Payment Processors & Finance Partners

This list represents payment processors and finance partners that eFulfillment Service works with on a regular basis or with which we have developed a specific partnership to benefit our clients.


Kabbage provides working capital for online merchants who use Paypal or sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Yahoo, and Shopify to help grow their business. Once merchants create their Kabbage account, add their online stores and payment accounts, they will know within minutes if they qualify for an advance of up to $50,000. Where traditional banks have failed at providing small-business loans to online retailers, Kabbage is there to provide financing through their cash advances. Kabbage cash can be used to purchase inventory, advertise your store, hire seasonal help, upgrade equipment or anything you need to grow your business.


A high risk merchant account is a payment processing account for merchants that are classified in a high risk category. They require high risk credit card processing solutions.

The PayKings Team can get you approved today for a low to high risk merchant account for B2B, eCommerce, or Retail at reduced rates and fees.

World First

We’re pleased to have partnered with World First, the international payments specialists. With World First, thousands of businesses and ecommerce merchants save money every time they repatriate the proceeds of sales. Whether you are sending or receiving funds from suppliers, or repatriating income from international online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, World First can help. For online merchants, they can open non-domestic accounts for receiving funds in a number of currencies (GBP, USD, CAD, EUR & YEN) from ecommerce marketplaces in the UK, US, Canada, Europe and Japan. World First can also help you protect your bottom line from currency market fluctuations. This helps you to achieve better exchange rates, meaning that the savings could be significant.