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Core Services


Core Services

eFulfillment Service Core Service Fees

The table below outlines core service fees for eFulfillment Service. If you have any questions, please contact your account representative or put in a support ticket through your client support dashboard.

Core Services
Comprehensive Client Support$50.00 per week
Receiving$8.95 per half hour
Storage$0.09 per cubic foot, per week
Pick & Pack$1.65 per package + $0.55 per unit
Returns Processing$2.65 per package + $0.55 per unit
Shipping FeesSee link in Additional Resources below
Free & Stock Packaging FeesSee link in Additional Resources below
FBA Prep
Pick & Pack (under 5 lbs.)$0.50 per item
Pick & Pack (5 lbs. and up)$0.75 base fee + $0.25 per lb.
Labeling (labor + material)$0.25 per item
Order Minimum$20 per order
Inventory Prep
SKU Labeling$20 setup fee + $0.10 per unit
SKU Bagging + Labeling$20 setup fee + $0.20 per unit
Apparel Bagging + Labeling$20 per half hour
Kitting / Assembly Labor$20 per half hour
Pallet Materials$10 per pallet
Special Services
Receiving Special Project (i.e. - quality control, floor-loaded trailer offload)$20 per half hour
Drop Ship Returns Processing$2.00 (in addition to regular returns fee)
Expedited Receiving$50 + $10 extra per half hour
Marketing Insert$0.10 per package
Invoice Insertion$0.50 per package
Order Cancellation$3 per order
Third-Party Account Shipping Fee (does not apply to FBA prep orders)$10 per shipment
Fork Truck Labor$20 per half hour
Other Warehouse Labor$20 per half hour
Returns Non-Compliance Fee$5 per returned order
Returns Excessive Handling (includes product photo)$5 per unit
Returns Customer Service Fee$4 per instance
Non-Compliant Receipts (missing SKUs, ASN, packing slip, heavy boxes [50lbs+])$50 per shipment
Customer Service Fee$3 - $10 per task
Credit Card Processing Fee3.5% of credit card payment
Declined Credit Card Fee$10 per instance
Wire Transfer Fee$35 per instance
COD Collection Fee$12 per instance
NSF Returned Check Fee$10 per instance


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