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eCommerce Guide for Amazon Prime Day 2019

published on 27.06.2019 in Blog

eFulfillment Service helps ecommerce retailers turn Amazon’s Prime Day into orders, outlining strategies for inventory, marketing & other shopping carts. Read More

Why Should Amazon Sellers Bundle Products?

published on 17.06.2019 in Blog

Here’s how you can cut costs and increase sales on Amazon by bundling products. Read More

Turning Waste & Expense Into a Revenue Source

published on 10.06.2019 in Blog

There are folks who think outside the box, and there are those that want to crush and bundle the box, turning it into a revenue source … an example of another way eFulfillment Service is looking to cut costs and serve our community better. Read More

Claycomb to Fill Warehouse Manager Role at EFS

published on 10.06.2019 in EFS in the News

Mike Claycomb has been promoted to Warehouse Manager, overseeing all areas of the warehouse including kitting, production, receiving and inventory control, and coordinating with supervisors and management. Read More

Post Office Changes to Dimensional Weights

published on 07.06.2019 in Blog

The US Postal Service is making changes to the way it charges for shipping parcels that are larger than one cubic foot. Read More

Protecting Your eCommerce Business Identity

published on 06.06.2019 in Blog

Revision Legal clearly explains why seeking trademark registration early in your business is important, how to select a strong business name, and what you can expect from the trademark registration process. Read More

eFulfillment Service Brings on Lindberg for Expansion

published on 09.05.2019 in EFS in the News

eFulfillment Service has hired Jason Lindberg as director of expansion, leading the company in transforming its current warehousing processes from a leading facility to one on the cutting edge of process and technology. Read More

eFulfillment Service Simplifies FBA Prep Pricing

published on 09.05.2019 in EFS in the News

eFulfillment Service announced new pricing for its Fulfillment by Amazon Prep Service, allowing clients to replenish Amazon’s inventory, meet Amazon’s labeling requirements and avoid Amazon’s penalty charges. Read More

Leveraging Your Inventory for Faster Growth

published on 03.05.2019 in Blog

Kickpay provides a new inventory financing method designed for ecommerce businesses with high direct-to-consumer sales. Read More

Keep Prime Status & Reduce FBA Costs

published on 05.04.2019 in Blog

Amazon sellers can pay as much as $1,000 per pallet per month in Amazon penalties alone when they use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Here’s what you need to know about FBA Prep services to avoid those costs and keep Prime status. Read More