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Toy Fulfillment

Why did we single out your business?

  1.  We understand the seasonal highs of the toy, hobby and gift markets, and          eFulfillment Service (EFS) is set up to properly service merchants just like you.

  2.  Our friendly terms of service are ideal for toy and gift retailers, with no minimum          shipping requirements, no long-term storage fees, and pay-as-you-go services.

  3.  We want to help grow your business.

A special offer for you…

If online sales growth is a part of your plans, we think you’ll like what EFS can do for your business, and when the timing is right, we’d like to prove it by offering a special, risk-free 90-Day Test Drive Program. Here’s how it works:

 ✓  We start by integrating with your shopping cart for free.

 ✓  You then send us some inventory and we credit your account $500.

 ✓  You work with our team and monitor your inventory and orders with our web-based Fulfillment Control Panel.

 ✓  If at the end of 90 days, you’re not convinced of the value EFS represents, we refund all costs/fees incurred, up to $500.

Learn more about this exclusive 90-Day Test Drive Program, and discover how we help merchants to start and grow their online businesses!

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