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Whether you are just starting on Amazon as a seller or you are an established business that wants to get higher rankings, you can benefit from learning some tips and tricks to get the advantage over your competition. Having an efficient FBA prep and fulfillment company is important for managing orders and inventory, but how do you get sales? By reading on, you are going to learn everything that you need to know about how to get your products to rank higher on Amazon.

Optimize Product Titles on Amazon
The title of your product is easily one of the most important things that you can do for your Amazon SEO ranking. You want to put as many of the relevant details in your title, including placing the name of the product at the front of the title. You do want to be sure that you have relevant keywords in the title, but it is essential to avoid keyword stuffing as this can be unappealing to the customer.

Amazon recommends that when you create the title, you should include the product, brand, quantity, material, and color of the product. The goal is to get all of this critical information in the title while also making it easier on the customer’s eyes. If you do overstuff the keywords on your post, this will harm your SEO. You want to avoid looking spammy to build up your reputation on the site as well as to become more appealing to your customers.

Highlight Benefits in Amazon Product Descriptions
The product description is different from the “features” section of your Amazon page. Generally, you take the features that have been briefly described already and elaborate on these later on. This can be a place where you can focus your attention on engagement because where you sell your product. You can get the most creative control over this part of the SEO rankings.

Again, you don’t want to do any keyword stuffing with this part of the Amazon page. Usually, just using the keyword once should be enough to get the attention of the customer. You do have to work hard with this section because you want it to be readable. It needs to read naturally but should help to sell your product. You can talk about some of the features, but you should spend more of your effort on highlighting the benefits of your products. Be sure that you also mention essential information like the product dimensions or any ingredients or materials that are used to create your product. The product description should offer value and inspire the customer to choose your product over the competition.

Amazon Wants Images Big Enough to Show Details
High-quality images can always make a huge difference in SEO rankings, whether you are trying to rank high on search engines or Amazon. Products that have high-quality images tend to have higher conversion rates. It is recommended that you should choose images that are over 1,000 pixels in either width or height. The smallest file allowed is 500 pixels from its longest side. In many cases, results that don’t have images that follow these recommendations won’t even get displayed.

This 1,000 x 1,000 pixels or larger images will allow customers to use a hover to zoom feature, which can have a significant impact on conversion rates. This feature will enable customers to get a zoomed-in image of the product while customers are on the product information page. You should know that these images don’t necessarily have to be “high quality,” but with higher quality images, you are going to get better results.

Remember To Use Amazon’s Backend Keywords
Backend keywords are keywords that aren’t visible to the customers by they do get cataloged by the Amazon algorithm so that it can have an impact on your product’s visibility. To make the most out of your backend text, you should be sure that it includes keywords that you couldn’t fit in your description or title, misspellings of related words or products, and any similar words that can be used for searches for your products. You don’t need to use these keywords more than once.

Reduce Your Bounce Rate & Increase Time on Amazon’s Page
Amazon can calculate how people interact with your page, which helps them determine your SEO. Among the things that they track include the bounce rate and the time a person spends on your page. When it comes to the time on your page, Amazon uses this to determine how interested people are in your product. The fact is that a customer who spends the time to read your product description and reads through the reviews will be more likely to purchase your product.

The bounce rate refers to when a customer performs a search and finds your product, then goes back to the search to click on another product. This is similar to the bounce rate calculations that Google performs for its SEO; only the Amazon algorithm has a more accurate measurement since the bounce occurs on its platform.

Maximize Features Listing with Benefits
The features are bulleted points right underneath the product title and pricing. These features are keyword rich and informative features. This is such a vital part of the page creation for SEO that you can’t even create the page without having these bulleted points. These are very detailed, easily readable, and can have a lot of keywords. Wrap customer benefits with your keywords. So a bullet point with lithium-ion battery included, reads, “Included lithium-ion battery lasts 3 days of standard usage.”

Customer Reviews Are Important on Amazon
Products that have more positive customer reviews will tend to rank higher on Amazon. People are more likely to trust products that have positive reviews rather than products that have lower ratings. Trust is a huge factor in deciding whether or not they are going to invest in a product.

Conclusion & Amazon SEO Experts
If you are selling items on Amazon, you need to position higher than other people who may also sell the same products as you are. What will make you stand out is how you optimize your product page for Amazon SEO. The items listed on this article will help you with optimizing your page, but your primary focus should be on the product title, product description, and product images as these can have some of the most significant impacts on your SEO. Once you master these things, you will start noticing more sales coming in.

Of course, not every business owner has the time to tackle all of these tasks. Becoming familiar with the Amazon Seller Central platform does take time and work. For some companies, hiring experts that provide Amazon SEO services can prove to be an effective solution. Having another pair of helping hands is never a bad thing, but it’s not always for everybody. So, make sure you take the time to research these strategies yourself first, then decide if hiring an expert is right for you. Now, go sell some products!

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