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eFulfillment Service Integrates with WooCommerce


eFulfillment Service Integrates with WooCommerce

published on 13.03.2013 in EFS in the News by

eFulfillment Service Order FulfillmenteFulfillment Service (EFS), the nation’s leading provider of order fulfillment services for small and mid-sized eCommerce sellers, announces that it is now fully integrated with WooCommerce, a free eCommerce toolkit for WordPress websites.

“WooCommerce is a great eCommerce plugin,” says Steve Bulger, Sales & Marketing Manager at eFulfillment Service. “It allows WordPress users to easily incorporate eCommerce capabilities into their websites, and by integrating our technology with WooCommerce, we have made things even easier for WooCommerce sellers that have chosen to outsource their fulfillment to EFS.”

eFulfillment Service provides online sellers with 24/7 access to its Fulfillment Control Panel (FCP), the proprietary, web-based system that allows sellers to maintain constant visibility over their inventory, orders and shipments.

“Our FCP system was designed to provide transparency to our clients, and to make things extraordinarily easy for them,” says Bulger. “With this new integration, we’re able to automatically retrieve orders from WooCommerce, quickly process those orders, and keep our clients and their customers up-to-date on the status of those orders.”

Features of the integration between EFS and WooCommerce include the following:

Automatic Order Placement: Orders placed on WooCommerce are automatically received by eFulfillment Service, allowing for fast and easy order processing and fulfillment.

Inventory Level Updates: eFulfillment Service sends available inventory counts back to WooCommerce each day, keeping sellers and their customers up-to-date on product availability.

Order Tracking Information: Once orders have shipped, order confirmation and tracking information is sent back to WooCommerce automatically.

“We have an amazing in-house technology team here at eFulfillment Service,” adds Bulger. “While it’s our warehousing and fulfillment services that give our clients more time to run their businesses, it’s really our technology that provides them with the visibility and control they need in order to feel comfortable outsourcing such a critical part of that business.”

“We’re extremely excited to announce this new integration with WooCommerce. It’s a terrific option for many online sellers, and we’re happy to make it a part of our growing list of new eCommerce integrations,” concludes Bulger.

Click here to learn more and to download the free WooCommerce fulfillment integration plugin from eFulfillment Service.

To learn more about the WooCommerce toolkit, please visit http://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce/.

eFulfillment Service Integrates with WooCommerce
Article Name
eFulfillment Service Integrates with WooCommerce
eFulfillment Service is now fully integrated with WooCommerce, a leading WordPress eCommerce plugin, to allow for automated order placement and fulfillment.
eFulfillment Service

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10 Responses to “eFulfillment Service Integrates with WooCommerce”
  1. Hi, I am using woo commerce and wanted to know what the costs are to have orders sent to you with the integration of woo commerce and your system for fulfillment?


  2. Dalveer says:

    Hi, I am using woocommerce and using this plugin for fulfillment https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-fulfillment-integration/ but it not showing anywhere on the my website please tell me how can configure it ?

    • Steve Bulger says:

      Hi Dalveer, thank you for the comment. I will pass along your inquiry regarding our WooCommerce order fulfillment plugin to our development team, and we will be back in touch soon.

      Thank you,
      Steve Bulger

  3. Jun Sanchez says:


    We would like to use your fulfillment services and plugin. However, your plugin is no longer compatible with the latest woocomerce. and i don’t see instructions in support.efulfillmentservice.com as you’ve mentioned in https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-fulfillment-integration/. Please advice.


    • Steve Bulger says:


      Thank you for the comment. You’re correct, our WooCommerce fulfillment plugin works with older versions of WC. If you have a newer version of WooCommerce, we will provide integration instructions as part of our account setup process.

      We will follow up to provide more information on our order fulfillment services. Looking forward to the opportunity to work together!

      Steve Bulger

      • Artem says:

        Where can I get such instructions? I want to integrate my WooCommerce shop with eFulfillment Service, but can’t do it without some how to.

        • Steve Bulger says:

          Hi Artem,

          Thank you for reaching out! I checked our database and I see that you recently requested a quote for our fulfillment services. I also see that Sara, one of our sales reps, replied to that request. Please go ahead and work with Sara to get your questions answered regarding the WooCommerce order fulfillment integration. She is great to work with and can provide you with an overview of how the integration works.

          Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need anything else!

          Steve Bulger

  4. Gagan says:

    Hi, I am using latest woocommerce 3.5.6 version. I used this plugin for eFulfillment Service -https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-fulfillment-integration/
    But this plugin not work.Please help how to integrate eFulfillment Service using api .
    Please provide integration instructions for efulfillment service
    Gagan Bafna

    • Steve Bulger says:

      Hi Gagan –

      Thanks for reaching out here regarding our WooCommerce order fulfillment services and the plugin you mentioned.

      That plugin is used for older versions of WooCommerce, and, for those on more recent versions, we integrate via an API.

      I see that you’ve requested a fulfillment price quote and are working with one of our sales folks. I will have him provide more information to you regarding the WooCommerce integration.

      We’re looking forward to working together!

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