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Receiving FAQs


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Receiving FAQs

What is your warehouse address for sending my inventory? (click to expand)

Our corporate headquarters and warehouse facility is located at 807 Airport Access Road (Unit D), Traverse City, MI 49686.

How do I prepare inventory shipments for your facility? (click to expand)

We require a packing slip with each inbound shipment to our facility. The packing slip should clearly outline the associated SKUs and quantities. In addition, we do require scannable barcodes on each individual unit. If your merchandise arrives at our facility not properly barcoded, we can label it for you. The cost includes a $20 setup fee plus $0.10 per unit.

How long does the receiving process take? (click to expand)

The receiving process typically takes 2-3 days. If we have several batches of new stock to process, it may take a day or two longer. When we receive your stock, we will count your merchandise to ensure the packing slip is accurate. In addition, we will inspect a portion of your merchandise as well as weigh and measure your SKUs for quality control purposes.

Can you inspect each of my items when you receive them? (click to expand)

Yes. Our receiving process involves inspecting a portion of your merchandise (generally 10-20%). We will also inspect items during the pick/pack process. However, if you would like us to inspect each of your items when we receive them, we can accommodate that request.

What happens if my stock arrives damaged? (click to expand)

If any of your merchandise arrives to our facility damaged, we will photograph the item(s) and the corresponding packaging, and notify you immediately.

Do you require an advance ship notice (ASN)? (click to expand)

We do not require an ASN via electronic format, such as EDI. We do, however, prefer to have advance notice of inbound shipments by simply communicating with your account manager.