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Amazon SEO: How to Rank Your Products Higher

published on 09.10.2019 in Blog

Here’s how to get your products to show up in Amazon searches by properly developing product titles, descriptions, images, background keywords and more, from Brian Boyer, owner of Boyer Strategies. Read More

eCommerce Tip: Encourage Product Reviews

published on 26.07.2012 in Blog

Over 60% of consumers say they’re more likely to make a purchase from a website with ratings and reviews. Here are some tips to help merchants take advantage. Read More

eCommerce Tip of the Week: Use Great Photos

published on 16.03.2012 in Blog

Quality images sell product. Learn how you can make your product images stand out from the crowd in order to boost sales. Read More

Tip of the Week: Unique Product Descriptions

published on 02.03.2012 in Blog

As an online retailer, product descriptions are a key part of your website. Are yours helping to set you apart, or making your site run-of-the-mill? Read More

Google Search Quality Highlights for January

published on 07.02.2012 in Blog

Google made 17 “quality improvements” to its search results in January 2012. Which ones may impact you? Read More