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Ecommerce Stats—A Year In Review 2020

published on 29.01.2021 in Blog

Looking over the ecommerce statistics from 2020, eFulfillment Service shares advice for ecommerce merchants in 2021 and longer term, including specific intel for small businesses and startups. Read More

Same-Day Delivery – Is It Doable?

published on 06.10.2015 in Blog

Is same-day order fulfillment and delivery achievable for most online sellers? And do consumers even want it? We cover recent studies and offer tips to ecommerce merchants. Read More

Is Your Returns Policy Costing You Business?

published on 05.09.2013 in Blog

A lenient returns policy is more important to online shoppers than free shipping. Learn what consumers consider “lenient,” and how you can reduce your ecommerce return rate. Read More

5 Holiday Planning Tips for Online Sellers

published on 30.08.2012 in Blog

The holiday season is critical for most online sellers, and now is the time to start getting prepared. Here are 5 tips to help ensure merchants make the most of the holidays this year. Read More

eCommerce Tip: Encourage Product Reviews

published on 26.07.2012 in Blog

Over 60% of consumers say they’re more likely to make a purchase from a website with ratings and reviews. Here are some tips to help merchants take advantage. Read More

Why Is Adidas Pulling Out of Amazon & eBay?

published on 05.07.2012 in Blog

Adidas has confirmed that it’s pulling merchandise from Amazon and eBay. Learn why the manufacturer made this move, and why others may be thinking the same thing. Read More

eCommerce Tip: Give Several Shipping Options

published on 21.06.2012 in Blog

Did you know that online shoppers choose the most economical shipping option two-thirds of the time? Learn what other expectations they have. Read More

Lenient Returns Policy is Critical for Online Sellers

published on 07.06.2012 in Blog

comScore study reveals that a lenient and easy-to-understand returns policy represents a big opportunity for online retailers to increase sales. Read More

eCommerce Tip: Better Search = Increased Sales

published on 09.05.2012 in Blog

Your website’s search tool is critical for prospective buyers. Learn how you can use it to improve sales. Read More

eCommerce Tip: Be Upfront with Shipping Costs

published on 10.04.2012 in Blog

The number one reason people abandon their shopping carts is shipping costs. Make sure you’re transparent with buyers from the start. Read More