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Top Order Fulfillment Tips for 2021

published on 14.01.2021 in Blog

In this guide to online order fulfillment for 2021, eFulfillment Service shares insight with ecommerce companies to help them plan distribution and fulfillment for 2021.
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Merchant Processing Q&A for Internet Retailers

published on 13.01.2021 in Blog

Merchant Processing Pros, a merchant processor, offers tips to internet retailers on how they can improve cash flow through their order processing, especially during peak sales seasons like the holidays. Read More

Ecommerce Fulfillment Center Celebrates Its Team

published on 05.01.2021 in Blog

What better way to celebrate all of the hard work of the dedicated fulfillment warehouse operations team than with an appreciation party, just in time for the Christmas holiday.Read More

A Fulfilling Print On Demand Story

published on 05.01.2021 in Blog

An overview of how Print On Demand (POD) services help ecommerce entrepreneurs get to market quickly, easily and without risk. Read More

Celebrating Decades of Ecommerce Fulfillment

published on 17.12.2020 in Blog

20 years ago, when ecommerce was a budding industry, Jennifer Robinson and Sharie Weber started work at eFulfillment Service. The fulfillment company celebrates their service with a celebration-in-a-box. Read More

eFulfillment Service Tests Team Free for COVID

published on 10.12.2020 in EFS in the News

John Lindberg, eFulfillment Service founder and President, has facilitated free, on-site COVID-19 testing for essential team members packing and shipping holiday gifts for ecommerce retailers. The goal is to protect the families, friends and community from the spread of the coronavirus. Read More

Fulfillment Team Celebrated by Ecommerce Client

published on 04.12.2020 in Blog

Pizza Lunch! A happy client expresses gratitude for a job well done, during a tough year, with pizza pie! Read More

EFS Team Donates to Northern Michigan Charities

published on 20.11.2020 in Blog

Every year eFulfillment Service (eFS) team members select three Northern Michigan charities, and present a donation, and for 2020 the needs are great. Read More

EFS Team Selects Local Charities for Holiday Giving

published on 04.11.2020 in Blog

eFulfillment Service team members celebrate Halloween with a costume contest and selecting three local charities to give donations to this holiday season. Read More

Improving Your Supply Chain With Forecasting

published on 28.10.2020 in Blog

Here’s how to manage every link in your supply to improve your overall measure of predictability. The more connected you are to your production and order fulfillment, the more accurately you’ll weather delays and shortages. Read More