eBay Fulfillment Center

eFulfillment Service assists eBay and other online marketplace merchants by assuming many of the tedious tasks necessary to running an online business, including:

  • Receiving
  • Product inspection
  • Inventory storage
  • Order fulfillment
  • Shipping
  • Returns processing
  • Kitting / assembly
Single warehouse employee with clipboard and safety vest looks up and into the distance.

We are an experienced fulfillment services partner to over 700 online sellers worldwide—many of which are growing eBay merchants that ship to both national and international customers.

Watch the video or keep reading for an overview of the complete fulfillment services we offer to growing eBay sellers.

Inventory Receiving & Storage

eBay merchants are able to store their inventory in our fulfillment center at a low cost, and without any long-term storage fees.

Our award-winning fulfillment company provides first-rate service and support to eBay sellers, which starts by working together to get your inventory to our warehouse, including coordinating shipments and providing you with inbound freight discounts.

Once here, we ensure your merchandise is in good condition, we then store it in a designated area of our fulfillment center, and we provide you with access to our web-based fulfillment software to allow you to constantly monitor inventory levels, orders and shipments.

With our technology, you will receive up-to-date notifications regarding inventory levels, you will be alerted when inventory is low, and you have the ability to forecast inventory demands based on previous sales history.

A package sits on a conveyor line, wrapped in a Christmas-esque red bow

No Long-term Storage Fees

Receive Inbound Freight Discounts

Low cost

Accessible via Web-based Fulfillment Software

Pick & Pack Fulfillment Services

In addition to low-cost inventory storage, eBay sellers rely on our fast, accurate, affordable order fulfillment services.

We start by integrating your eBay store with our Fulfillment Control Panel, allowing us to automatically retrieve your orders. Once received, we quickly pick and pack orders to your specifications, providing you with up-to-date information on the status of your orders.

  • Orders are picked, packed and shipped within one business day
  • Packing lists can be customized for your orders
  • Orders can be received manually, via CSV file, or automatically via XML integration
  • Order confirmations and tracking info sent to you and your customer
  • Detailed reports to stay up to date on the status of your orders
  • We offer a range of free packaging supplies

Product Shipping

No matter what types of products you sell, we have a cost-effective shipping option to meet your needs.

From low-cost shipping to reliable overnight delivery, eFulfillment Service provides eBay sellers with a variety of delivery methods to meet your needs, and those of your customers.

We ship both domestically and internationally, and all of your eBay orders are picked, packed and shipped within one business day. For expedited orders that are received by 1:00 pm EST, they are shipped the same day, guaranteed.

Returns Processing

eFulfillment Service also handles order returns for eBay merchants, freeing up more of your time and allowing you to keep good inventory on hand at our fulfillment center.

When orders are returned, we alert you as to the condition of the merchandise, determine what should be done with the inventory, and we handle the shipping of new orders to your customers if necessary — all while keeping you informed.

Technology for Multi-Channel Fulfillment

For eBay merchants that have their own web store and/or sell via other online marketplaces, our technology makes it easy.

eFulfillment Service’s Fulfillment Control Panel integrates with over 30 of the most popular shopping carts and online selling platforms, allowing us to easily handle orders from multiple sales channels simultaneously.

No Minimums, No Setup Fees,
No Long-Term Contracts 

No Minimums, No Setup Fees, No Long-Term Contracts 

We’ve become a trusted leader in eBay order fulfillment due to our reliable service and flexible, friendly terms, which include:

No setup fees

No long-term contracts
(pay as you go)

No integration fees

No minimum order volume requirements

No long-term storage fees

Risk-free 30-day trial period

No setup fees

No long-term contracts
(pay as you go)

No integration fees

No minimum order volume requirements

No long-term storage fees

Risk-free 30-day trial period

Discover why so many eBay sellers put their trust in eFulfillment Service.