Outsourcing order fulfillment is a significant decision for online sellers, as it ultimately requires those sellers to give up much of the control of a critical part of their operations.

As one of the nation’s most trusted and established eCommerce order fulfillment companies, eFulfillment Service (EFS) fully understands the pivotal role they serve as an extension of their clients’ businesses.

A new video from EFS highlights how their personalized approach to servicing clients has built trust with hundreds of online sellers around the world. The video features an interview with eFulfillment Service’s Client Services Director, Linda Sorna.

“The world of online selling continues to grow dramatically every year,” says Sorna. “It’s a competitive arena, and when a seller makes the decision to outsource fulfillment, or switch fulfillment centers, they want to know that they are working with a company that considers themselves a “partner”, taking care and paying attention to details, just like that client would do themselves. Our goal, every day, is to use our expertise and experience to provide the best service we can in order to instill that confidence.”

The video also overviews how the company’s long-standing focus on first-rate service helps to ensure that client expectations are consistently met, and how a high level of communication and transparency builds a solid foundation with clients right from the beginning.

“Online sellers have to place a great deal of trust in their order fulfillment company,” says Steve Bulger, Sales & Marketing Manager at eFulfillment Service. “And when sellers lump together our experience, technology, track record, and our unique and personalized approach to client service, they find we offer a rare combination that gives them the peace of mind they’re looking for in a fulfillment partner.”