With online retailers constantly seeking ways to become more competitive, eFulfillment Service (EFS), one of the nation’s leading outsourced order fulfillment providers, has released a new corporate video to show how they support scalable growth for online merchants, and to offer a unique glimpse of what it means to be an EFS client. “eCommerce sales are growing by double digit figures every year,” says Steve Bulger, Marketing Manager at eFulfillment Service. “With that type of growth, a lot of new and established sellers are in need of a flexible solution and look to an outsourced fulfillment company for help. A common challenge among those sellers, however, is finding a solid, dependable partner. So our goal with this video was to not only show merchants what we do, but to let them inside our walls in order to meet our exceptional team, preview our technology, and help them better understand why eFulfillment Service has become one of the most trusted and respected names in order fulfillment.” The six minute video from eFulfillment Service combines a mix of one-on-one interviews with a series of clips to provide an up-close look at the company’s operations, technology, management team, and the distinct advantages offered to merchants that utilize EFS services. “Hundreds of online retailers from around the world put their trust in us every single day,” says Bulger. “And with this video, we wanted to show people the reasons behind that. Our mission at eFulfillment Service has always been to let sellers of all sizes benefit from outsourced order fulfillment, and do so in a way that gives them the flexibility and transparency they want and need to accommodate their fluctuating business needs.”