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Slow Moving Inventory :: How to Deal with It

published on 13.03.2014 in Blog

For online sellers, slow moving inventory (SMI) can tie up capital and add significantly to carrying costs. Learn how to define SMI and how to deal with it. Read More

How Much to Charge for Shipping?

published on 25.07.2013 in Blog

As an online seller, how should you charge for shipping and handling? Learn what factors to consider and the different options you have as you try to answer this tough but important question. Read More

Order Fulfillment Pricing: How Does it Work?

published on 24.01.2013 in Blog

In this post, we discuss the pricing and fees that eCommerce sellers typically encounter as they evaluate order fulfillment companies. Read More

What is Order Fulfillment?

published on 15.01.2013 in Blog

As a leading eCommerce fulfillment company, we often get questions about how order fulfillment works. So in this post, we define order fulfillment and the basic steps involved. Read More

FAQ: How Do I Calculate Dimensional Weight?

published on 29.11.2012 in Blog

Determining the shipping cost of a package isn’t always easy, especially when dimensional weight comes into play. In this post, we discuss how to calculate dimensional weight, and when it’s applied. Read More

FAQ: How Do You Receive My Orders?

published on 29.10.2012 in Blog

As an eCommerce fulfillment center, we’re often asked how we get orders from online sellers. In this post, we outline the 3 ways that we receive client orders. Read More

FAQ: Do You Have Minimums?

published on 16.08.2012 in Blog

In the world of eCommerce order fulfillment, “minimums” can refer to order volume, storage levels, ongoing fees, or a combination of the three. Learn how minimums work, and about the flexibility offered at eFulfillment Service. Read More

FAQ: How Do Your Storage Fees Work?

published on 30.03.2012 in Blog

Storage fees can vary considerably from one fulfillment company to the next. Learn how these fees are calculated, and how to ensure you have all the details. Read More