What Makes Our Fulfillment Company Unique?

Since 2001, our award-winning fulfillment company has provided online sellers with fast, simple, affordable order fulfillment that they can depend on. We’ve been honored by Multichannel Merchant magazine as a Top 3PL, since 2014.

eFulfillment Service Employee Smiling With Box and 3 Dots

Our Approach to Order Fulfillment


Our Client Services Director, Linda Sorna, explains how our personalized approach really does make a difference, and why eFulfillment Service has been called the “ultimate choice in order fulfillment.”

We Make Order Fulfillment Easy

A lot of companies make order fulfillment complex, with stipulations on order volume, storage minimums, inventory requirements, returns processing, and poor customer service.

  • Our accuracy rate is one of the highest in the industry

  • Our processes and technology are easy to understand

  • Our people are responsive, knowledgeable and honest

No setup fees

No order minimums

No long-term storage fees

No integration fees

No tricky or hidden fees

No long-term contracts

We Offer Dependable Technology

By combining our fulfillment services with our secure, easy-to-use order fulfillment software, our clients have the time to run their businesses, and the technology to make it easy.

Our web-based Fulfillment Control Panel allows you to:

  • Monitor inventory, orders and shipments
  • Check inventory levels
  • Forecast inventory needs
  • Receive inventory alerts
  • Manage returns
  • View backorders
  • View invoices
  • View tracking information
  • Manage shopping cart integration

We Guarantee Our Work

We have an industry-leading accuracy rate, which means we will quickly and carefully fill your orders each and every time. And with our fulfillment service guarantee, online sellers can rest easy knowing that, in the rare case we do make a mistake, we’ll make it right.

We promise to honor the prices we quote you, to get your orders right, to ship your orders when promised, and to respond quickly when you need additional support.

We Mean What We Say

Choosing the right fulfillment company isn’t easy. You often hear one thing, and experience quite another. So to prove that we mean what we say, we don’t tie you into a long-term contract. Here’s how it works:


Share Your Inventory

You send us a portion of your inventory and see how our straightforward receiving process works.


See Live Updates

We integrate with your shopping cart for free, providing a real-time view of your inventory, orders and shipments.


Receive Excellent Support

You get to know our friendly team and experience our speed, reliability and transparency, while monitoring everything with our easy-to-use Fulfillment Control Panel.


Decide Your Next Steps

If you’re ever not satisfied with our service, you’re not bound by a contract that lasts months or even years.