Pinnacle Cart Order Fulfillment IntegrationeFulfillment Service (EFS), the nation’s leading provider of order fulfillment services for small and mid-sized ecommerce sellers, is excited to announce that it is now integrated with Pinnacle Cart, a powerful platform for ecommerce selling.

“Pinnacle Cart is growing in popularity among the ecommerce sellers that we work with,” says Steve Bulger, Sales & Marketing Manager at eFulfillment Service. “And it’s no mystery why. Pinnacle Cart is feature rich, it’s affordable, it has a lot of great marketing tools, and one of the best parts is that it’s very easy for online sellers to set up and manage their stores.”

Pinnacle Cart is the latest in a growing list of integrations from eFulfillment Service. “With this new integration,” adds Bulger, “it means that we can now automatically retrieve orders from our clients’ Pinnacle Cart stores, saving them a lot of time and headaches while still allowing them to see what’s going on with their orders.”

In addition to the new Pinnacle Cart order fulfillment integration, eFulfillment Service is also excited to announce that it has just enhanced its existing integration with Volusion, another popular selling platform among ecommerce merchants.

“With our new Volusion integration,” explains Bulger. “not only are we able to automatically pull orders into our fulfillment system, we can also push tracking and inventory data back to Volusion stores, keeping both our clients and their customers up to date while also helping to prevent back orders as a result of selling out-of-stock merchandise.”

eFulfillment Service provides its clients with 24/7 access to their proprietary Fulfillment Control Panel, an easy-to-use, web-based system that allows online sellers to continuously monitor their inventory, orders and shipments, as well as communicate directly with their dedicated support team at EFS.

“It’s a big advantage to have an in-house IT team here at EFS,” concludes Bulger. “Not only can we continually build on our integrations and do custom development work, we have order fulfillment software that was specifically built with our clients’ needs in mind, meaning that it’s dependable, it’s easy to use, and it actually makes things easier for our clients, which is really what outsourced order fulfillment is supposed to be about.”

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