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State of Ecommerce Order Fulfillment & Shipping

published on 11.09.2017 in Blog

Our new report offers eye-popping statistics surrounding the shipping expectations of today’s online buyers, and how sellers can cope with them. Read More

Fulfillment Center Defined & Pros vs. Cons

published on 21.06.2017 in Blog

In this post, we discuss what a fulfillment center is, and overview the pros and cons of outsourcing your order fulfillment vs. handling it internally. Read More

How to Ship Products to Customers

published on 03.03.2017 in Blog

What’s the best way to get your products to your ecommerce customers? In this video, I cover both order fulfillment and shipping options. Read More

Order Fulfillment Pricing Models

published on 31.01.2017 in Blog

Order fulfillment companies use a range of fees and pricing models with ecommerce sellers. Therefore, it’s important to calculate your cost per order. Read More

eFulfillment Service Named a Top 3PL Provider

published on 02.02.2016 in Blog, EFS in the News

eFulfillment Service is honored to be listed as a Top 3PL by Multichannel Merchant. Read More

Same-Day Delivery – Is It Doable?

published on 06.10.2015 in Blog

Is same-day order fulfillment and delivery achievable for most online sellers? And do consumers even want it? We cover recent studies and offer tips to ecommerce merchants. Read More

EFS Integrates with PrestaShop & TradeGecko

published on 06.08.2015 in EFS in the News

eFulfillment Service is pleased to announce new integrations with PrestaShop and TradeGecko to automate and streamline the order fulfillment process for PrestaShop and TradeGecko users. Read More

Order Fulfillment Client Makes the IR “Hot 100” List

published on 23.12.2014 in EFS in the News

Congratulations to our order fulfillment client, AeroDesigns, Inc., for making this year’s Internet Retailer “Hot 100” list! Read More

Internet Sales Tax – The Impact for Online Sellers

published on 27.05.2014 in Blog

Internet sales tax can be a headache for online sellers, and a deterrent for consumers. Learn how internet sales tax works today and how it may impact your ecommerce business in the future. Read More

eFulfillment Service Debuts New Video

published on 11.04.2014 in EFS in the News

A new video from eFulfillment Service highlights the unique and personalized approach the order fulfillment company takes with servicing their clients. Read More