eFulfillment Service would like to make things a little easier for startups and entrepreneurs engaging in ecommerce, when those companies make things easier for the fulfillment supplier to serve them. At lower order volumes, companies don’t require as much support, so eFulfillment Service passes that savings back to clients. eFulfillment Service calls the discount the eFulfillment Service Stewardship Program.

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Announcing the eFulfillment Service Stewardship Program

For accounts with a low volume of orders, and a small total volume of inventory, the weekly fee under the Stewardship Program is discounted.

Who can use the eFulfillment Service Stewardship Program?

Any eFulfillment Service client can qualify for the Stewardship Program, and it’s well-suited for:

  • Entrepreneurs: companies that are testing new markets, or companies that are growing past the abilities of the in-house staff and don’t want the headache and risk of procuring warehouse space, equipment and staff.
  • Start-ups: companies wanting to minimize costs and need easy access to reporting for investors, while they grow
  • Book Sellers: companies who need inexpensive warehousing for products that take up space and use other channels for most of their fulfillment.
  • Low Volume Shippers: Companies with products that serve a small niche or overseas companies looking to start selling in the United States.

Here’s how to enroll in the eFulfillment Service Stewardship Program for Startups, Entrepreneurs & Low-volume Shippers:

  • Efulfillment Service Account in good standing
  • Have 5 orders per week or less
  • Less than 64 cu. ft. of total inventory in eFulfillment Service storage (a full pallet)

What do I have to do to get it?

Become an eFulfillment Service client, send in your inventory and develop a history of low orders and low fulfillment. After that, it’s all automatic. No forms, no permissions, not even a button to push. When a client’s activity quiets down, eFulfillment Service gives the business the Stewardship Discount. And when the client’s activity ramps up, the service scales with them, automatically returning the business to the regular management fee levels, now called Comprehensive Client Support.

What if an ecommerce company qualifies this week, but its orders or storage go up?

The system automatically adjusts. If a client has higher activity, the invoice will show a return to the regular management fees, called Comprehensive Client Support. If orders drop again, eFulfillment Service puts the client back on the Stewardship Program.

If a client sends us an inventory shipment, and the new inventory total exceeds 64 cu. ft., eFulfillment Service automatically returns to the regular management fees, called Comprehensive Client Support. When inventory drops again, we’ll put you back on the Stewardship Program.

The Stewardship Program is another way that eFulfillment Service provides fulfillment services that scale for ecommerce startups and entrepreneurs. From it’s attentive and responsive Customer Care department to its long-standing reputation for trustworthiness and reliability, eFulfillment Service takes on companies without requiring order minimums or SKU maximums.


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