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eFulfillment Service Brings on Lindberg for Expansion

published on 09.05.2019 in EFS in the News

eFulfillment Service has hired Jason Lindberg as director of expansion, leading the company in transforming its current warehousing processes from a leading facility to one on the cutting edge of process and technology. Read More

eFulfillment Service Simplifies FBA Prep Pricing

published on 09.05.2019 in EFS in the News

eFulfillment Service announced new pricing for its Fulfillment by Amazon Prep Service, allowing clients to replenish Amazon’s inventory, meet Amazon’s labeling requirements and avoid Amazon’s penalty charges. Read More

Leveraging Your Inventory for Faster Growth

published on 03.05.2019 in Blog

Kickpay provides a new inventory financing method designed for ecommerce businesses with high direct-to-consumer sales. Read More

Keep Prime Status & Reduce FBA Costs

published on 05.04.2019 in Blog

Amazon sellers can pay as much as $1,000 per pallet per month in Amazon penalties alone when they use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Here’s what you need to know about FBA Prep services to avoid those costs and keep Prime status. Read More

Saving Independent Publishers from Amazon’s Reign

published on 11.03.2019 in Blog

Jenkins Group shares book fulfillment and storage tips to help authors find better options, when facing Amazon’s inventory and long-term storage charges. Read More

When To Hire a Professional Fulfillment Service?

published on 28.02.2019 in Blog

8 business triggers that should inspire a business to consider hiring professional order fulfillment services. Read More

eFulfillment Service Named 2019 Top 3PL—4th Time!

published on 11.02.2019 in Blog, EFS in the News

For the fourth year in a row, eFulfillment Service has again been named a top ecommerce order fulfillment provider. Read More