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Do you need a reliable, affordable order fulfillment company to cost-effectively store your merchandise and ship to Amazon’s warehouses to replenish your goods for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

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At eFulfillment Service (EFS), we do exactly that. Since 2001, our family-owned company has been providing ecommerce sellers with a range of warehousing and order fulfillment services, including…

  • Direct-to-consumer fulfillment of your ecommerce orders
  • B2B fulfilment of your wholesale or retail orders
  • Shipping to Fulfillment by Amazon warehouses

For merchants that sell on Amazon’s marketplace and use the FBA program, those merchants are generally limited to how much inventory they can keep in Amazon’s warehouses.

These sellers rely on eFulfillment Service to provide a cost-effective warehousing alternative, and to also prepare their merchandise to meet the FBA requirements, all while making it incredibly easy.

Below you will find more information on our FBA Prep Services…

The FBA Prep Process

At eFulfillment Service, we work with both Amazon Sellers and Amazon Vendors, and we provide FBA prep and ship services for both groups. Here is how the FBA prep process works…

1. Our clients start by sending us inventory.

2. Because we do not restrict how much inventory our clients store with us, we have some clients that send in large quantities of inventory, and others send smaller quantities more frequently.

3. Some of our clients may allocate all of that inventory to eventually be prepared and shipped to FBA warehouses from our fulfillment center, whereas other clients have us allocate a portion of that inventory for us to ship directly to their customers from other sales channels.

4. As our clients need to replenish Amazon warehouses, they simply place an order with us and we take it from there. We will build the shipment, confirm the weights and dimensions, relay that information to Amazon, then print and apply the appropriate labels and notify our clients when the order is out the door.

5. If need be, we can also repackage your goods prior to shipping to Amazon’s warehouses.

6. Given our experience with FBA, we know the strict turnaround requirements of Amazon and we will prep and ship your FBA orders quickly.

“But I don’t need prep. Just ship our products to Amazon for us.”

If you have everything ready to go to Amazon, we can absolutely ship your products to Amazon fulfillment centers for you. This shipping service falls under our FBA Prep Services, too. And you won’t need some of the additional services we offer, like product labeling, so those won’t be included in your quote. We’ll make sure that your cartons meet Amazon receiving specs, from the label to the weight, allowing you to take advantage of our low inventory rates.

Labeling Services

Here at EFS, we have FBA prep clients with different labeling needs, including…

  • Those that only require carton and shipping labels provided by Amazon
  • Those that require carton and shipping labels, as well as individual product labels

No matter what your labeling needs, we make it easy. Once we receive your FBA order, we will then get into Amazon’s software on your behalf, confirm the labeling requirements for your shipment, then print and apply those labels according to Amazon’s specifications.

FBA Prep Fulfillment Pricing

How much does it cost for warehousing and FBA prep fulfillment services?

As with our FBA prep process itself, we make our pricing easy, with per unit costs for FBA prep, and fair, straightforward pricing for storage. In addition, all of our clients enjoy…

  • No setup fees
  • No long-term storage fees
  • No hidden or tricky penalties or fees
  • No minimum order volume requirements
  • No long-term contracts

Using eFulfillment Service’s FBA Prep Service means that FBA doesn’t perform taxable services like Labelling Fee, Polybagging Fee, Bubblewrap Fee, Taping Fee, and Opaque Bagging Fee, in states where they charge taxes on those services—another way we help manage your costs.

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