eFulfillment Service Receives Award for Best eCommerce Fulfillment Provider

eFulfillment Service (EFS) is proud to be named the “ultimate choice” for eCommerce order fulfillment by Web Hosting Search, a leading independent guide of the Web’s best and most trusted tools and services.

eFulfillment Service has been awarded “Best Web Tool” for the company’s exceptional order fulfillment services and technology. Describing the award as “not something that many companies or sites can brag about,” and one that can only be received if a company provides “extra value” to its customers, WebHostingSearch.com had this to say about EFS:

“To be put simply, you need not to worry about organizing your products for efficient order fulfillment, their inventory storage is highly scalable, secured and backed up by experienced operational team. Their Fulfillment software is very easy to use and specifically designed with your needs. Excellent shipment services, their shipping partners ensure timely delivery to all countries at the best possible price. Their Customer Service Support innovates to serve and delight, using their web-based ticket system you can submit your concerns 24/7. But the best thing that capture our attention is their additional services – The last thing that you need in order to find the suitable eFulfillment Service for your needs. All this and more visit their site to help make your e-commerce site as effective as possible.”

Here at eFulfillment Service, we’d like to thank Web Hosting Search for the award, and for recognizing our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with the best and most reliable outsourced fulfillment services available.