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For more than 20 years, eFulfillment Service has specialized in getting the right products into the hands of the right customers across every corner of the globe. 

Every day, we handle products like yours. And every day, we do so with precision, purpose, and care. We understand that the products you sell are more than just products. They represent your business, your brand, your reputation.

That’s why, after all these years, we’ve had the same mission: help businesses succeed.

What goes into shipping millions of products? People. Like Us.


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Helping Business Succeed for more than 20 Years


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Leadership and Client Care Teams

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John Lindberg


In January 2001, John founded eFulfillment Service. Under his leadership, the company has grown and now serves more than 700 ecommerce clients. He currently oversees the company’s business development projects and strategic planning. Throughout his working life, John has maintained an unwavering commitment to both engineering and service excellence.

A graduate of the University of Michigan Business School, John has created three successful companies during his 40-year career as an entrepreneur and business owner. The first, a substantial powder-coating business, specialized in just-in-time delivery of automotive/office equipment parts. The second, a small press book distribution company, won several marketing awards.

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Steve Bulger

Chief operating officer

Steve serves as Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations as well as guiding our strategic plan for the future. His leadership provides cohesion between the company’s production teams and senior management.

After starting with us in 2011, Steve served in a variety of roles leading both our sales and marketing departments.  He brings a diverse background of industry experience working on both the creative agency and business development side of marketing.

Steve holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Central Michigan University. He sits on the board of the Great Lakes Children’s Museum, enjoys being with his kids and playing the occasional round of bad golf.

Linda Sorna

Linda Sorna

Client Care Manager

Linda has been with eFulfillment Service since 2007 and now oversees our Client Care Department. While leading our sales team, she identified the need for our clients to have dedicated onboarding support from the moment they signed up until their first inventory shipment arrives on the dock. Her personable demeanor and expert knowledge of the fulfillment process were just what we needed to launch our Client Care Department.

Linda has two grown sons she is quite proud of and performs as the lead vocalist in a 5-piece Classic Rock and Roll band! Something that was on her ‘bucket list” for more than 10 years.

Matt Burden

Matt Burden

VP of Web Development

Matt came aboard in 2001 and spent the better part of a year developing a web presence and online ordering system that would most efficiently serve our clients. His education and work experience in computer information systems and visual communications led to the development of our sophisticated but easy-to-use Fulfillment Control Panel and our user-friendly website. Matt enjoys challenging his abilities by designing effective reporting and order management systems and assisting clients with custom integrations.

Angela Davenport

Angela Davenport

Client Care Specialist

Angela Davenport has been with eFulfillment Service since 2010. Clients appreciate her deep base of knowledge about shopping platforms and shipping. She focuses on getting clients properly connected with us for a smooth transition. Angela’s background is in Operations Management, Design and Customer Service. During Angela’s time off, she enjoys spending time with her family and boating during the summer.

Jeff Dorsch

Jeff Dorsch

VP of Systems Development

Jeff, a self-proclaimed computer nerd, oversees technology at eFulfillment Service.  Jeff’s desire to work for eFS came from both the challenges associated with working for a booming company and the opportunity to use his individual approach and ingenuity to achieve company goals. Jeff explained, “If someone tells you to build a robot with specific functionality, it really doesn’t matter if you use Legos or Tinker Toys, as long as it does what it is supposed to do, and does it well.”

Angela Davenport

Devin O'Dwyer

Sales Associate

Devin joined our team in 2021 as our Sales Associate. He enjoys connecting with clients in his role along with solving problems and being part of the expanding team. Before jumping into our sales department, Devin worked in warehouse logistics and high-end hospitality. Both industries empower him to proactively meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Outside of work Devin enjoys exploring Northern Michigan nature with his girlfriend and dog. He also enjoys refurbishing retro technology, enjoying the Traverse City food scene, and staying active by golfing and snowboarding.

Angela Davenport

Mike Claycomb

warehouse manager

Mike joined us in 2016 and before serving as our Warehouse Manager he worked as a Production Supervisor, Production Lead, Maintenance Tech, and Shipper all within the walls of eFulfillment Service. Mike holds a Lean Manufacturing Certification and has 7 tears of relevant industry experience.

Mike loves being part of a large, dynamic team, playing a role in improving our company, and taking part in a growing industry. He feels most fulfilled at the end of the workday when he can see his efforts making a difference in helping others do their job. When he’s not on the clock Mike enjoys disc golf, hiking, drawing, writing, attending concerts, and trying out new restaurants in and around the Traverse City foodie scene.

Angela Davenport

Veronica Freet

Production Supervisor

Veronica came aboard in 2007 after working in management for 15 years. She’s worked in several roles across our warehouse and currently serves as our Production Supervisor. Veronica loves working on a team and enjoys watching the people around her grow and learn about the ecommerce industry. Veronica can always be found working hard and laughing along the way. When she’s not at work she enjoys spending as much time as she can with family.

Angela Davenport

Terry Waite

Inventory Supervisor

Terry has been with us since 2011, beginning her career in the Shipping Department. She’s successfully worked in a number of assignments, including Customer Service, Receiving Manager, Reorganization Team Lead, and has always looked to make improvements along the way.

Terry’s understanding of our clients needs, a knack for inventory systems analysis, and a decade of experience, have proved valuable in her role as our Inventory Supervisor. Aside from keeping SKU’s moving, Terry is an avid seamstress, loves photography and is a big fan of anything Lake Superior, including rock and mineral collecting.

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Jordan Lindberg

Vice President

An experienced fulfillment and logistics expert, Jordan leads the management team at eFulfillment Service and has served as Executive Vice President for the last decade, a period of growth for us as well as the overall fulfillment industry.

Jordan specializes in the core areas of strategy, competitive positioning, pricing, marketing, product sourcing, and product and process development. He has worked with and provided consulting services to hundreds of online retailers from start-ups to companies in the Internet Retailer 500.

Jordan holds degrees from Albion College, Michigan State University, and the University of Missouri-Columbia, and enjoys playing golf courses across the country.

Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer Robinson

Customer Service Manager

Jennifer began working with eFulfillment Service during our start-up phase and brings more than a decade’s worth of experience to her role as Customer Service Manager. She’s previously served as the Operations Manager before transitioning exclusively into Customer Service in 2016. Jennifer is a strong company leader who never loses her focus on anticipating and meeting the needs of our clients, most of whom know her by name.

When Jennifer isn’t working, she enjoys hiking with her husband and her Australian Shepherds. Her love for this breed dates back to 2008 when she got her first and has rescued 5 others since. She is an active member of the Wayside Chapel in Buckley.

Jason Lindberg

Jason Lindberg

Director of Expansion

Jason joined eFulfillment Service in 2018 after a career in the industrial fulfillment industry in Chicago. Jason leads warehouse management software development and expansion projects for the operations team, with a focus on improving operational efficiency and attracting new market sectors. He is also is on the board of directors and lends his experience and leadership to our satellite expansion efforts. 

When Jason is not focused on our growth opportunities he enjoys time with his family and outdoor recreation.

Merry Hawler

Merry Hawley

Human Resources Manager

Merry joined eFulfillment Service in 2012 and has built relationships with both employees and management that have made her an integral part of our team. Her organizational skills and the ability to empathize have created a human resources environment of communication and trust. She developed and leads an Employee Relations Committee which has the goal of making eFulfillment Service an even better place to work. Merry has a positive attitude and, from her smile, you can tell that she truly enjoys being a part of our team. When not at work, she loves to spend time outdoors camping and hiking.

Taylor Gonyon

Taylor Gonyon

Sales Manager

Taylor started working at eFulfillment Service in 2018, after successfully managing multiple customer retention programs in Indiana and Illinois for Verizon Wireless. His experience in the telecommunication industry is now being utilized to provide a smooth onboarding experience for our new client acquisition. He enjoys helping businesses start their journey in the ecommerce industry and seeing them grow to become even more successful. In his free time, he enjoys gaming and all that Northern Michigan has to offer, especially when it comes to disc golf, kayaking, biking, and camping.

Rachel North

Rachel North

Marketing Manager

Rachel leads the eFulfillment Service marketing efforts with a focus on branding, partnerships, and content marketing in addition to supporting sales, client care, and internal communication. Her diverse background covers industries like sporting goods, defense, agriculture, automotive, and publishing, bringing a full toolbox of marketing experience. Rachel has a degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She loves exploring Northern Michigan’s outdoors, working with youth groups and being the parent of a remarkable daughter.

Steve Sleder

Steve Sleder

Office Services & Purchasing Director

In addition to managing our Purchasing Operations, Steve oversees safety programs and facilities-management. He brings a long work experience in production, teaching, and administration. He has taught writing and ESL in both university and community-school settings, has developed quality-assurance programs in manufacturing, and continues to expand his skill set to meet the challenges of our ongoing expansion. As a Golden Age Science Fiction fan, he’s never aspired to finding the restaurant at the end of the universe. His more terrestrial loves include his family, his Australian cattle dog, and the Old Mission Peninsula. Steve holds a BA from the University of Michigan and an MA from Central Michigan University.

Angela Davenport

Nina Leddy

Receiving/Returns Supervisor

Nina started her career with us in 2017 and currently serves as our Receiving & Returns Supervisor. Nina describes her team as “family” and she most enjoys being in a role that can help shape and refine a process within a company.

Nina thrives in her leadership role because she keeps the well-being of our clients, employees, and our company at the forefront of everything she does. Outside of work Nina enjoys spending time with family at the motocross track.

Angela Davenport

Craig Vohwinkle

Kitting & Assembly Supervisor

Craig started his career with us in 2018 and currently serves as the Kitting and Assembly Supervisor. His previous work experience includes over 17 years working in retail. He enjoys contributing internally to eFulfillment Service projects this time around and spends his free time fly fishing. While Craig describes himself as being on the quiet side, he can always be found helping others when questions need answering in the world of kitting and assembly.

Angela Davenport

Travis Lovegrove

Maintenance Supervisor

Travis joined the team in 2019 after serving 22 years in the U.S. Navy. He has an educational background in Applied Computer Science, Environmental Science and Community and Regional Development. Along with a diverse educational background, Travis also holds skills in logistics information security, project and security coordination, human resources and more.

As our Maintenance Supervisor what Travis enjoys most about his role is that his team plays a huge role in the efficiency and quality of the work we do everyday. When Travis isn’t saving the day around eFulfillment Service, he enjoys riding motorcycles, hunting, kayaking, hiking and any excuse to get outdoors.

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