Infomercial.TV, Inc., a leading eCommerce technology and service provider for the direct response TV (DRTV) industry, has teamed up with eFulfillment Service (EFS), a leading order fulfillment provider, to offer DRTV sellers a new, easier way to integrate eCommerce into the sales mix.

Through seamless integration, Infomercial.TV web stores can now communicate directly with web-based fulfillment software offered from eFulfillment Service. Here’s how it works.

When an Infomercial.TV web store receives an online order, it is automatically sent to the EFS Fulfillment Control Panel (FCP), where sellers can quickly and easily monitor orders and inventory levels from around the world. Once orders are received, they are quickly picked, packed and shipped from an eFulfillment Service warehouse, and data is then sent back to the seller and tracking information is provided to the end customer.

“For DRTV sellers, eCommerce can be a great way to supplement phone sales and those coming in from other channels,” says Steve Bulger, Marketing Manager for eFulfillment Service. “But for those same sellers, order fulfillment can be a big hassle that keeps them from doing other things to grow their business. They also need to think about ways to continually create increased product awareness among consumers. So by partnering with Infomercial.TV, we’ve created an easy, affordable way for sellers to build and promote their web stores, while simultaneously bridging the gap between the world of online selling and offline order fulfillment.”

About eFulfillment Service

eFulfillment Service (EFS) is an established leader in eCommerce order fulfillment. Every day, hundreds of merchants around the world depend on EFS for fast, simple, affordable order fulfillment. The EFS web-based Fulfillment Control Panel provides online sellers with constant visibility over their fulfillment operations while our reliable service helps to make their businesses more flexible, efficient and profitable. With a 12-year proven track record, an accuracy rate that exceeds 99.9%, and friendly, straightforward terms that include no minimums, no setup fees and no long-term contracts, it’s clear why eFulfillment Service has become one of the most trusted and reliable names in order fulfillment.

About Infomercial.TV

Infomercial.TV, Inc. has been in the DRTV business for over 10 years. They specialize in website design, e-commerce development and online performance based marketing. Whether you need a highly converting landing page, robust shopping cart solution, or you’re just looking to increase order volume, Infomercial.TV, Inc. is your online partner in the industry.