eFulfillment Service Supports Community Programs Including Traverse City Chamber, Alzheimer’s Research & More

John Lindberg offers Barb Termaat, of Newton’s Road, a donation that helps secure a $50,000 match, promoting STEM programs in Northern Michigan.

“In 1957 the Russians launched Sputnik—the first artificial earth satellite—and as a result the entire US educational system quickly refocused on science and technology as never before,” says John Lindberg, founder of eFulfillment Service. “We came together in the late 50s and 60s to meet the Russian challenge and I feel like we’re facing a similar challenge as a nation again—loss of our technological leadership to China and other countries—but there isn’t a single dramatic event like the Sputnik launch to rally around.”

But here in our community we do have a nonprofit organization committed to STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) which is Newton’s Road. At a recent Newton’s Road fund raiser John added a personal donation of $10,000 to eFulfillment Service’s ongoing corporate support which helped the organization achieve a vitally important $50,000 match challenge before an August 30th deadline.

EFS managers support Traverse City Chamber of Commerce at the annual golf outing. (L to R) John Lindberg, Jordan Lindberg, Matt Burden and Steve Bulger.

John believes, “To one degree or another, these days every business is a STEM business.” As an example of that, our northern Michigan cherry industry is now threatened by heavily subsidized foreign competition. To compete, we use science to cultivate new and stronger varieties like the Balaton cherry and market our cherries in new ways including ecommerce. For example, a local cherry processor, Cherry Bay Orchards, now sells dried cherries all over the world using our Traverse-City-based warehousing, pick, pack and ship technologies.

Newton’s Road is a well-established non-profit organization whose mission is to increase STEM awareness, connect K-12 students to resources, and contribute to a growing STEM culture in the Grand Traverse Bay Area. The organization provides a streamlined approach for students and families to locate, access, and learn about enriching resources. And it supports career exploration and mobilizes volunteers with STEM expertise to connect with students.To support and encourage Newton’s Road, eFulfillment Service has an ongoing financial support commitment in place.

Jordan Lindberg represented eFulfillment Service and participated in the Alzheimer’s Association’s Drive to Accelerate the Cure.

These efforts are in addition to an ongoing commitment to 20 Fathoms, Traverse Area Historic Society, Habitat For Humanity, Woman’s Resource Center and Cherryland Humane Society. The company and its employees also participates in a variety of fundraising events including the Traverse City Chamber Golf Outing, Big Brothers, Big Sisters Golf Outing and the Alzheimer’s Association’s Drive to Accelerate the Cure.

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