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Post Office Changes to Dimensional Weights

published on 07.06.2019 in Blog

The US Postal Service is making changes to the way it charges for shipping parcels that are larger than one cubic foot. Read More

USPS to Deliver Packages on Sundays

published on 11.02.2013 in Blog

As part of an increasingly clear and bold statement that they want a bigger piece of the order fulfillment market, the USPS announces it will deliver packages on Sundays! Read More

USPS Wants a Bigger Part of eCommerce Fulfillment

published on 07.02.2013 in Blog

The USPS wants to end Saturday mail delivery to save money, but will continue to deliver parcels as they set their sights on eCommerce order fulfillment. Read More

FAQ: How Do I Calculate Dimensional Weight?

published on 29.11.2012 in Blog

Determining the shipping cost of a package isn’t always easy, especially when dimensional weight comes into play. In this post, we discuss how to calculate dimensional weight, and when it’s applied. Read More

USPS to Close 140 Facilities Over the Next 9 Months

published on 23.05.2012 in Blog

The USPS will close 140 mail processing facilities by Feb. 2013, and another 89 sites starting Feb. 2014. Learn what caused these measures to be taken, and what might be next for the U.S. Postal Service. Read More