Restrictions FAQs

Does eFulfillment Service Have Restrictions On Order Volume?

No, we do not have any minimum or maximum order volume requirements. We work with merchants of all sizes, from startups to multi-channel sellers.

Does eFulfillment Service Have Restrictions With Inventory Storage?

We do not limit how much storage space a merchant can utilize within our order fulfillment warehouse. Additionally, we do not have any long-term storage fees if your inventory does not move fast enough. Each week we calculate the precise amount of warehouse space being utilized to ensure you do not overpay for inventory storage.

Does eFulfillment Service Have Restrictions With Certain Products?

eFulfillment Service works with most types of products, including many products that are considered hazardous for shipping and require ORM-D labels. There are certain products that we do NOT work with, including posters, unpackaged food items, frozen food items, certain hazardous materials, guns or ammunition, pornography, as well as items that are extremely high value. We also do not typically work with oversized items, including those that are larger than 36″ on any one side, or items weighing more than 50 pounds.

Does eFulfillment Service Have Any Other Restrictions?

We specialize in order fulfillment for parcels. We don’t ship postcards or letters, but we love getting them.