Importing & Tax FAQ

Does eFulfillment Service Assist With Importing?

If your products are manufactured outside of the U.S., we recommend working with a shipping carrier and/or customs broker to assist with importing and customs clearance of your merchandise. We work closely with customs brokers, which can help from start to finish with the importing of your products, including transportation, customs clearance, taxes and duties imposed by customs. Our partners can also help you obtain an importer ID and with adherence to regulatory agency policies such as FDA, FCC, etc. For more information, please contact our sales team via email at [email protected], or via phone at 866-922-6783.

I Am Based Outside The US. Do I Need To Incorporate In The US?

eFulfillment Service works with many foreign-based sellers, and U.S. citizenship is NOT required to use our services. It is also generally not required to incorporate your business here in the U.S., although there are a variety of factors to consider. Click here for more information on incorporating your business in the U.S.

Can eFulfullment Service Be Listed As The Importer Of Record?

No, eFulfillment Service cannot be listed as the importer of record for your imported merchandise, nor do we provide a signed power of attorney. We can serve as the consignee for your imported shipments.

Does Your Warehouse Create A Nexus In Michigan For My Business?

If you have a physical presence within a state, whether it is an office, storefront or warehouse, it generally creates a “nexus” or permanent establishment for your business in that state, which means you are required to collect sales taxes from customers in that state. Beginning October 1, 2015, Michigan will join other states in adopting this definition of nexus, meaning that, by stocking goods in our warehouse, our clients will be required to collect sales tax from Michigan customers. Online sellers typically have sales tax collection managed by their shopping cart software.