High Volume Ecommerce Fulfillment

Low SKU, High Volume? No Problem—Low Shipping!

We’ll get your attention with low shipping rates and keep your business with great service.

If your ecommerce store is cranking out high order volume, but your current fulfillment partner isn’t cutting it, it’s time to get in touch. If you’re shipping 100s of orders/day, we’re ready to grow that to 1000s without any growing pains.

The number one reason high-volume shippers choose eFulfillment Service: our attention to their unique needs. Learn why our high-volume clients give us a 99% satisfaction rating.

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Switching fulfillment partners doesn’t have to be complicated.

We know your ecommerce business can’t miss a beat while you find the best 3PL partner.

Dedicated Client Care

We understand that high-volume order fulfillment has unique needs. Your dedicated Client Care Team is available and empowered to help you when you need it.

Seamless Onboarding

From our first conversation to fulfilling your first order, we know your business can’t miss a beat. Our team understands the unique challenges of switching 3PLs and is an expert in navigating them without adding stress to your team.

Low Shipping Rates

We continually work with our carriers to ensure you have the best shipping options in the industry while offering a variety of ground, air, and delivery options.

Transparent Technology

Our Fulfillment Control Panel system has detailed, real-time reporting to provide you with an up-to-date overview of your SKU counts, orders, shipments, tracking information, and more.

Shipping large packages? Ask our team about saving on DIM Weight ...

We lower your cost by offering the best dimensional shipping weight in the industry.

Use our dimensional weight calculator to learn about the savings eFulfillment Service provides merchants. 

In this example, with eFulfillment Service, the package ships at half the weight of other fulfillment centers.

  • Actual weight of package: 3 pounds
  • Ship weight with us: 3 pounds
  • Ship weight with others: 6 pounds

We’re smart, we’re efficient, and (most importantly) we’re dedicated to supporting your growing business.

And we’re only one button click away from being there for you.