. …. that i got in 2 days, stay away from smart post. I sell on amazon and will not use it for my customers orders.

  394. William says:

    It is completely worthless took 21 days to get a package from lousiana to Missouri it sat in Mississippi 17 days and then fed ex picked it up delivered it to the postal service and that took 4 more days avoid this service and fed ex like the plague I see the illegals driving for contractors pulling their trailers and every week I see the wrecked and scattered on the road.

  395. Judge Elliot Smith (Ret.) says:

    Fedex smartpost discriminates against all the thousands upon thousands of customers of Amazon, etc. that do NOT get home delivery by the US Post Office!!!

    Or Post Office does NOT have home delivery. We order something on Amazon, but it is sold by “Smartpost” or some other irresponsible seller who chooses Fedex Smartpost. I got an email today saying the package was delvered YESTERDAY, to some unspecified place in San Francisco, 30 miles away.

    • Elliot Smith says:

      It should have said sold by “MaxWarehouse”, not Smartpost.

      But Samrtpost still sucks.

    • Kathy A says:

      I have watched a package of mine sit in a Smartpost site for 2 weeks only 15 miles away. So now it travels from Carol Stream, IL to Greensboro, NC and now back to Aurora, IL (~10 miles from Carol Stream) who knows when I’ll get my package? But with this inefficiency, I can see how the USPS is losing money. I would have gladly driven to Carol Stream if I could have picked up my package. SMH

  396. Kevin Andrew Dawson says:

    The USPS handles the packages immediately; many are considered standard mail but as the last mile provider the USPS strives to be the industry leader in small package logistics. Nothing but the fact there is a package bearing a tracking number is given to the USPS and the service condenses packages for given delivery areas into larger dispatches daily and there’s none on Saturday. In my experience, mail doesn’t sit except on non-delivery days.

  397. James G Huber says:

    FedEx is stupid! They should charge customers who are unfortunate enough to be stuck with SMARTPOST a storage fee while their package sits, and sits, and sits day after day, at the FedEX facility waiting for the USPS to pick it up.

  398. Janice Smith-Fuller says:

    I paid extra to have a package shipped to my house. It took more than 15 days for a package that was shipped less than 15 miles from my address. I tracked it and it went from Bolingbrook to Chicago, to the post office, than back to FedEx to Wisconsin and to an unknown address back to the post office and back to Bolingbrook. I called the company where I had purchased the item and they sent me a replace using the same shipping class free of charge. I received their package the next and the original package on the same day but in the afternoon????
    Now my mother is waiting for an order which I just tracked and it is going the same route Illinois to Wisconsin and she lives with me in Illinois.

  399. Chris says:

    The very quickest I’ve received smartpost was 6 days from chicago to Minneapolis. The longest was 11 days from dallas to Minneapolis. I get a stamped envelope with a letter from my grandmother at least once a month, she is in fort Myers Florida and to Minneapolis it’s never took more then 3 days from postmark date to arrive. If you’re not faster then a stamped envelope your service sucks.

  400. Dale Mortensen says:

    I see everyone is suffering the same as me for this so called mail service. I’m keeping records of what companies send their packages by Smart Post and simply won’t buy from them anymore. I can see why Amazon is so great, they’re lightening fast for the most part.

  401. Jeff says:

    I hate Smartpost. It should be called Slowpost. The USPS is horrible. I’ve had packages set at one USPS distribution center or facility for up to 10 days without moving. Used to be USPS Priority got to the destination in 3 days. Now it doesn’t get there any faster than sending it 1st class. When I order/buy an item online and the seller ships USPS, I always ask if they would ship FedEx or UPS instead and I’ll pay the extra cost. Never have any problems with FedEx and UPS. ALWAYS have problems with USPS.

  402. Paul says:

    Took over a month to get something from just a couple states away using FedEx “smartpost”. Would’ve been cheaper AND quicker had they used USPS the whole way. Such a scam!

  403. Daniel C. Garcia, says:

    I spoke with someone today from the FedEx executive office in Tennessee, he said smart mail could take a month to reach its destination. I had written a letter to the company CEO asking why I ordered something from San Francisco and I live only 424 miles away in Huntington Beach, California yet the tracking information said it went to Colorado then New Mexico, back up the state north to Chino, California before coming back to the city of Industry, before arriving in Huntington Beach. They call that smart mail? What is so smart about that? That option should be eliminated! The owner gives away 10 million dollars every year to the PGA for their FedEx Cup golf Championship, meaning he makes millions every year in over charging the public. Nothing should take over a week in the United States period!

  404. Kleepsh Bentenhausen says:

    USPS is an insane money pit of dysfunctional Unionized Government Crap. Postal Service needs to be privatized….LONG overdue.FedEx is even worse than the useless USPS.I make it a point to only order product I can have sent by UPS. I don’t work for them neither does anyone I know. They are just better than the other two useless shipping services I mentioned. I order lots and lots of stuff and have experienced nothing but headaches and stress with FedEx and The United States Post Office. Maybe if the USPS would ease up on the absurd Pensions and Union Wages they might make a profit…..Nah! nevermind not gonna happen.

  405. walks says:

    I just got a fedex notification that my package was delivered, yet I am home and there is no package in site. Assuming it was delivered to a wrong address, as I’ve watched 3 different fed ex trucks drive through the neighborhood today. I spent some time attempting to contact customer service.

    Then I looked at the detailed package info and saw that it was Smartpost. So “Delivered” means it was dropped at the post office, and since its a holiday weekend it will be 3 more days until it’s actually delivered.

    It was free shipping, you get what you pay for. I just find it funny that the package was likely on the freaking fedex truck that just stopped at my neighbor’s house, yet it will be 3 more days until it gets here.

  406. Nadina Bolton says:

    Smartpost is b.s. takes to long it was literally 30 minutes away from home FedEx Carson supposed to be delivered the next day it’s now 7 days later I think a class action lawsuit should be filed against them it’s bs

  407. Ray Smith says:

    Fedex StupidPost is beyond the worst. The package is sitting in FEDEX SMARTPOST CLINTON, PA for a week, it was supposed to have been delivered days ago now its says delivery date unavailable. Seems UPS, Fedex are competing to see who can be the worst delivery company in the world, i wish these shippers would give us a choice on who they use.

  408. Bee says:

    I completely disagree with this article. Smartpost IS the worst. I had to call the store and ask if there were other options otherwise, I would not shop with them ever again. They split my order into three nightmare smartpost shipments. Below is only one of them. The others are just as bad.

    Today is June 9 2020. I’m waiting on a package to arrive that originated in Winchester, VA on May 26. I’m in VA. ( 3 hours away from Winchester) Check out the current tracking info for Smartpost below. Read from the bottom up. Also, the package is expected to arrive June 12 by 9pm.

    Of course I’m frustrated with this slow service but what really bothers me and frankly angers me is that this type of inefficient transportation pollutes the environment, puts unnecessary wear and tear on the roads, uses excessive unnecessary fuel, etc.. Maybe we should blame Smartpost for global warming! Is it really necessary to go from VA to GA to MD and then to only G-d knows where next but certainly not directly to me. How about NC? They haven’t visited there yet.

    Saturday , 6/06/2020
    12:22 pm
    Departed FedEx location
    1:35 am
    Arrived at FedEx location

    Friday , 6/05/2020
    9:49 am
    Departed FedEx location
    6:30 am
    Arrived at FedEx location

    Wednesday , 6/03/2020
    11:21 pm
    Left FedEx origin facility
    7:37 pm
    Arrived at FedEx location

    Tuesday , 6/02/2020
    10:11 am
    Shipment information sent to FedEx

    • Mark Howard says:

      Here’s a good one for ya the post office is on one side of interstate 81 the Smart post facility is on the other side about 1 mile apart So how is it it takes from Thursday to Sunday to get to the post office.
      Read the tracking of course is smart post you have to start at the bottom maybe they should’ve been referred to as dumb post I think the pony express was faster.
      Thursday , 7/16/2020
      3:20 am
      In transit
      In transit to U.S. Postal Service
      3:00 am
      Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service
      2:17 am
      Departed FedEx location
      Wednesday , 7/15/2020
      2:16 pm
      Arrived at FedEx location
      Tuesday , 7/14/2020
      10:39 am
      Departed FedEx location
      2:49 am
      Arrived at FedEx location
      12:39 am
      Left FedEx origin facility
      Monday , 7/13/2020
      9:03 pm
      Arrived at FedEx location
      Sunday , 7/12/2020
      3:53 pm
      Shipment information sent to FedExHere’s a good one for ya the post office is on one side of interstate 81 the Smart facility is on the other side about 1 mile apart

  409. Eric says:

    Shipper in Los Angeles sent me a package via Smart Post. Took FedEx 5 days to pick it up. Took them 4 days to hand it over to USPS in Los Angeles, again. It stayed in Los Angeles in distribution centers being scanned out and back in after about an hour. Went to Bell, CA. Went back to Los Angeles distribution centers for two weeks. Finally got to Long Beach (about 18 miles) and sat four days, then scheduled for Friday delivery. USPS claimed they couldn’t gain access. Patently false claim. We have an elevator and several stairwells open to the public that go up to the floor I live on. No note left on door. No deliveries on Saturday by the usual carrier. Delivered on Monday. 31 days to go 18 miles. Pathetic.

  410. B m says:

    my package sat in Pittsburgh for 8 days! Before being forwarded to me in buffalo 5 days late! I refused delivery as I ashtray went to a local store to just purchase the product for a few dollars more

  411. Barbara says:

    I have a package that left New Hampshire June 23. It got to Dallas on June 25. It has been sitting in Dallas for 6 days. At first it said delivery on July 9, but now it says delivery will not occur until July 11. Why is it just sitting in Dallas???? Anything I get from Dallas usually takes a couple of days! Pony Express would have only taken 3 days! Why is it just sitting there?????

  412. Dale says:

    As with many others, I have had only bad experiences with SmartPost. It is true that there is no such thing as “free delivery” but I think what irks people the most is the lack of transparency. The quoted delivery times are not even close to correct. At first, a day is provided that is close in time, but when that target is missed, the date actually disappears from the site. FedEx has an idea when they will had the package off to USPS, but after that they have no idea and the service fails to inform you of anything. I think a service that repeatedly offers unrealistic delivery dates is a bad service. If I save some money and the deal is that I have to wait 3 weeks, so be it. But I should get accurate information, not a false delivery date that will never be met. FedEx should be held accountable for their failure to be forthright.

  413. duffy dennis says:

    I regularly order from a business that is my same town of 52,000 people. Pretty small. The package is sent from my town to a town 10 miles away, to a town 30 miles away, to a town 45 miles away, to a town that shares our border, to my house. 5 days, unless weekend and then 7 days!

  414. Mark Howard says:

    I’ve been waiting on a package that was ordered last weekend and won’t receive it until Monday it left the smart post to Sellitti in Martinsburg which is exactly about six blocks from the main post office and it still hasn’t arrived at the post office it’s still in transit. It left the smart post Facility on Thursday morning to go to the post office which I can throw a stone from the two facilities and it still hasn’t made it to the post office to be delivered until Monday.
    I actually think the pony express was faster

  415. Sandy N says:

    These timeframes aren’t even close for Smart Post. It sits at the last location for days before they even contact USPS. I’ve checked and they’ve said “Sorry”. If I know someone is shipping FedEx, especially Smart Post, I will look for another place to buy what I want. FedEx used to be #1 but now they are distant 3rd. Don’t use DHL so I can’t compare.

  416. At least UPS sure post you can upgrade it
    to UPS ground by adding more money through
    their web page


  417. Ray says:

    Fedex Smartpost absolutely sucks and is too slow. I live in Kansas City and my ebay seller lives in St. Louis. It is about a 3Hr 15 minute drive. Standard USPS packages from st Louis are usually delivered within one day, but sometimes take 2 days. Fedex Smartpost took seven full days. Next time I will just hitchhike and beat them by five days at least.

  418. So this past month I ordered 6 NCAA items which were shipped by FedEx smart post. I received only ONE of the items in a timely manner, however The other items included in the order arrived 3 weeks later and the tracking status on them had Delivered 2 weeks earlier than they arrived. I has also another order from Lids.com with 2 items, which tracking stated delivered, but still no items and that was 3 weeks ago and still no items. The last item was a seperate order for a LA Rams hat which was also not delivered and tracking status stated it was delivered. I have NEVER had any issues with packages until this. I order online all the time. From Reading all the comments on the SLOW POST FED EX, I will always from now on check to be sure items are not shipped via SLOW POST, if no arrangement can be made for another shipping service that business will lose out. I do have to say, of all the items ordered which still have yet to be delivered, was refunded. But that is besides the point. I ordered it because I WANTED IT. This is the WORST SHIPPING SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  419. John C says:

    Slow? A couple of months age FedEx Smartpost took 6 weeks to deliver. They kept blaming it on COVID-19, which was dishonest. A more recent shipment from Reno to Los Angeles-4 weeks. Absolutely pathetic. I too cringe when I see FedEx Smartpost as shipping method.

  420. Teri Malkin says:

    I ordered some slippers. wonder when my slippers will actually arrive? Sent from Arcadia on the 14th, then to Bloomington, then to Chino. Awaiting transfer from FedEx to Post Office to me. Mind you, Arcadia is only 20 miles away, Bloomington is 35 miles away, Chino is 18 miles. Then WILL BE SENT (when)??) to Walnut post office (ours) which is 6 miles away. Today is August 22. At least they didn’t get routed through Alaska!

    Local Scan Time
    Saturday , 8/22/20202:09 am
    Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service
    Friday , 8/21/202011:41 pmFEDEX SMARTPOST CHINO, CA
    Departed FedEx location
    Wednesday , 8/19/20206:58 pmFEDEX SMARTPOST CHINO, CA
    Arrived at FedEx location
    Saturday , 8/15/20207:25 amBLOOMINGTON, CA
    Arrived at FedEx location
    3:43 amARCADIA, CA
    Left FedEx origin facility
    Friday , 8/14/20207:15 pmARCADIA, CA
    Shipment exception
    Barcode label unreadable and replaced
    7:15 pmARCADIA, CA
    Arrived at FedEx location
    Collapse History
    My Shipments Note: sent on 14th, currently 23rd, no idea when I receive it from 20 miles away.

  421. Geri Orndorff says:

    I dont like the fact that after it leaves Fed Ex I cant track or know how many days till its delivered. Several times I knew my package was at P..O. but it turned out it sits there for days .

  422. Carole Murnin says:

    I have been waiting 12 days for my package. I was told it would be delivered Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday then Friday and now it states delivery is pending and delivery date unavailable. There has been no updates for 3 days. Package is in my city for 4 days now and I can not get an answer on when it will get delivered. So frustrating

  423. Tim Elliott says:

    Ordered an item on eBay. Shipped on August 15 from PA… projected delIvery in SW WA on Wednesday, August 26th. Is moved across country on track to arrive on time. Got to Kent, WA on the 24. (That is less than a two hour drive from my house). Since then… crickets! It is now the 28th and the projected time of delivery has been dropped from their tracking. Called FedEx today… after a 1/2 hour on the phone I managed to talk to a real person. She had no information for me but said she would put a trace on it… very disappointing. Where is Tom Hanks or any other efficiency expert?

  424. S Hobs says:

    The *HYBRID* system? Not just really SLOW, also OUT to LUNCH— as in, just don’t care or lacking ordinary skills, whatever.
    Not just the people. The computer system(s) Mr Smart Post uses. Took 2 days for my ‘Fed Ex’ pkg. to go from MD to Jersey City Post Office, where it sat for 6 1/2 days, telling me it was expected to “arrive last Thurs.” Then, miraculously between 7 & 9 am today/Tues., it sprinted the 100 or so miles betw. there & here and announced …pkg. had been sent back to the shipper from my local PO (which does not do home delivery)! So I called Fed Ex—did not go well. Live person mumbled & then, a robot told me to call back ‘normal business hours”. arggh.

  425. Manny says:

    This service is a real pain. A package was shipped to me 14 working days ago. Tracking said will be delivered by end of day at least twice on different dates but nothing happened. As of this date status said delivery is pending and went back to no shipping date is available at this time.

  426. Michelle says:

    I see no mention of who gets the money FedEx or
    USPS ? Sounds like FedEx is stuffing USPS with the “since the USPS delivers to these residents already”
    The fact the USPS is Federally Funded and Deeply in-depth and horribly behind Why in the hell would a Private owned Corporation be in business with them selling a discounted FedEX service That is a complete Fail yet has been operating some years now…..I sell something Fishy going On and I call BS

  427. Michelle says:

    see no mention of who gets the money FedEx or
    USPS ? Sounds like FedEx is stuffing USPS with the “since the USPS delivers to these residents already”
    The fact the USPS is Federally Funded and Deeply in-depth and horribly behind Why in the hell would a Private owned Corporation be in business with them selling a discounted FedEX service That is a complete Fail yet has been operating some years now…..I sell something Fishy going On and I call BS

  428. Tori Lee says:

    I disagree with 4 days delivery yime for Smartpost. Blatant lie from the pit of hell!!

    I placed an order last month that came from CA to Ellenwood, GA – the abyss. It got to Ellenwood in 5 days from CA and then sat there for over 2 weeks. From Ellenwood to my house is 50 miles!!!

    I ordered another package on the 10th of Sept. Tracking said it would be delivered to me on the 18th. Here it is the 24th and I’m still waiting. The pkg left IL on the 11th and arrived in Ellenwood (the abyss) on the 15th. The tracking number STILL says it will be delivered on the 18th. I don’t think anyone works at Ellenwood. I have to start requesting that Fedex NOT be used.

  429. Gene Rey says:

    FEDEX/Smartpost (FEDUP) is delivering a package that the pickup and delivery addresses are with in 7.5 miles Ft Meade to Columbia MD, So far 13 days and well over 200 miles in transit. Its been to Beltsville, Hagerstown and now Martinsburg, WV and has not even made it to SmartPost….

  430. Jimbo says:

    I already had two bad experiences on the receiving end, not even knowing what this service was or that it had been implemented for delivery. I’ll summarize my complaint by stating that the substantial amount of extra time required to receive packages via this ill-conceived service does not remotely justify the savings in shipping. Anything involving the government post office is inefficient, period, which is why we choose FedEx in the first place!

  431. John says:

    Fedex is the worst shipper in the entire United States, from now on when someone offers shipping through Fedex I’ll be shopping somewhere else. UPS, USPS and Amazon don’t have the logistics issues this company seems to have. I’m even going to stop using the Goodwill Auctions because they normally use Fedex to ship and I’m entirely fed up with them delaying or missing the ship date. Shipping from Seattle to Portland shouldn’t take a week, I can drive up and back in about 7 hours easy.

  432. Sonya Appel says:

    I will never shop with merchants that use smartpost as their “free” or paid shipping. It adds at least a week to any shipping estimate that is listed on their site. This is deception at its best.

  433. Greg says:

    OK… so… Every time I get a package and it’s shipped FedEX Smartpost, and its coming from LA, or if it came from over seas and through LA, the package will arrive several days late from the scheduled date, it travels BY GROUND! From LA, it takes I-215 or maybe i-10 east then darts north on i-15 To Las Vegas NV, (which is ridiculous alone) then it actually heads in my direction going south again back to i-10 stopping NOT in Phoenix or Tucson but on MY Side of The two largest cities in AZ, getting redistributed in Bowie AZ… (well at least it’s going in the right direction!! ) after getting on a different truck it then travels to and through El Paso TX via i-10 the largest city between (Phoenix and Dallas).. and for what reason I know not, it continues on to i-20 all the way to Mesquite TX (the other side of Dallas) and finally gets redistributed on another truck for “final delivery”, heading to go BACK to EL Paso TX! Only to be Redistributed again for … … …. Final delivery here in southern NM! Get this tho, I live 2 miles from i-10 half hour north of El Paso, and about 4 hours from Bowie AZ…. but my city is probably 100 times larger than Bowie AZ. But the logic is, apparently Dallas is the largest city around and is therefore the hub center of the mid West… … even more crazy when you realize the geography, see EL Paso TX (my neighboring city!! Home Of 5 Million people!!!) is actually closer in miles, to Las Angeles CA!! !!! Than it is to ****ing DALLAS!!!

  434. Bernard Rivera says:

    is there any way you can get back to me to let me know if I can send a chair office chair with wheels to a handicapped girl in Georgia Decatur my number is 917 750 3451 my name is Bernard Rivera I live at 4577 Kings Highway Brooklyn New York 1 1 2 3 4 I want to know if it’s possible you could tell me how much it’s going to cost it’s a I don’t care how long it takes to send to her long as she happy due to the fact she has the back problem the chairs going to our handicap home in Georgia Decatur

    • Sydney Kester says:

      Hi Bernard, thanks for getting in touch.
      We are a fulfillment center that works with internet retailers and their online orders that are shipped to customers.
      We suggest that you contact a retail shipping service in New York to assist you in packing and shipping what you need sent to Georgia.
      Thank you and we wish you the best of luck in finding what you need.

  435. Toni Woodbury says:

    I watched the tracking information of orders take the packages back and forth between two cities in different states, one of those states being mine, then on to yet another state, then to a few others, much of the time in the opposite direction, finally to my city (late), when I get a notification saying it will arrive within 24 hours, but the next thing I know it has gone hundreds of miles away to a different state where it has never yet been, and then back and forth between that state and another one. It is still out there. The estimated arrival date, that I was given at the time of the order, I think someone took that out of the seat of their pants.

  436. Toni Woodbury says:

    I noticed that the historical tracking itinerary had changed from one day to the next. The list of places it said the package had been when I checked tracking one day, is not the tracking history given when I checked it another day.

  437. Joanna Schweiger says:

    First experience with SurePost. It’s on day 8 to Fishers, Indiana. Shipping time said 4-7 days.

    Went from Moreno, CA, to Bloomington, CA, sat for 4 days, then New Mexico and now in Oklahoma. I guess I should be thankful it’s at least traveling a logical path?

    I talked to support from sender and they offered to send something while I’m waiting. Um…are you going to use a different delivery service?? Supposed to be here in plenty of time for my wedding anniversary. What a bust. “Honey, sorry your gift is still in the mail.”

  438. Jenn says:

    Hope I get my packages soon this is what I get from smart post. Last thing was

    Departed FedEx location
    And that was dec 2nd I would like to know where my stuff is but no one can tell me but they said its going the post office well their said awaiting items ugh I hate smart post.

    Oh BUT WAIT I order from the same site again about a week later and they went through the same smart post and are now at the post office but no side where the first two are..

    Wednesday , 12/02/2020

    4:54 am


    Departed FedEx location

    4:09 am

    Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service

    Tuesday , 12/01/2020

    11:42 am


    Arrived at FedEx location

    Monday , 11/30/2020

    4:50 pm


    Departed FedEx location

    Sunday , 11/29/2020

    11:47 pm


    Arrived at FedEx location

    9:27 pm


    Left FedEx origin facility

    Saturday , 11/28/2020

    6:23 pm


    Arrived at FedEx location

    4:35 pm

    Shipment information sent to FedEx

  439. Cheryl McKenzie says:

    Smartpost! What a joke. I currently have 2 packages in the mail stream from Utah to Hawaii. Mailed 11/24/2020 and 11/28/2020. Expected delivery dates: 12/22/2020 & 12/31/2020.
    I’ll never knowingly use this so called “service” again. Amazon manages to deliver in 3-5 days from the mainland.

  440. Heidi Baader says:

    Fedex Smartpost is horrible. Still waiting for a package that arrived from FedEx and transfered to USPS last week. It has been rerouted to two different post offices. Delivery dates has changed at least 6 times. The package is only a 20 min drive away. So ridiculous. It has now been 14 days since it shipped. Neither FedEx, USPS or Alex and Ani (the shipper) will help. I realize it is Holiday day time but 24 days to go from East coast to Midwest????

  441. Debbie Rush says:

    In my household we have two things that were ordered in November, both with 3-day shipping. Neither have arrived, and here it is 5 days after Christmas. We keep getting notifications that say you’re package will be delivered on such and such day, then it moves to a later date every few days. Meanwhile, in tracking the packages it seems they have been going between Concord, NC and Martinsburg WVa for over a month, again and again. Where I live (Appomattox VA) is pretty much smack dab in the middle between those two places. I expect the packages to be delayed again. This is totally unacceptable, and it is FedEx’s fault if you ask me, because it the gifts have never made it to an actual USPS, location, instead, wandering between various FedEx distribution centers. I think I should go ahead and order next years presents, so, MAYBE they’ll arrive before Christmas!

  442. Robert N Audette says:

    Dumbpost sucks big time. I will not purchase from anyone who ships this method. My package was shipped 12/21. It is now 1/10. I still do not have my package. Just disgusted.

  443. Sonia McAlister says:

    I ordered something from Puma on the 1st of January 2021, it was shipped on the 5th of January from Torrence, CA – I live in Austin. The package went to a depot in San Antonio and then on to Houston. It left Houston on Surepost – USPS on the 11th and I’ve yet to get my package. Now I have to wait until Tuesday before I can file to get it sent again. They should have just mailed it USPS, it would have been here before now.

  444. Richard G says:

    Fed Ex used to be my go to method of shipping. The last package from IL, keeps going in circles from one location to the next and back to the start. This is the end of our relationship.

  445. Marta Plaza says:

    Sorry. Is dreadful. Eight to ten weeks to Puerto Rico. There’s never any tracking info after the package has been dropped at whatever USPS facility FedEx or UPS chooses. And if there is, I can see my package taking a road trip through 8 or 10 different USPS locations before finally arriving

  446. mary charrey says:

    Service is worse than dreadful. I ordered on January 23rd and as of February5th end of day I still haven’t received it. In tracking it it appears to have made it from NJ to Osseo, MN and has been sitting there for 5 days. Final destination is Gig Harbor, WA. Tried calling and emailing and cannot get a live person for an answer. Would have been faster to use pony express.

  447. James says:

    Smart Post is terrible. Because of it I will never use FED EX again.

  448. Martha says:

    The FedEx Smart-post is a turtle in reverse. I ordered an item 20 days ago and it is still in transport. The item moves from one point to another about every 7 days. What a disgrace for FedEx.

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