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eFulfillment Service Tests Team Free for COVID

published on 10.12.2020 in EFS in the News

John Lindberg, eFulfillment Service founder and President, has facilitated free, on-site COVID-19 testing for essential team members packing and shipping holiday gifts for ecommerce retailers. The goal is to protect the families, friends and community from the spread of the coronavirus. Read More

EFS Protects Workforce with Free Flu Shots

published on 27.10.2020 in EFS in the News

News: Participation in eFulfillment Service’s free on-site flu shots is up 117%, thanks to new incentives, protecting the workforce and community from illness. Read More

eFulfillment Service: Free Storage to Medical Industry

published on 26.03.2020 in EFS in the News

eFulfillment Service offers free storage for medical manufacturers to help battle COVID-19, and asks its industry to follow its lead, so that no manufacturer stalls production to avoid storage fees. Read More

eFulfillment Service Supports STEM & More

published on 27.08.2019 in EFS in the News

John Lindberg offers Newton’s Road, a donation that helps secure a $50,000 match, promoting STEM programs in Northern Michigan, adding to the overall contribution that eFulfillment Service makes to the community. Read More

Claycomb to Fill Warehouse Manager Role at EFS

published on 10.06.2019 in EFS in the News

Mike Claycomb has been promoted to Warehouse Manager, overseeing all areas of the warehouse including kitting, production, receiving and inventory control, and coordinating with supervisors and management. Read More

eFulfillment Service Brings on Lindberg for Expansion

published on 09.05.2019 in EFS in the News

eFulfillment Service has hired Jason Lindberg as director of expansion, leading the company in transforming its current warehousing processes from a leading facility to one on the cutting edge of process and technology. Read More

eFulfillment Service Simplifies FBA Prep Pricing

published on 09.05.2019 in EFS in the News

eFulfillment Service announced new pricing for its Fulfillment by Amazon Prep Service, allowing clients to replenish Amazon’s inventory, meet Amazon’s labeling requirements and avoid Amazon’s penalty charges. Read More

eFulfillment Service Named 2019 Top 3PL—4th Time!

published on 11.02.2019 in Blog, EFS in the News

For the fourth year in a row, eFulfillment Service has again been named a top ecommerce order fulfillment provider. Read More

EFS Welcomes New Operations Manager

published on 13.04.2016 in EFS in the News

eFulfillment Service is delighted to announce the addition of Jason Dombrowski as the company’s new Operations Manager. Read More

eFulfillment Service Named a Top 3PL Provider

published on 02.02.2016 in Blog, EFS in the News

eFulfillment Service is honored to be listed as a Top 3PL by Multichannel Merchant. Read More