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Technology FAQs


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Technology FAQs

Which shopping carts do you integrate with? (click to expand)

eFulfillment Service is integrated with over 35 shopping carts and platforms to make the order fulfillment process fast, automated and easy for our clients. There is no cost for integrating our system with your cart or platform. Click here for a list of our integrations.

How long does integration take? (click to expand)

Integration with your shopping cart is one of the first steps we take with new clients. Our in-house IT group has made the process fast and easy, and integration can be completed within an hour or two, depending on how large your product catalog is.

Do you have integration instructions I can review? (click to expand)

Once you sign up and become a client of ours, your account manager will pass along integration instructions for the shopping cart or platform that you’re using.

Do you have an API? (click to expand)

Yes. If you are using a shopping cart or inventory/order management system that we are not currently integrated with, our API can be used to push us orders automatically, as well as retrieve tracking and inventory numbers automatically. Click here to view our API documentation.

Do you have a demo for your web portal? (click to expand)

With our web-based Fulfillment Control Panel (FCP), we allow our clients to stay up-to-date on their orders and inventory from all over the world. Our proprietary system will also send automatic alerts when you send new stock, when your stock gets low, when your customer returns an order, and more. To request a demo, please contact us.