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Add-On Service FAQs


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Add-On Service FAQs

What types of add-on services do you offer? (click to expand)

In addition to our warehousing and order fulfillment services, eFulfillment Service offers several add-on services, including returns processing, kitting / light assembly, as well as custom technology products. We also have partnerships with several companies, from shopping cart providers, to call centers, to marketing service providers.

What is kitting and assembly? (click to expand)

Kitting is the process of grouping two or more products into a bundled unit. This can be done to improve efficiency and reduce cost if you commonly receive orders which contain the same units. Our assembly services are commonly used when our client’s finalized product is comprised of parts that are sent to our facility from two or more suppliers. Once we receive each of the components, we can assemble the finished units. For more information on our kitting and assembly services, please contact your sales representative.

What types of custom technology projects do you do? (click to expand)

Our in-house IT group can develop custom integrations if our clients are using a shopping cart or platform that our software doesn’t already integrate with. The features and timeframe of the integration are dependent on each platform. Click here to view our current list of integrations.