Additional Services Pricing

The tables below outline pricing for additional services at eFulfillment Service. If you have any questions, please contact your account representative or put in a support ticket through your client support dashboard.

Standard  Enterprise 
Less Than 125 Orders per Week125+ Orders Per Week
ServiceWeekly RateServiceWeekly Rate
Bin storage$0.45Bin storage$0.90
Overflow storage (per cu. ft.)$0.25Overflow storage (per cu. ft.)$0.50
Pick & pack (first unit)$2.65Pick & pack (first unit)$2.45
Pick & pack (additional unit)$0.65Pick & pack (additional unit)$0.55
Receiving$8.95 per half hourReceiving$8.95 per half hour
Client support$20Client support$60
Shipping ratesStandardShipping ratesEnterprise

FBA Prep Services & Standard B2B Shipment Fees 
Pick & Pack (under 5 lbs.)$0.50 per item
Pick & Pack (5 lbs. and up)$0.75 base fee + $0.35 per lb.
Labeling (labor + material)$0.25 per item
Excessive Handling (Includes repacking in boxes less than 25 in. or 63.5 cm)$0.30 per unit
Order Minimum$20 per order

Inventory Prep 
SKU Labeling$20 setup fee + $0.20 per unit
SKU Bagging + Labeling$20 setup fee + $0.30 per unit
Bagging Oversize$20 setup + $0.60 per item (Shrink wrap)
Kitting / Assembly Labor$20 per half hour
Pallet Replacements or Restacking Pallets$20 per half hour
Pallet Materials$10 per pallet

Returns Processing$2.65 per package + $0.55 per unit
Returns Excessive Handling
(covers extra time for sorting multiple items, inspections, product photos)
$5 per return
Returns Customer Service Fee (request for add'l info)$4 per occurrence

Special Services 
Receiving Special Project (i.e. - quality control, floor-loaded trailer offload)$20 per half hour
Drop Ship Returns Processing$2.00 (in addition to regular returns fee)
Shipping on a third-party account$10 per order
Expedited Services
—Expedited Receiving $50 set up + $18.95 per half hour
—Expedited Assembly$50 set up + $30 per half hour
—Expedited Labeling$30 set up + $0.30 per label
—Expedited Autobagger Kitting & Labeling$30 set up + $0.30 per label + $0.45 per item
Marketing Insert$0.10 per pick
Invoice Insertion$0.50 per package
Order Cancellation$3 per order
Third-Party Account Shipping Fee (does not apply to FBA prep orders)$10 per shipment
Fork Truck Labor$20 per half hour
Excessive Handling (Includes bubble wrapping)$0.30 per unit
Other Warehouse Labor$20 per half hour

Non-Compliant Receipts (missing SKUs, ASN, packing slip, heavy boxes [50lbs+])$50 per shipment
Non-Compliant Receipt Container (no arrival appointment attempt)$300 per shipment
Inventory Receiving: Relabeling products that arrive with wrong SKU labels$20 setup + $0.20 per label
Customer Service Fee$3 - $10 per task

Credit Card Processing Fee3.5% of credit card payment
Declined Credit Card Fee$10 per instance
Wire Transfer Fee$35 per instance
COD Collection Fee$12 per instance
NSF Returned Check Fee$10 per instance

*Comprehensive Client Support (Stewardship Program)
The Stewardship Program is for clients with a low number of orders (5 or less per week) and using a smaller amount of warehouse space for their inventory (64 cubic feet or less). Those clients qualify for our Stewardship Program and receive a discounted Comprehensive Client Support fee ($25 less per week) of $15.00 per week. The Stewardship Program is applied automatically to qualified clients.

**Non-Compliance Receipts
To keep things speedy for everyone when we are receiving inventory, we need clear, clean communication universally. When there are errors or if data is missing, those delays affect our whole system. Here are situations that can trigger non-compliant receipt fees:

  • Missing packing slips, or packing slips sent post arrival via Zendesk
  • Business name on Advance Shipment Notice isn’t in our system
  • No Advance Shipment Notice (ASN), or ASN data missing
  • Inventory Receiving: SKU not entered into system prior to arrival

Conditions Triggering Pallet Replacement or Restacking

  • Two or more broken, split or missing bottom slats.
  • Two or more broken, split or missing top slats.
  • Damaged or broken mains (the 3 perpendicular heavier studs). If these supports have been repaired and they are sturdy, the pallet is usable.
  • Any pallet that uses composite or sawdust compressed blocks as separators.
  • Any pallet that is not standard 40″ wide x 48″ deep dimensions.
  • Plastic pallets.
  • Pallet height exceeding 54″ in height—when the full pallet will be inventoried on pallet racking shelves and the tall pallet needs to be reduced to two shorter pallets to fit on the shelves. Or for safety reasons where heavy boxes at the top of a tall pallet might fall.
  • Any pallet that shows overt signs of structural weakness that could present a potential safety issue.

In the rare case that a client should need to close an account that has inventory in stock, eFulfillment Service will pull that inventory for you, the way we would if we were shipping a large non-customer order, with a minimum charge of $40. Itemized closeout fees include: Pick and pack under 5 lbs. at $0.50 per item; Pick and pack at 5 lbs. and up at $0.75 base fee plus $0.35 per lb.; Labeling (labor plus material) at $0.25 per item; Excessive handling, including repacking in boxes less than 25 in. or 63.5 cm at $0.30 per unit; and Location auditing and closeout at $1 per location. Contact your Client Care representative to determine whether and how these fees apply.

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