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Etsy Order Fulfillment & Shipping


Etsy Order Fulfillment & Shipping

published on 07.05.2018 in Blog by

Etsy Order FulfillmentWe’re excited to announce that we now have a direct order fulfillment integration with Etsy!

At eFulfillment Service, we handle the warehousing and shipping for numerous Etsy sellers. Up until now, those sellers either had to use ShipStation to automatically get their orders to us, or they manually added the orders to our system.

Now, with our new integration, our fulfillment center can automate the process without any third-party systems. Our account management team will help Etsy sellers connect their stores to our order fulfillment software at no cost. Once connected, we will be able to pull orders automatically from Etsy into our system. Once we pick, pack and ship the orders out, we’ll send tracking numbers back to Etsy automatically, which will close the order within Etsy and trigger the tracking email to be sent directly to the end customer. Additionally, we can automatically sync inventory between our system and Etsy.

Order Fulfillment for a Range of Products

We warehouse and handle order fulfillment for a wide range of products sold by Etsy merchants, from apparel, to arts and crafts, to home goods and more. Our integration supports direct mappings to all of those products from their Etsy store to our system, and we can also handle mappings for merchants that sell a bundled assortment of goods.

In addition to handling a wide range of products, we’re also accustomed to working with a wide range of shipping options. For instance, some Etsy sellers offer free shipping on all orders. Others will have a free shipping threshold, while some will charge for all shipping options, including ground and expedited (air) shipping. With each of these scenarios, our Etsy order fulfillment integration allows our clients to tell us exactly how to ship, including the option to rate shop each outbound order and choose the lowest-priced ship method based on the package weight, dimensions, and customer location.

Our goal here at eFulfillment Service is to make order fulfillment as easy as possible for the hundreds of ecommerce sellers that we work with. Our new integration is a big step in the right direction for the Etsy merchants that utilize our warehousing and fulfillment services.

To learn more about our fulfillment company and direct integration with Etsy, please contact us today!

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2 Responses to “Etsy Order Fulfillment & Shipping”
  1. I am looking to get fulfillment for my company AnonymousPotato.com

    Here are the responsibilities:
    Will have to write custom messages on potatoes after we mark them as reviewed
    Will have to print photos and ad adhesive to potato
    Some orders will require cutting edges of a photo and putting it on a potato
    The company will need to have access to Login to Shopify daily and fulfill orders
    Print out shipping labels
    Drop potatoes off daily to be shipped.
    Check for returns
    Purchase (potatoes Inventory as needed) or we can set up an automatic delivery of potatoes to their office.
    We will have markers, envelopes sent automatically as needed. They will need to accept and keep track
    They can expect to fulfill around 60 – 150 orders weekly.

    We would need could only do these by being charged per order fulfilled.
    We would prefer to be around $2.50 a potato for the charge.

    Please let me know if you can help us find a fulfillment center here.

    • Steve Bulger says:

      Hi Derrest –

      Thank you for your inquiry here regarding our fulfillment center. I must say, Anonymous Potato is a very cool, amusing idea!

      I will send you a separate email to provide more information on our order fulfillment services. You can expect that shortly!

      Thanks again,
      Steve Bulger

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