FBA Prep Services

With Amazon’s storage limitations, we work with sellers to store their excess inventory and quickly prep inventory to send to FBA warehouses, as needed.

FBA Prep Rates

Account Fee
$20.00 weekly

You will have a dedicated Client Account Specialist and access to our Fulfillment Control Panel dashboard where you can monitor inventory, place and view orders, view your weekly invoice and run a variety of reports.

Bin Fee
$0.45 per Bin (SKU)

The Bin Fee reserves the location for each SKU and includes the first cubic foot of inventory each individual SKU occupies in the warehouse.

Overflow Storage
$.25 per Cubic Foot

“Overflow” is the term given to inventory over and above that first cubic foot covered by the Bin Fee.

Pick & Pack
$2.65 per order
(includes the first item)
$0.65 additional units

Pick and Pack refers to the picking of the specific items that make up the order, and the subsequent packing of the order to ready it for shipping.

$8.95 per half-hour

Receiving services including unpacking, verifying counts against your packing lists, inspecting for damages, and scanning your inventory into stock.