Guest Blogger: Jerrold R. Jenkins, CEO, Jenkins Group Inc.

Jenkins Group is committed to making life easier for the independent publishers who we serve. So, when we found that book fulfillment was a major hurdle, we set out to solve the problem.

We recently intervened when we learned that an independent publisher had 4,000 books in Amazon’s long-term storage warehouse. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) was charging this customer $2,300 per month.

We knew that there had to be a better solution.

Another one of our publishing clients had 800 books in FBA’s warehouse. As we tracked FBA’s unpredictable and increasingly expensive long-term storage fees, we decided it would be best to move out this customer’s books. But when FBA moved the books, they tossed them into mismatched, unsecured boxes; as a result, the books were damaged.

We wanted a company that would take better care of our independent publisher customers.

FBA’s storage terms and fees are volatile; for an independent publisher who is looking to efficiently utilize his or her resources, FBA is often not the right choice. In addition to regular storage fees, FBA vendors pay—at the moment that I write this blog post—$0.69 per cubic foot of storage. This rate makes a startling rise to $6.90 per cubic foot after 365 days of storage. In addition to long-term storage fee escalations, FBA tends to increase storage rates in the months of October, November, and December. FBA’s storage rates and timelines are unpredictable and ever-changing.

Jenkins Group sought to help our customers find a better storage and shipping option as soon as possible. Most fulfillment companies presented different yet frustrating hurdles to independent publishers. But eFulfillment Service—one of our local Traverse City, Michigan neighbors—offered to create a custom-fit solution for our independent publisher clients.

Now, with eFulfillment Service, we can offer independent publishers a stable solution that’s tailored to suit their unique needs—instead of working against them.

FBA is seeking to fit independent and major publishers into the same mold, but this isn’t a viable option for independents. We know that independently published books often need to be stored for longer periods of time than the latest national bestsellers. Independents also tend to publish in lesser quantities and ship fewer books each month. eFulfillment helps independent publishers save their resources by giving them cost-efficient, longer-term options for book storage.

Here are a few ways that eFulfillment Service makes life easier for independents:

  1. Need long-term book storage?
    eFulfillment Service provides long-term storage with no penalties.
  2. Need space for a large inventory of books?
    eFulfillment Service has no minimum order requirements and no maximum inventory thresholds.
  3. Still want to use your Amazon selling account?
    eFulfillment Service’s software integrates with Amazon and more than 40 other ecommerce platforms.
  4. Seeking low pick/pack/ship fees?
    Jenkins Group has found eFulfillment Service’s rates are highly competitive.

Independent publishers work hard to see their books go to market. At Jenkins Group, we direct our customers to eFulfillment Service in an effort to help these independent publishers achieve success.

Independent book publishers can find better shipping and storage options by working with book fulfillment providers that tailor services to their needs, like eFulfillment Service.

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Jerrold (Jerry) R. Jenkins founded Jenkins Group in 1988 as Publisher’s Design Service and Publisher’s Distribution Service. In 1994, he sold his interest in Publisher’s Distribution Service, retaining his interest and position as owner and president of Publisher’s Design Service.
In 1995, the corporate name became Jenkins Group Inc.; Jerry added staff and purchased Small Press Magazine, which is now an online resource called Independent Publisher. He also began two publishing imprints, Rhodes and Easton—under which he co-authored and published Publish to Win: Smart Strategies to Sell More Books and Inside the Bestsellers—and Sage Creek Press. It was the work with these imprints that gave rise to custom book publishing.
Jenkins Group now specializes in three areas: custom book publishing, post-publication book marketing and distribution services, and a highly regarded book awards program. As CEO, Jerry creates new products and services to best serve the ever-evolving publishing industry. He specializes in working with corporate and entrepreneurial clients. He also serves as a consultant to publishers, providing insight on benefits of custom book publishing and the marketing opportunities that abound.
Jerry’s most recent books include The Independent Publisher: How to Build and Promote Your Best-Selling Book and Supercharge Your Brand: The Amazing Power of Books as Marketing Tools.