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Etsy has rapidly grown to become a hub for creative and artistic products. Whether you’re a seller seeking to establish your presence or simply trying to improve your listings, crafting compelling Etsy product descriptions is vital.

In this guide, we’ll walk through tips for creating descriptions that can resonate with your target audience, enhance your visibility on both Etsy and other search engines, and ultimately boost your conversion rates.

What is an Etsy Product Description?

A product description can be defined as a written summary that provides essential details about a particular product. It offers insights into the product’s features, benefits, and potential usage. A well-crafted product description not only informs but also entices the potential buyer to make a purchase. 

Why is it Important to Perfect your Etsy Product Description?

Etsy product descriptions are more than just a textual representation of your product. They are carefully crafted to serve three main goals:

Inform the Buyer: The descriptions provide a comprehensive view of the product, including details that buyers need before making a purchase decision.

Search Engine Visibility: Keywords within the description help in ranking on search engines as well as on Etsy’s internal search through tags.

Boost Conversion Rates: A well-articulated product description can significantly impact your conversion rate. This percentage reflects how many sales you make per hundred interested buyers. Crafting a description that resonates with the readers can enhance this percentage, benefiting your overall business performance.

How do you write an Etsy Product Description?

Tip #1 Start with your Titles and Tags:

Stay up to date on the latest Etsy guidlines for creating your Etsy product titles and tags by adhering to the suggestions below:

Title Length: Maintain 70-120 Characters

Why It’s Important: A title within this length range provides enough space to include relevant keywords and descriptive phrases without being overwhelming. It strikes a balance between being informative and concise.

How to Achieve It: Focus on the core characteristics of your product. Use adjectives and nouns that describe your product accurately and succinctly.

Focus Keyword: Include This Within the Title

Why It’s Important: Including the focus keyword ensures that your product is aligned with what potential customers are searching for. It boosts the Etsy SEO of your listing.

How to Achieve It: Identify the most significant term that describes your product, something that potential customers would likely type into the search bar, and make sure it appears in your title.

Avoid Repeating Words: This Ensures Uniqueness

Why It’s Important: Repeating words can make your title appear spammy, and it can hinder your search ranking. Unique titles are more attractive and professional.

How to Achieve It: Use synonyms and creatively phrase your title, so the same word doesn’t appear multiple times. It’s about being descriptive without being redundant.

Tags: Use 13 Specific and Multi-Word Phrases, and Do Not Repeat Them

Why It’s Important: Tags are like keywords that categorize your product within Etsy’s internal search. Using 13 specific tags maximizes your reach, and multi-word phrases can capture more nuanced searches.

How to Achieve It: Think about the different ways customers might search for your product. Use phrases that reflect various aspects, such as color, size, function, and style. Avoid repeating tags, as it doesn’t expand your reach but only limits it.

Tip #2 Engage with the Buyer:

Since you can’t be with the buyer in your physical store, the description is your chance to make a personal connection with them. Your description should allow them to envision what they could use your product for. Using key phrases like “Boho home décor” or “perfect gift for mom” will outline where the customer can envision it being in their space or how they would gift it to that special loved one. 

First-Person Perspective: Speak Directly to the Buyer

Why It’s Important: Using a first-person perspective creates an intimate connection with the potential buyer, making the content more relatable and personalized. It turns the description from a generic piece of information into a direct conversation.

How to Achieve It: Use words like “you” and “your” to directly address the reader. Write the description as though you were talking to the buyer face-to-face. Include scenarios or questions that they may have about the product and answer them as you describe it.

Maintain Respect: While Personalizing, Keep the Language Respectful

Why It’s Important: While the first-person perspective adds warmth, it’s vital to maintain a respectful tone to keep the interaction professional. This assures potential buyers that they are engaging with a reputable seller.

How to Achieve It: Avoid overly casual language or slang that might be considered inappropriate. Be mindful of cultural sensitivities. Keep the tone friendly but polished. Think of it as having a conversation with a new acquaintance rather than a close friend.

Example: “Hand crafted glass beer mug engraved with your special someone’s initials. The perfect mug for those beer loving dads on this Father’s Day.”

Tip #3 Keep it Honest and Accurate

Be Precise: Ensure That Your Claims Are Accurate

Why It’s Important: Precision in your product description builds credibility. An accurate representation of your product helps to meet customer expectations, reducing the risk of dissatisfaction or returns.

How to Achieve It: Include exact measurements, materials, colors, and functionalities in the description. Utilize high-quality images that reflect the product’s true appearance. If there are limitations to the product, disclose them.

Avoid Overselling: Stick to the Facts to Maintain Customer Trust

Why It’s Important: Overselling creates a disconnect between what’s promised and what’s delivered. Exaggerating features or benefits can lead to disillusionment and erode trust in your brand.

How to Achieve It: Stick to the facts. Highlight the product’s genuine strengths and unique selling points without embellishment. Focus on what the product can realistically offer and how it can truly benefit the buyer.

Go Above and Beyond for your Etsy Customers

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Tip #4 Use Concise Yet Comprehensive Descriptions

Focus on Value: Highlight What Makes Your Product Unique

Why It’s Important: In a crowded marketplace, focusing on what sets your product apart can capture a buyer’s interest. It’s not just about the features but how those features translate into benefits for the buyer.

How to Achieve It: Identify the unique selling points of your product. Is it handcrafted? Does it use sustainable materials? Explain why these aspects are valuable. For example, if your product is eco-friendly, highlight how it aligns with a sustainable lifestyle.

Use Bullet Points: For Clarity and Readability

Why It’s Important: Bullet points break down information into digestible bits, making it easy for the reader to scan the content and absorb key details.

How to Achieve It: List the product’s key features, benefits, or specifications using bullet points. For example:

Material: 100% organic cotton
Size: Available in S, M, L, XL
Care Instructions: Machine washable

This format presents the information clearly and helps the buyer quickly find what they need to know.

Keep Paragraphs Short: Allow for Easy Scanning

Why It’s Important: Long paragraphs can appear dense and intimidating. Short paragraphs make the content more approachable and allow the reader to move through the information smoothly.

How to Achieve It: Break down your description into small, focused paragraphs, each addressing a specific aspect of the product. Use clear and concise language, avoiding unnecessary jargon.

Tip #5 Include a Call-to-Action Link

Call to Action: Direct Buyers to Other Products in Your Etsy Store

Why It’s Important: A Call to Action (CTA) prompts the reader to take a specific step, such as viewing other products or subscribing to your store. It’s a way to extend their engagement with your brand.

How to Achieve It: At the end of your product description, include a compelling CTA like “Explore more unique designs in our store!” and provide a clickable link. This encourages further exploration and increases the chance of multiple product purchases.

Tip #6 Grammar and Accuracy: Building Trust and Credibility

Proofread: Ensure Your Content is Error-Free

Why It’s Important: Grammatical errors or typos can erode trust and give a negative impression of your brand.

How to Achieve It: Use proofreading tools and double-check your work manually. If possible, have another set of eyes review your content. Clean, error-free writing reflects professionalism and attention to detail.

Answer FAQs: Provide All Vital Information About Your Product

Why It’s Important: Potential buyers often have specific questions in mind. Addressing these common questions in the description streamlines their decision-making process. Remember, since you are not there in-person, answering their questions right in the description can be crucial for their buying decisions.

How to Achieve It: Identify the 5-8 most frequent questions related to your product. These might include materials, dimensions, usage instructions, shipping details, and return policies. Include answers in your description, either in a Q&A section or organically within the text.

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Tip #7 Outline Your Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping Policy: Clear and Comprehensive Information

Why It’s Important: Buyers want to know when they will receive their purchase, how it will be shipped, and what it will cost. This information can be a deciding factor in making a purchase.

How to Achieve It: Outline your shipping policy in a dedicated section or link. Include details about shipping methods, expected delivery times, tracking options, and any associated costs. If you offer international shipping, be clear about any restrictions or additional fees.

Return Policy: Set Clear Expectations

Why It’s Important: A clear return policy not only builds trust but also manages expectations. It helps the buyer understand what they can and cannot do if they’re unsatisfied with the purchase.

How to Achieve It: Clearly state the conditions under which returns are accepted, the timeframe for making a return, how refunds are processed, and any associated costs. If there are items that cannot be returned (like personalized or perishable goods), make that explicit.

Utilize Easy-to-Understand Language

Why It’s Important: Shipping and return policies can be complex. Using straightforward language ensures that your customers fully understand what to expect.

How to Achieve It: Avoid legal jargon or overly technical terms. If necessary, use bullet points or subheadings to break down information into digestible parts.

Tip #8 Monitor Performance in your Etsy Dashboard and Adapt

Experiment with Templates: Adapt Descriptions According to Performance

Why It’s Important: What works for one product might not work for another. Experimentation allows you to find the most effective description style for different products.

How to Achieve It: Create various templates with different tones, structures, or focuses. Periodically rotate them and analyze performance metrics like click-through rates and conversion rates to identify which template resonates best with your audience.

Etsy Product Description Examples and Templates

Home Decor Product Description Example

Product: Custom Planter

example of good etsy product description and title

Title: Chinese Planter Take-Out Box – FREE TWO CHOPSTICKS – Chinese Take out Planter | 3D printed planter

Why this Etsy product title Works

  • Descriptive Keywords: The title provides a clear and concise description of the product, utilizing key phrases like “Chinese Planter Take-Out Box,” “Chinese Take out Planter,” and “3D printed planter.” These keywords offer a quick understanding of what the product is and what it resembles.
  • Inclusion of Free Item: By highlighting “FREE TWO CHOPSTICKS” in capital letters, it immediately draws attention to an added bonus that comes with the purchase, creating a sense of value.
  • Use of Symbols and Punctuation: The dashes and vertical bar (|) help to separate different parts of the title, making it visually easier to digest and highlighting the unique selling points.


🌱A Chinese planter to take out individual or set 🌱

Link For Buy Drainage Trays for Chinese Planter Take-Out Box:

This 3D printed planter will be a darling addition to your home, office or living space! have all of your guests wanting their own. Get yours today!

*Set of 2 box contains two to-go sets, one large (white) and one medium (black) (see measurements below)*

*Set of 3 box contains to-go sets, one large (white) one medium (black) and one small (Red) (see measurements below)*


Adorable Chinese take-Out pots with matching chopsticks. The sticks are sized to the planters. The red symbols and letters of the planter are added with a delicate and beautiful sticker. These cute planters will love hanging out on your mantels, shelves and windowsills, basking in the sun and keeping your plants company. The beautiful tones and smooth, glossy finish of these pieces allow the lush colors of your plants to shine through, while blending elegantly with your home décor. You will fall in love with how perfect they will look!


This planter can fit almost anywhere with its ideal size!

Large White Box, Large Black Box or Large box red:

Pot opening – 3.1 inches
Height from base to folds – 3.3 inches
Overall height – 4.8 inches
Bottom Width/Length – 3.8 inches

Medium White Box, medium Black Box, Medium Red Box:

Pot opening: 2.5 inches
Height from base to folds- 3 inches
Overall height – 4.0 inches
Bottom Width/Length- 3.2 inches

Small White Box, Small Black Box or Small Red Box:

Pot opening: 2.2 inches
Height from base to folds- 2.4 inches
Overall height – 3.4 inches
Bottom Width/Length- 2.4 inches


We use innovative 3D printing technology to create these one-of-a-kind planters.

All of our cactus or succulent pots are printed with heavy-duty PLA to last you for years to come.

The attention to detail and quality of our work at Print level 3D is truly unmatched.


We use eco-responsible PLA bioplastic to 3D print these awesome sculpture planters.

Polylactide is an environmentally friendly renewable thermoplastic and a polymer.

It is made from the starch of plants such as corn, sugar cane and sugar beet, making it completely sustainable.


Rest easy knowing that your planter will last years to come. Plant your favorite flowers, succulents or cactus without ever having to worry about this pot falling apart.

We ship our 3D printed planters in a heavy-duty box, carefully wrapped in protective packaging to prevent any damage, scratches or cracks in transit.


Your family member, friend or loved one will love this cute planter pot! Gift it to them for their birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Father’s Day or any other special occasion. A perfect home decor present for men, women and children of all ages and lifestyles!


The quality of this succulent pot is our top priority. If you have any issues with your product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

So… what are you waiting for?! Purchase this awesome today!

For more beautiful items visit…


Why this Etsy product description Works

  • Visual Aids and Links: Including a link to buy drainage trays and emojis in headings makes the description visually engaging and easy to navigate.
  • Set Options Explained: The description explicitly explains what’s included in the different set options, reducing any confusion for the customer.
  • Free Item Highlighted: By highlighting FREE CHOPSTICKS, the description creates an added value proposition.
  • Adorable Imagery: The imagery and language used (“Adorable Chinese take-Out pots with matching chopsticks”) creates a vivid picture of the product, appealing to the aesthetic sense of potential buyers.
  • Size Details: Providing specific measurements helps the buyer understand the exact dimensions of the product, ensuring that it fits their space.
  • 3D Printing and Eco-Friendly: These sections emphasize the modern and sustainable aspects of the product, appealing to environmentally-conscious consumers and those interested in innovative technology.
  • Quality Assurance: The section on the creation and shipping process assures the buyer of the product’s quality and care in packaging, building trust.
  • Gift Potential: By suggesting it as a perfect gift for various occasions and for all ages, the description broadens the potential audience.
  • Customer Happiness Guarantee: This final touch shows commitment to customer satisfaction and helps to build confidence in the purchase.
wooden wall clock

Home Decor Product Description Template

Product: Handmade Wooden Wall Clock

Title: Elegant Handmade Wooden Wall Clock – A Timeless Piece for Your Home (80 characters)

Description: Crafted with love and precision, this handmade wooden wall clock brings timeless elegance to any room. Its minimalist design and high-quality materials reflect our commitment to artistry and excellence.

Dimensions: 12 inches diameter
Materials: Solid Oak with a smooth finish
Shipping: Free domestic shipping (3-5 business days). International shipping available.
Return Policy: 30-day returns with no questions asked
Care Instructions: Wipe with a soft, dry cloth
Explore more unique home decor items in our Etsy store!

Tags: Handcrafted Clock, Wooden Wall Decor, Minimalist Clock Design, Timeless Home Accessory, Solid Oak Clock, 12-Inch Wall Clock, Living Room Decor, Unique Housewarming Gift, Free Shipping, 30-Day Return

Apparel Product Description Example

Product: Custom T-Shirt

example of good etsy product description and title

Title: Goose t-shirt- Goose Embroidered T-shirt- Funny shirt- Comfort colors T-shirt

Why this Etsy product title Works

  • Keyword Inclusion: The title includes relevant keywords like “Goose t-shirt,” “Embroidered T-shirt,” and “Comfort colors T-shirt,” making it easier for search engines to identify what the product is.
  • Avoid Repeating Words: The words are not unnecessarily repeated, and it highlights multiple aspects of the product (goose, embroidered, comfort colors).
  • Descriptive: It tells the customer exactly what they’re looking at, which includes the design (goose), the technique used (embroidered), the humor aspect (funny), and the brand or style (comfort colors).


Hi! if you have any additional questions or wanted to change thread colors, please message me.
Thank you

– Please Choose the SIZE and COLOR From Drop Down Menu.

– The T shirts are “Comfort Colors” brand.
-6.1 oz./yd², 100% ring spun cotton, garment-dyed
-Relaxed fit
-7/8″ double-needle topstitched collar
-Twill taped neck and shoulders for extra durability
-Double-needle armhole, sleeve and bottom hems
-Signature twill label

– Please check the size chart before you purchase. Small to 2XL sizes are available in stock.
If you would like a size that isn’t available, please message me.

– Processing times depend on the designs, I put an estimate of 3 – 10 business days just to give me wiggle room if God forbid an emergency happens or if I am super busy full-filling many orders. I do offer a (rush my order) service that will have your order processed in 2 days but this does not guarantee a fast deliver as USPS can vary in delivery speed. There are 3 different USPS shipping options are available. Please choose an expedited method at the check out if you need it earlier.

– Machine wash warm, inside out (to protect the embroidery), with like colors. Tumble dry-low. Medium iron. Do not iron decoration. Do not dry clean.

All shirts are made to order, the photo’s shown in our Sale listings will be extremely similar to what you will receive, it is impossible to make to shirts identically the same but differences between each new shirt i make are almost indistinguishable. If you require any personalization’s or have any questions please message me.
And if you like other thread color just add me a note.
Thank you!

Why this Etsy product description Works

  • Conversational Tone: The opening greeting and thank-you note add a personal touch and engage the buyer, making it feel more like a one-on-one conversation.
  • Clear Ordering Instructions: The “HOW TO ORDER” section is clear and straightforward, guiding the customer on exactly how to select their size and color.
  • Material Details: The material section is comprehensive, providing specific details about the fabric, its quality, and its features. This transparency builds trust and helps the customer understand what they’re purchasing.
  • Size and Availability: It provides a clear guide on the sizes available and invites customers to message the seller if their size isn’t available. This adds an extra layer of customization and customer service.
  • Shipping Information: The shipping section is detailed but not overwhelming, providing an estimated processing time, available shipping options, and a note about potential delivery variations. This clarity helps set customer expectations.
  • Care Instructions: By providing care instructions, the description adds value to the customer by helping them maintain the product after purchase.
  • Product Variations: The note about each shirt being made to order and the possibility of slight variations assures the buyer of the uniqueness of each product while managing expectations about potential differences.
  • Personalization: The ending note about thread color customization and the invitation to message the seller emphasizes that the customer can personalize the product and ask questions, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Apparel Product Description Template

Product: Bamboo T-Shirt

bamboo white t-shirt

Title: Eco-Friendly Bamboo Fiber T-Shirt – Comfort Meets Sustainability (75 characters)

Description: Embrace comfort and sustainability with our soft, eco-friendly bamboo fiber t-shirt. Designed for the conscious consumer, its breathable fabric ensures all-day comfort.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL (size chart link)
Colors: Available in White, Black, and Green
Shipping: Ships within 24 hours, tracking provided
Return Policy: Easy returns within 15 days, excluding sale items
Care Instructions: Machine washable; follow label instructions
Discover more sustainable apparel in our Etsy collection!

Tags: Bamboo Fiber T-Shirt, Sustainable Clothing, Soft Breathable Fabric, Eco-Friendly Apparel, Unisex Bamboo Shirt, Comfortable Casual Wear, Fast Shipping, Easy Returns, Machine Washable, Available in S, M, L, XL

Jewlery Product Description Example

Product: Silver Daisy Necklace

example of good etsy product description and title

Title: Daisy Flower Choker, Pearl Flower Choker, Beaded Flower Necklace, Silver Necklace, Tiny Pearl Choker, Bridal Pearl Necklace, Gifts for Her

Why this Etsy product title Works

  • Keyword-rich: The title is filled with descriptive keywords such as “Daisy Flower Choker,” “Pearl Flower Choker,” “Beaded Flower Necklace,” and “Bridal Pearl Necklace,” which describe various aspects of the jewelry piece.
  • Audience Targeting: By including “Gifts for Her,” the title speaks directly to those shopping for a feminine gift, providing context for potential buyers.


• 18K gold thick layered over High Quality Solid 316L Stainless Steel. can be worn in water. Our jewelry is made to last, anti-tarnish, higher durability than a regular gold-plated brass material, perfect for everyday wear.

• Pearl I choose the whole natural South Seashell polished into a round, covered with pearl paste plating, the weight of the pearl and the weight of the natural pearl almost the same, the luster is also very good. Not plastic or resin pearls, normal wear, no color loss, no skin loss.

—Pearl 3mm

—Adjustable Chain 16.5 inches to 18.5inches.

—Finish: gold,silver

—Bracelet :
(Link to Bracelet)

–one flower necklace :
(Link to other flower necklace)

–same style earrings:
(Link to same style earrings)

–same style earrings:
(Link to same style earrings)

–same style earrings:
(Link to same style earrings)

–same style ring:
(Link to same style ring)

–same style ring:
(Link to same style ring)

▷ 100% handmade with love and passion.

▷ 1-3 days of processing time.

-For more jewelry of this style, please search (Link to Other Jewlery)

-Thank you for visiting my shop,I hope you can find something you

Why this Etsy product description Works

  • High-Quality Material Description: Detailing the material as “18K gold thick layered over High Quality Solid 316L Stainless Steel” emphasizes the quality and durability of the product. The anti-tarnish feature is highlighted as a benefit.
  • Pearl Information: The description about the pearls being natural and polished, not plastic, assures the buyer of the authenticity and quality of the pearls.
  • Size and Finish Options: Providing measurements, such as the pearl’s 3mm size and the adjustable chain length, along with finish options, helps customers visualize the product.
  • Links to Related Products: The inclusion of links to similar products in the collection offers opportunities for cross-selling and helps the customer explore matching items.
  • Handmade Aspect: Mentioning that the item is “100% handmade with love and passion” adds a personal touch, emphasizing the care and craft that went into the creation.
  • Processing Time: By informing the buyer of the processing time (1-3 days), expectations are set for the order’s fulfillment.
silver tree pendant necklace

Jewelry Product Description Template

Product: Handcrafted Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Title: Handcrafted Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace – A Symbol of Elegance (78 characters)

Description: Elevate your style with our handcrafted sterling silver pendant necklace. Intricately designed and meticulously crafted, it’s the perfect piece for a special occasion or everyday elegance.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Chain Length: 18 inches (adjustable)
Shipping: Gift-wrapped with express shipping options
Return Policy: Returns accepted within 14 days, conditions apply (Link to Conditions)
Care Instructions: Store in a jewelry box; clean with silver polish
Explore more exquisite jewelry pieces in our Etsy store!

Tags: Sterling Silver Necklace, Handcrafted Pendant, Elegant Jewelry, Special Occasion Accessory, 925 Silver Necklace, 18-Inch Adjustable Chain, Gift-Wrapped Jewelry, 14-Day Returns, Exquisite Craftsmanship, Unique Jewelry Gift

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So there you have it, your comprehensive guide to writing standout Etsy product descriptions. It’s all about striking the right balance between information, creativity, and trust. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to revamp your listings, these strategies are designed to help you connect with your customers on a personal level. From the crafting of titles to the detailing of shipping and return policies, each step is vital in making your products shine. Feel free to experiment with the templates for Home Decor, Apparel, and Jewelry, and watch your conversion rates soar. Happy selling!