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The Order Fulfillment Process

published on 15.01.2014 in Blog

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the order fulfillment process at eFulfillment Service, from cart integration, to receiving, processing and shipping orders. Read More

Is Your Returns Policy Costing You Business?

published on 05.09.2013 in Blog

A lenient returns policy is more important to online shoppers than free shipping. Learn what consumers consider “lenient,” and how you can reduce your ecommerce return rate. Read More

Order Fulfillment Pricing: How Does it Work?

published on 24.01.2013 in Blog

In this post, we discuss the pricing and fees that eCommerce sellers typically encounter as they evaluate order fulfillment companies. Read More

Lenient Returns Policy is Critical for Online Sellers

published on 07.06.2012 in Blog

comScore study reveals that a lenient and easy-to-understand returns policy represents a big opportunity for online retailers to increase sales. Read More