metropolis custom packaging items including tape, box and dunnage used to fulfill online orders

eFulfillment Service works with several partners that help clients thrive. Recently, RBC Packaging shared custom packaging insight, noting that often times, they can help clients save money on custom packaging. The custom packaging case study below outlines the principles and expertise available to eFulfillment Service clients working with us and RBC Packaging to save on custom packaging fulfillment.

RBC Custom Packaging helps save money on custom package for small and medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and enterprise-level merchants looking to launch in the U.S.

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Why pay for more material in custom packaging than your products require?

How RBC Packaging design insight cuts material costs …

This case study looks at how one company successfully implemented a sustainable packaging strategy to reduce its costs. Metropolis Goods, an online retailer of women’s goods, wanted to change the way they packaged their products to save money. The company noted that the boxes they had been buying for years for online orders were a few inches deeper than needed for their product range.

The Metropolis Team spoke to RBC Custom Packaging about their requirements and eventually decided to switch to a new packaging design, tailored specifically to their product’s dimensions. The new box was re-designed down to 1/16” around the product and could be printed with their company logo and branding, helping to boost the company’s image, while saving costs on materials.

As ecommerce merchants look at fitting several products in a box, like with custom subscription boxes, it may be more cost effective to put products side by side, than it is to stack them. Laying tall items down will also reduce depth.

And if sellers are trying to fit items that have been kitted together into a custom box, it’s a good idea to ask the fulfillment center if there would be a cost savings to un-kit the items, so they can be fit together like a puzzle. Issues to consider when doing the math include the number of orders, which zones orders are going to and the amount of shipping costs saved.


Depth is the cost-driving dimension when creating a box for shipping online orders. Increasing depth requires more material in every direction on a mailer box.


Choose a size that fits your product: Over-sized packaging leads to extra costs and waste, including the need for additional dunnage (packing materials), higher shipping costs and potentially volumetric weight requirements. Make sure to select the right size for your product so that it fits snugly and securely.

Box SizeBox QuantityCost
12 x 10 x 6200About $8.00/ ea.
12 x 10 x 4200About $5.60/ ea.


Cost savings from the correct depth!

Saving money on packaging is an important consideration for businesses in today’s competitive landscape. Companies are under pressure to reduce costs, while still ensuring that their products reach their customers in the best condition. A well-considered packaging strategy can help businesses to save money on packaging without compromising on product safety and increasing quality.

Three ways smart custom packaging design saves sellers money: 

  1. Reducing material costs of packaging reduces the price of the packaging itself. 
  2. Smaller packaging ships for less. 
  3. Properly sized packages don’t require as much filler or dunnage, reducing material costs and package weight, saving on shipping. 

About eFulfillment Service’s Partner: RBC Custom Packaging

Custom packaging is about helping ecomerce merchants increase their brand awareness through customized boxes and packaging. Merchants who understand the importance of brand awareness and the emotional impact of the unboxing experience will love RBC Custom Packaging products and services. RBC Custom Packaging understands internet retailers, providing quality work that serves the brand and the budget.

RBC Custom Packaging specializes in digitally printed packaging for the best quality in the shortest period. They can also provide the cost benefit of printing offset (traditional) vs. digital for high quantities. Plus, RBC has packaging designers to design a strategically sound shipper.

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